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Winter Indoor Practice Schedule

Posted by Toby Jacobson at Oct 27, 2013 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )



Unfortunately, the times that I had scheduled for the Lakeshore Middle School on Mondays at 6:30 will not be available now starting in January.  Just to be very clear, there are 3 different "re-occuring" practices that are on the web site.  Below is a description for all of them.


1.  White Pines Pitching Practices on Mondays in November - these are all set and will continue as posted on the Calendar.

2.  Lakeshore Middle School practices at 6:30 pm on Mondays.  These were scheduled to start on  December 2nd and go through April.  The practices in December (12/2, 12/9, and 12/16) are still OK, but these practices in January through April can't occur on Monday's.

3.  Soccer field at Lakeshore Ice Arena - all of these practices are on the calendar and will continue as planned.


So, there are very few times available at the Middle School.  I've created a survey to get your input to the days that would work best for you.  The issue with a survey, is that I know it will not be possible to please everyone, however I want to do my best to find the times that will work for the majority of the team.  Please take the time to complete this survey. 

 One other thing to keep in mind is that another indoor facility could become available soon.  If so, that could change things.  However, I want to get our practice times reserved at the Lakeshore Middle School.

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Announcements for October 5th/6th

Posted by Toby Jacobson at Oct 2, 2013 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )


 First off, I want to let you know that we've received the bags and shirts.  They look good!  I'll distribute them at the party on Saturday or before the game on Sunday.  Please bring cash or check.  You can make the check out to me.  Shirts were $20 and bags are $50 (with tax and shipping).

I just want to send a few reminders for this weekend.

  1.  Don't forget about the team party on Saturday night.  Party starts at 7pm.  You can see the party invite in the "Handouts" page on the web site.
  2. For our games on October 6th, please have your son on the field and ready to go at 12:30.  You can find the address for the fields on the "schedule" tab or in the "locations" tab on the internet.
  3. I ask that if you haven't received your bag or shirt before Sunday, please arrive to the field by 12:15, so that we can get everyone ready to go by 12:30.
  4. What to wear for the games - Please wear white or grey baseball pants, our new shirts, and a dark blue hat if you have one.   It looks like it could be cold for the games.  Please try to put a long sleeve warm shirt under his jersey.  Ideally, we would like to have our jerseys exposed and not cover them with a sweatshirt.  If necessary, they can slip on a jacket or sweatshirt when we're int he dugout to warm up.
  5. I'm still missing some birth certificates.  If you want to bring them to the party, that would be great.  We have a copy machine at home, so we could make a copy of you bring the original.

Thanks and see you on Saturday at 7pm.