Posted by Khadija El Ghissassi on Aug 17 2018 at 05:00PM PDT

Unattached – The status a swimmer receives when they are not part of a club. The swimmer must be unattached for 120 days from his/her last competition with the previous club. During this time they may compete individually, but not in relays.

Warm Down – Low intensity swimming used by swimmers after a race or main practice to rid the body of excess acid and to gradually reduce heart rate and respiration

Warm-up – The period before the start of each session set aside to allow swimmers to enter the pool to loosen up, practice turns, etc.

Zone Meet – A highly competitive age group competition held in each USA Zone. Swimmers compete for their zone team not their club. Swimmers must achieve a Zones qualifying time as defined by  Niagara Swimming  to attend the meet.


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