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Huntsville High School Band

HHS 2016-2017

BPA Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2016 7:00 p.m.



The initial meeting of the Huntsville High School Band Parent Association for the 2016-2017 school year was held on August 16, 2016, at 7:00 in the HHS auditorium.  The meeting was called to order by BPA Board President Margaret Turner.


Margaret Turner, President

Margaret welcomed all of the band parents and guardians and gave an introduction to what we would be discussing that evening as well as what the BPA Board does.  Mr. Ivey reported that rather than take a spot in the speaking order, he would speak from time-to-time on topics as it became relevant.


Sherry Seals-Tonini, 1st VP Chaperones

Sherry began by stating that medical and out-of-county forms must be completed for each child.  She could collect them or they could be turned in at the box in the band room.  Students may not board the bus for a band activity without completing and turning in the forms.  Sherry explained that 6-8 chaperones would be needed for each football game.  Chaperones earn one credit ($5.00) per home game worked and two credits for each away game or competition.  Parents may volunteer on Sign-Up Genius.  Forms are on the website and are collected only for band functions—not other school activities.  Mr. Ivey showed how to go onto Charms to check if forms have been turned in.


Ernie Limbo and Jennifer Applebaum, 2nd VPs Fundraising

Ernie and Jennifer reported that the next fundraiser would be Fan Cloth.  Catalogues are due Monday and should be distributed to the students on Tuesday.  Ernie offered coupon cards for ½ off regular price and Publix cards benefitting the band.  A sample of the sheets sold at the upcoming sheet sale fundraiser was offered to anyone who wanted to see them.


Susan Boothe, Treasurer

Susan presented the proposed budget printed on the back of the night’s agenda.  She offered to answer all questions people had but none were asked.  A motion to accept the budget as presented was made and seconded.  It was then accepted without dissent.  Susan stated that there are two ways to pay band fees.  Students may drop payments in a marked envelope in the box in the band room or payments may be sent to the P.O. Box listed on the website.  The band room box and post office box are checked at least once a week.  Susan also offered to stay after the meeting as long as necessary to collect payments.  All checks should be made out to HHS BPA.  She then went over the new fee structure.  She explained that a $50 credit is available, one per family, for one night of work at Milton Frank in the concession stand or gates.  The credit can also be earned by working one night at the VBC in concessions or wrist banding.  $200 is due by November 1, 2016 and all band fees are due by February 1, 2017.  A 5% discount may be earned if all fees are paid by Friday.  Susan explained Charms and how to check payments.  She also explained miscellaneous credits.  She has not put chaperones in yet for the Philadelphia trip.  Monthly reminders for payments due will be sent out.  Credits may be applied to trips.  Mr. Ivey pointed out that credits are not cash.  When a student separates from the band, credits will not be returned as cash but may be applied to another student or donated to the band.  He then went on to further explain Charms, email, finances and how to update information.


Jeff McCluskey, Secretary

Jeff explained his duties as secretary.  Minutes of each meeting will be prepared and posted to the website and published on a bulletin board in the band room within a reasonable amount of time.  Also, at each meeting a sign-in sheet will be passed around.


Carolyn Drake, Communications

Carolyn explained that her job is to keep everyone informed.  She showed on the website all of the board members’ email addresses.  She also pointed out that the calendar/schedule of events is posted on the website.  She asked that the student’s name be included in all correspondence as accounts are in the student’s name.  She told parents that Remind 101 has replaced last year’s text notification service (Celly) and instructions for signing up for this free service are on the website.   Mr. Ivey then took the floor and explained how Remind 101 worked and its purpose.  He then went over some details of the schedule.  A couple things have changed from the first published schedule.  The year’s first competition will be on September 10, 2016 at Brewer High School.  This represents a change from the original date of September 17, 2016.  The last competition of the fall will be September 24, 2016 in Russellville.  The rest of fall will be spent preparing for the Philadelphia trip.  Mr. Ivey next shared that the band has been asked to perform at home basketball games.  The band will be divided into two parts, Band A and Band B.  Each band will play two games and combine for the Grissom game.  Next year’s band camp will begin two weeks before the start of school.  The band will play at graduation ceremonies May 25, 2017 at 5:30.  He next told parents to complete the Media Usage Form if any parent does not want his or her child’s name or image used or published at band events.  Two football games this season will be different from the others.  The October 6, 2016 game falls during fall break and is voluntary.  Also, the October 14, 2016 game against Hewett-Trussville is not required.  One bus will go with seniors, section leaders, and others as required for the performance given priority.




