HHS BPA Meeting Minutes

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HHS 2015 – 2016

HHS BPA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

7:30 pm


The HHS Band Parent Association meeting was held in the HHS Choir Room at 7:30 pm. The meeting was called to order by President, Lisa McCrary.

Lisa McCrary, President

Lisa opened the meeting saying that MPA went well, and the kids did great. She said she only had to give the stink eye a few times.

CALENDAR:   March 15:           Formation of Nominating Committee

                        March 21-28:      International Trip to Italy

                        April 2:                Solo & Ensemble  (at Priceville HS)

                        April 13-16:        All-State Band

                       April 19:             Next Band Parent Association Meeting (7:30 pm)

Andrew White, VP-Chaperones

Andrew is looking for a new VP Chaperones, and he is available to talk to anyone who might be interested.

Margaret Turner and Sherry Seals-Tonini, VP-Fundraising

Margaret announced that work on next year’s Media Guide for football is already starting. Michelle Giles with the football booster club will be working on it again. We can start selling ads on April 1st.  Remember your Publix cards over the summer. Also, remember VBC opportunities and brick sales. Items from the candy sale will be at school tomorrow for delivery. 

Susan Pendergrass, Treasurer

Susan presented the updated Budget as of February 29th, and it is printed on the back of the meeting agenda. Susan noted that we are over-budget for Instruction, but that is because we held the Winter Band Camp, and we planned for that with that cost to come out of another budget line item. We are also ready to put $6,000 into our money market account. There are remaining Band fees still due, with about $7,000 outstanding for Seniors. If a student is not in good standing on Band fees, they cannot go on the Italy trip.

Tracy Lovik, Secretary

The meeting sign-in sheet has been passed round the room.

Tracy asked for a motion to approve the BPA meeting minutes from February’s BPA meeting. Christi Robinson made a motion to approve the Minutes, which was seconded by Andrew White, and a vote was taken in favor of approving the Minutes into the official record. Tracy is still collecting Senior pictures. The Secretary position is also an open position for next year. For Media Coordinator, Hannah Lovik will also be going on the Italy trip and taking lots of pictures.

Christi Robinson, Communications

Christi said the website has been updated. There was a question about the Color Guard Interest Meeting, and Christi noted that the Meeting and Audition dates and times went out in the Panther Postings and is also listed on the HHS FaceBook parents page.  

Teri Estes, Credit Keeper

Teri could not be here this evening, but told Lisa she has nothing new.

Mary D’Arienzo, VBC Liaison

Mary said that the VBC season is starting to slow down with Havoc hockey wrapping up. All VBC work until May 1st will be credited to the student account as an incentive to get parents and students saving for the Philly trip. 

Lisa McCrary, Uniforms

Lisa has issued that last of the concert uniforms to the kids going on the Italy trip. Lisa will be handing out ties and cummerbunds to the boys at the Sunday rehearsal in little baggies. These should go right into their suitcases.  

Janet Kaylor, Hospitality

Janet could not be here tonight, but plans are being made for the Senior End of Year Banquet. We have two possible locations and dates. First, at First Baptist Church on May 5th (at a slightly lower cost), or at Mountain View Baptist Church on May 13th.  We are still working on a caterer.

Shelley Corbett, Concessions/Brick Sales

Lisa presented for Shelley, and another order is set to go in before the end of the year. Order forms are on the website. This position is also open for next year.

Ben Davis, Equipment

Brian Ragan is our new Equipment Chair. He said there are no new issues with the Band trucks. During the HHS Media Center construction, we were not able to park the Band trucks outside of the Band Room entrance, but we are back in that parking location now.

New Business:

All-State is coming up on April 13 to 16th in Mobile. Rooms have been reserved at the Battlehouse for the students. We have about 8 or 9 students going. Next year, All-State will be in Birmingham.

There are many positions on the BPA Board and Committees that are open for next year, and we need to form the Nominating Committee for the next year’s slate of Board Members and Committee Chairs. The Committee will work over the next month and present a Slate for approval of the BPA membership at the next general meeting. Sherry Seals-Tonini, Carolyn Drake and Louise Strutzenberg have volunteered to serve on the Nominating Committee.

The meeting was adjourned by Lisa McCrary, President.

The next HHS BPA meeting will be on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Tracy Lovik, HHS BPA Secretary



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