HHS BPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

Posted by Angela Davis on Aug 07 2018 at 05:00PM PDT

Huntsville High School Band Parent Association

July 19,2018

Huntsville High School Auditorium


Carolyn Drake, President called the meeting to order at 7:08pm and welcomed everyone. She then introduced Director of Bans, Mr. Tankesley.


Mr. Tankesley, Band Director: Provided a status on how band camp was going and what the students would need to bring to next week. He introduced the new assistant band director, Mrs. Holly Connell and Huntsville Junior High School band director, Mr. Mark Connell. He also introduced the new assistant band director for Hampton Cove Middle School was Ms. Emily Parker. He requested parents to consider volunteering to help the band. It is a great way to get to know the kids and other parents. There is a place for everyone to help out.

He announced practice schedules: Marching band will be every Tuesday and Thursday until 5:45. Percussion and color guard every Monday from 4:00 to 6:00pm. If we have a Thursday game, practice  will be on Wednesday.

CHARMS will tell you everything and this is our new information hub, so make sure your information is correct. The students commit a great amount of time to band and need to be present for every practice please try to avoid scheduling appointments during these times. The trips for this year and the international trip will be announced soon, still finalizing with Mr. King.


Carolyn Drake, President: She introduced the board officers and committee chairs/ directors for the 2018/2019 school year. All information for board members can be found on the website. She reviewed our modes of communication CHARMS, Facebook, and the weekly email. If you cannot login into Charms please contact her to get this resolved. Please read the email that is sent out every Sunday as it gives you a lot of important information and also share this with your child so they know what is going on. She also reviewed the schedule (which was passed out at the meeting) listing all the games and competitions. To log into CHARMS you will need to go to then put in HuntsvileHSBand. She demonstrated how to login and use CHARMS.


Liz Boykin, Treasurer: She reviewed the proposed budget that (a copy distributed to attendees at the meeting). She pointed out that there is a page in the handbook that contains some incorrect information. Band fees have gone up this year and we are at a comparable rate to other bands in the area. The band fees are how we get most of our funds to make this band function. Both our trucks are in for service right now. Meals that students are provided when required to stay on campus for band activities are now included in the band fees along with one student ticket to the end of year band banquet. New fees are as follows: all marching and concert band $600, color guard $400, concert only $300, and siblings $300. Instrument rental is $100 per semester. If you pay in full by July 27 you will get 5% discount.  Motion was made and seconded to accept the proposed budget. Budget was accepted unanimously. She also announced that the board is working on offering an online payment option- called AffiniPay. This feature is integrated through Charms and you can use American Express, Visa, or Master Card. We need to test it and hope to roll it out next Friday. It will be sent out in newsletter when it is ready to use.


Ben Boles, Media: He shared where he posts pictures and videos. Please go to to watch the videos and like or comment on them. He also discussed band fees and how you can help reduce your costs. Simple ways to earn money are to volunteer and work the VBC concession and wrist banding. If you work the VBC you will get $50 for each of the first three times you work at the VBC only – and after that you will get $6.00 /hour into your account. This is a fun way to earn some money for your account and you get to see a lot of fun stuff. All opportunities for the VBC are put out in the weekly newsletter, which comes from Melissa Labella. He also stated we will no longer be staffing the Milton Frank Concession stand. This will give you more opportunity to be with your student in the stand or helping in other areas that are needed by the band.


Sandra Moore and Paula Lindon, Fundraising: Sandra discussed Publix cards and planet fundraiser app. The app can be used anywhere in the USA, so use it when traveling and encourage family and friends that live elsewhere to use it, too! We just finished up with the media guide. Our next fundraise is the travel mugs (similar to Yeti and Tervis). There is also a USB charger. The blue mugs say Huntsville High School Band on them and the red just say Huntsville High School. This fundraiser will end August 8. In October we will sell Boston butts, November will be mattress sale, December will be silent auction. We will sell sheets but exactly when has not been decided yet. We may also do a color run in the spring, in which the students will get all proceeds for their accounts. We will have one sprit night a month and they will be announced in the weekly newsletter and on remind.


Elizabeth Butz, Hospitality: She reminded everyone that next week all lunches are included on the band fees. This year we will have the band banquet at Campus 805 again and the student ticket is included in band fees - parents and guests will have to purchase a ticket for themselves. Next Friday July 27 we will have a preview show and will have a baseball themed picnic. Meals will be $10 for guests and student meals are included in band fees. If you would like to help on the Hospitality Committee, please contact her.


Jen Applebaum, Credit Keeper: She let everyone know that when you volunteer she will receive all information on the event then pass along the amount of your credit to the treasurer. If you don’t see the credit right away please contact her not the treasurer. Also it does take time to get this information together and to the right people. Many of us work so please be patient with us.


Erin Boles and April Chapman, Uniforms: All students have their marching uniforms. The uniforms cost $800, each so please take care of them. Each student received a red garment bag, black hanger, name card, show shirt, black shoes, shako, and gloves. Student will need their own long thick black socks, athletic shorts for under bibbers and their band provided show shirt at every game. If they lose the show shirt, it will be $35 to replace it. If they need gloves or socks they will be charged $5. When it is time to turn in marching uniform – they must be returned with a receipt from the dry cleaners. If there is no receipt as evidence the uniform was cleaned there will be a $25 charge. The uniform must be dry-cleaned and we have contract with Wilson Cleaners. They will charge $7.50 for you to take it to them to be cleaned. If you have buttons or snaps that need to be fixed they are able to do this also. Band pictures are on Friday July 20, please send students in uniform with their instruments at the assigned time. Pictures can be ordered online or on the form students receive tonight. New this year you have the option of purchasing a composite photo it is 11x14.


Respectfully Submitted by

Angela Davis



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