Posted by Khadija El Ghissassi on Aug 17 2018 at 05:00PM PDT

Invitational Meet – A meet hosted by one club who invites members from several other clubs to participate. Usually there is no limit on the number of swimmers that clubs can enter, but certain entry restrictions are usually applied. The number of heats of each event is determined by the number of entrants for that event

Lap – 1 lap = 2 lengths of the pool

Lap Counter – A set of plastic display numbers used to keep track of laps during a distance race. Also, a person who counts for the swimmer, stationed at the opposite end of the start. Length – The distance from one end of the pool to the other

Log Book – A book in which swimmers record their time achieved at any given meet or time

Long Course – A type of competitive pool that measures 50 meters in length. The standard size of all international competition and all world record swimming is the 50 meter course.

Medley – A race in which all four basic competitive strokes are used, each for one-fourth of the total distance. In an Individual Medley, one swimmer performs all the strokes in the order of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle; in the Medley Relay four teammates each swim a different stroke (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle)

Middle Distances – Term used to refer to events of 200 meters to 400 meters in length

Negative Split – Swimming the second half of the race equal to or faster than the first half

Pace Clock – Large clock with a large second hand and a small minute hand to determine pace for workouts

Prelims (Formerly Preliminaries) – In certain meets, the qualifying rounds held for each event to determine the finalists

Proof of Time – A requirement at some meets to make certain that all swimmers have legally met the time standards for that meet

PR (Personal Record) – Is also known as individual best time and is the best time a swimmer has swum for an event

Qualifying Time – Also known as “cut time”. (a time standard necessary to attend a particular meet or event)


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