Liz Boykin, Uniforms

Liz had a student to model the band marching uniform.  She reported that all students have been fitted as best as possible but that everyone should be happy.  The notecard in the garment bag should remain there.  Freshmen have been issued shoes and returning students need to try their shoes on and bring them in if theirs do not fit.  Gloves have also been issued to new members of the band and returning students who need them will get them at the first game.  Care instructions are available and uniforms should be taken to Wilson Cleaners on Whitesburg or Hampton Cove.  They have experience with the uniforms and offer band members a special rate.  Picture make-up day will be September 16, 2016.  She also went over the uniform to be worn for the first two football games.


Brian Ragan, Equipment

Brian reported that there are two equipment trucks.  He will drive one and a parent volunteer will drive the other.  However, more volunteers are needed on a stand-by basis.  One of the trunks is getting a new logo painted on it.


Credit Keeper

The credit keeper could not attend the meeting but Margaret explained that the credit keeper manages credits and reports them to the Treasurer.


Mary D’Arienzo, VBC Liaison

Mary reported that her job is to coordinate at the VBC for wrist banding and concessions.  Our band exclusively has the privilege to wristband but other organizations also work the concession stand.  She needs several people to volunteer to wristband and it requires participation in a two hour class as mandated by the VBC.  You earn $7.25 an hour with $2.25 of it going to the band and $5.00 to the student account.  Kids may work the concession stand if they are at least 16 years old.  Training for concessions occurs on-the-spot and does not require participation in a class.  After your duties are complete, you are able to enjoy whatever activity is going on at the VBC.  Participation at the VBC qualifies for the $50 credit toward band fees.


Machelle Fletcher and Roxanne Carroll, Concessions/Bricks

About 30 volunteers are needed for each home football game to work Milton Frank concessions and gates.  Coordinate with Machelle.  There are four home games where we are applying to work the concession stand.  You are requested to arrive 1 ½ hours before the game.  You should not have to pay to park or enter the stadium and will earn $5 per hour.  They then went over the duties and volunteering through Sign-Up Genius.  You are not limited in how many credits you may earn through Milton Frank concessions.  More information on brick sales will come later.


Karen Parker, Trips Coordinator

Karen shared information on the Philadelphia trip.  $400 should have already been paid.  The next payment of $200 is due 9-1-16 and the final payment of $200 is due 10-3-16.  Fees are different for chaperones.  Play tickets have been purchased.  Itineraries are still being developed and the students will have options.  A packing list will be prepared.  Mr. Ivey stated that a schedule will be sent out when it is ready.  A travel company with extensive experience in preparing this trip is working on the details.  Parents/guardians may check their students out during the trip by signing them out just like any other school activity.


Gena Black, Hospitality

Gena went over her responsibilities.  On 12-8-16 a reception will be held after the Christmas program.  There will also be an end-of-year banquet in May.  She will also coordinate hosting the honor band in the spring.


Louise Strutzenberg, Media

Baby pictures of the seniors may be turned in at any point during the year for the Senior Banquet at the end of the year.  People can also submit their own pictures that they take during the year for use at the banquet in May.  Senior video instructions are available on the web site.  Margaret then gave some closing remarks and asked for patience.  The board is made up of parents just like them and most are new to the board.


Stuart Ivey, Band Director

Mr. Ivey then delivered some closing remarks of his own.  He stated that there are other instructors and guest instructors who help with the band.   Darryl Ailor is assisting the percussion section, Brian Massey with the front ensemble, and Hannah Brower the flag corps.  He went over where students may get copies of music.  He next went over the new fee structure and explained that it was intended to get more parent participation.  Even with the fee increase (if families choose not to volunteer), HHS band fees are much lower than most other schools.  Next year, HHS is switching to block scheduling and he does not know how that will affect the band program.  He will seek feedback.  He is usually free between 1-2 p.m. if anyone wants input.  He told freshmen parents that the band takes an international trip every 4 years.  Mr. Ivey stated that he is tough on the kids because he cares for them.  Participation in the band makes the students better in everything.  He encouraged parents to come to him if only he could answer a question and otherwise try other parents first so he can devote himself to teaching the kids.  For Thursday games, the band will rehearse on Tuesday and Wednesday.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40.


Respectfully Submitted By:

Jeff McCluskey

HHS Band BPA Secretary




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