HHS BPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Posted by Angela Davis on Mar 03 2019 at 04:00PM PST

Huntsville High School Band Parent Association

January 15, 2019

Huntsville High School Band Room


President Carolyn Drake called meeting to order at 6:03 pm and welcomed every one to meeting. She asked that everyone please make sure you signed in and received handouts. A nominations committee will soon be formed to put together a list of candidates for next year’s board.


Angela Davis, Secretary:  Minutes from last meeting have been posted to the website. No corrections were received. Melissa Lebella moved to approve minutes.  Joe Rist seconded. Minutes were approved as posted to website.


Carolyn Drake with Treasure’s Report: A financial statement was handed out and reviewed. Individual Charms statements will be emailed out later this week. The next band fee payment is due February 1. We have a few outstanding winter guard fees. All VBC credits have been posted. Also next Chicago trip payment due soon.


Jeff McCluskey, 1st VP- Chaperones: We have MPA February 27-29 and will need lots of help for this event. Please watch Charms to sign up.


Sandra Moore, Paula Lindon, 2nd VP- Fundraising: Sandra reported that next spirit night is February 12 at Tortoras in Hampton Cove. We will receive 10% of sales made between 4:30 and 8:30pm. You will have to tell them you are supporting the HHS Band and put students name, grade and Mr. Tankesley or Mrs. Connell’s names on receipt. Also each student can only be represented once.  April 25 spirit night will be at Yogurt Mountain. Both locations will participate due to Cecil Ashburn roads closure. For brick sales we have 2 sold but need 5 to place order. 


Paula reported on Boston Butt sale. This will take place from February 25 to March 25. Pick up will be March 30 at Lowes in Hampton Cove.


Marcia Flatau, Color Guard Liasion:  The winter guard will have an exhibition at Bob Jones High School on February 11. They will compete in two competitions one February 23 at Bob Jones High School and the other March 9 at Thompson Station in Tennessee.  She will need help getting the students to the competition in Tennessee.  Please let her know if you can help drive.


Melissa Lebella, Communications: If you are not getting emails please let her know. Mr. Tankesley made us aware that Remind may be going away. There is an issue with Verizon charging for the texts at a high rate. We are hoping they get the issue resolved.


Jennifer Applebaum, Credit Keeper:  She was not present to give report.


Joe Anderson, Equipment:  He was not present to give report.


Ben Boles, Media: Thank you for all pictures you have sent him. He is looking forward to doing more videos and pictures. The mattress sale videos were a big hit and helped with the sales.  The band banquet is next big thing he is working on and will need help from everyone to get information in on the senior students. Our YouTube channel has all videos that have been made. This channel is Band


Erin Boles, Uniforms:  Thank you for getting marching uniforms turned in and clean. Please check ties and cummerbunds for boys to make sure you have them. Also check dress and pant lengths on formal uniforms.  The deadline to turn in formal wear will be May 10.


Mr. Tankesley, Director’s Report: He let us know that in class students are getting ready for MPA at the end of February. They have been working with guest clinicians after school and it is going well. MPA is our time to shine and show off our program. We will need lots of help to make this happen, please consider helping. We will train you on what needs to be done. MPA is February 28 and 29.

         Winter band camp is the next event for our students this will be February 7-9. They will miss class on Friday; it is excused. Our guest clinician for wind ensemble is Freddie Martin. The guest clinician for symphonic band is Michelle Klupper. It is an honor for us to have them come work with our students. The students will be fed dinner on Thursday evening of band camp. Winter band camp will end with a concert on Saturday at 12:00 pm.

         We are still working on the logistics of the Chicago trip. We have about 50 students going. The itinerary has not been set at this time.

         All state band will be held in Huntsville this year at the end of April. This is also same day as prom. Students will be able to do both All state concert will be over in the afternoon.



What hotel will students be staying at for the Chicago trip?

 Mr. Tankesley will call travel agent to see if it has been decided yet.


What will the students’ role be during MPA?

 They will be in class but will need some of them to help. He will work around the schedules.


With the small amount of students going on the trip will the price change?

 It should not change much. Most of the cost for the trip is the bus and we may be able to go with just one bus.



Spring concert is May 2.


Band banquet is May 10 at Campus 805 and will begin at 6:30pm. Student tickets were included in band fees. Any guests will need to purchase ticket.


Meeting adjourned at 6:34pm.





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