HHS BPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Posted by Tracy Lovik on Apr 28 2016 at 05:00PM PDT


HHS 2015 – 2016

HHS BPA Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 18, 2016

7:30 pm


The HHS Band Parent Association meeting was held in the HHS Band Room at 7:30 pm. The meeting was called to order by President, Lisa McCrary.

Lisa McCrary, President

Lisa called the meeting to order, and announced that All State went very well. The banquet is the last meeting of the school year, but tonight is the last general parent meeting.

CALENDAR:   May 3:             Wind Ensemble/Percussion Ensemble Concert (7:00 pm)

                        May 5:             End of Year Band Celebration Banquet (6:30 pm)

                        May 9:             Symphonic/Concert/Jazz Band Concert (7:00 pm)

                        May 27:            Graduation


Mr. Ivey, Band Director


HHS had 7 students go to All State, while Grissom had 6 attend. Wednesday was the Solo Festival in front of a panel of 2 to 3 judges. HHS had 4 in the top band and 3 in the Blue band. The Concert was very long.

The schedules for next Fall have been handed out to students, in different forms; a Composite of all dates, dates without the Philadelphia trip, and dates with the Philadelphia trip.


There were some activities we were not able to do on the Italy trip due to time schedules and crowds (such as ascend the Duomo Cathedral in Florence); so, event admissions fees will get refunded. Refunds will be credited to Charms accounts, unless for Seniors who have no amounts due on their accounts. Band rehearsals this week are on the schedule. Concert are scheduled for May 3rd and May 9th. We are splitting the concerts into two events, but students are required to attend both concerts. Graduation is scheduled for Friday May 27th, and the Band is only performing for our own graduation this year. Last year, we performed at Butler’s graduation, too.


Andrew White, VP-Chaperones

Andrew had no report for the last meeting.

Margaret Turner and Sherry Seals-Tonini, VP-Fundraising

Margaret reminded parents to use their Publix cards over the summer and give to family members. Work is starting on next year’s Media Guide. Seniors get a color picture and a bio, if they sell an ad or pay $25. The Band students can sell ads for a fundraiser. Lisa will post a “do not contact” list. We have until mid July to sell ads.   


Susan Pendergrass, Treasurer

Susan presented the financial report updated as of March 31st. We did well on fundraising and collecting fees. Expenses were below expected, but instruments will go in for repair over the summer. We did not spend as much on buses this year. We still need to collect some fees from Senior.


Tracy Lovik, Secretary

The meeting sign-in sheet has been passed round the room. Tracy asked for a motion to approve the BPA meeting minutes from the March BPA meeting. Christi Robinson made a motion to approve the Minutes, which was seconded by Lisa, and a vote was taken in favor of approving the Minutes into the official record. Tracy is working with Hannah on the End of Year Banquet slide show, and has worked on collecting Senior pictures. Hannah did a terrific job this year for Media Coordinator, and took lots of pictures on the Italy trip.


Christi Robinson, Communications

Christi said the website has been updated, up through Band Camp dates.  

Teri Estes, Credit Keeper

Teri has no new report.

Mary D’Arienzo, VBC Liaison

Mary is encouraging students to participate by working concessions. She still needs help filling wristbander positions. You can see great concerts and meet interesting people. Need to get the info out to rising 9th graders. Charms accounts will switch over in late May or early June. Mary does not have control over the scheduling of upcoming Responsible Vendor classes, but tries to get the info out quickly so more people can participate.  Until May 1st, all service credits earned will go to the student account.

Lisa McCrary, Uniforms

Lisa said all uniforms are due now/ Please dry clean and turn in. Liz Boykin is working with her to start inventory. Please look for notes about any missing pieces. She is passing the baton on to Liz.  

Janet Kaylor, Hospitality

Janet is working on the End of Year Banquet, scheduled for May 5th. Due to a conflict with the National Honor Society Induction, we had to move the start time back one hour. The Social hour will start at 6:30 pm, and the dinner at 7:00 pm at First Baptist Church. Lots of fun stuff is planned – photo booth and a mariachi band. A BPA parent donated the fee to pay for the church location. Tickets are $10. A new flyer will go out. Seniors are free; all others need a ticket up to 300 people, first come first serve.

Shelley Corbett, Concessions/Brick Sales

Shelley noted that a brick sales order is set to go in before the end of the year. Order forms are on the website. It takes about 6 or 7 weeks to get the order in and bricks installed.

 Ben Davis, Equipment

Brian Ragan is our new Equipment Chair. He said the Band trucks are running great. No new report.

Old Business

Sherry Tonini introduced the Nomination Committee and announced the slate for next year’s new officer and committee chairs. The Nominating Committee included Sherry Tonini, Carolyn Drake and Louise Strutzenberg. The Slate is as follows:


President  -  Margaret Turner

1st Vice President/Chaperones  -  Sherry Seals-Tonini

2nd Vice President/Fundraising  -  Ernie Limbo

2nd Vice President/Fundraising  -  AVAILABLE

Treasurer  -  Susan Boothe

Secretary  -  Jeffrey McCluskey

Communications/Website  -  Carolyn Drake

Credit Keeper  -  Sandra Moore

Media Coordinator  -  Louise Strutzenberg

VBC Liason  -  Mary D’Arienzo

Uniforms  -  Liz Boykin

Hospitality  -  Gena Black

Brick Sales/Concessions  -  AVAILABLE

Equipment  -  Brian Ragan

Travel/Trip Coordinator  -  Karen Parker

Sherry asked for a motion to approve the presented Slate of new Officers and Committee Chairs, which was made by Karen Parker and seconded by Christi Robinson, with those in attendance voting in favor of the new Slate of Officers. The new Board will take over officially on July 1st, but meanwhile members will work on transitioning positions with new members.

Lisa said it was an honor and pleasure to work with these kids. She has loved being the “Band Mom” and loves these kids.

Before the end of the meeting, there were a few questions about the upcoming Philadelphia trip – we have the numbers participating to meet the event requirement and the itinerary is in place. More students can sign up until September, but they cannot get the Broadway Show tickets. We have had 3 military transfers that want to go on the trip. Mr. Ivey is working with the new Color Guard members to get information out and registrations. There are 2 more payments due for the trip, with the next due on May 2nd.  Mr. Ivey will be going to HMS and HCMS to get more information to rising 9th graders. We are still accepting chaperones for the trip.

The meeting was adjourned by Lisa McCrary, President at 8:15 pm.

The next HHS BPA meeting for May is the two Concerts.

Respectfully submitted by:

Tracy Lovik, HHS BPA Secretary




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