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The varsity boys team beat Carbondale 102-48 to clinch a tie for their fifth consecutive Division III title. Cy Babcanec won the 100, 200, and 400. Noah Chup picked up wins in the 800 and 1600 and Nick Liuzzo won the 3200 on the track while Lakeland swept all three relays (4x1-Jake Frazier, Jacob Snipes, Tyler Schwartzstrauber and Tommy Pidgeon, 4x4- Babcanec, Schwartzstrauber, Snipes and Matt Pidgeon, 4x800- James Lewis, Dylan Kovaleski, John Noldy and Tommy Pidgeon). A win in the shot put came from Kevin Johnson and Stephen Liuzzo won the discus. Next up is Riverside (0-4) in the final meet of the regular season.
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Varsity Boys Blast Dunmore

Posted by Lakeland Track an Field at Apr 19, 2017 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
The Lakeland Chiefs beat Dunmore 105-45. The Chiefs picked up 3 wins from Cy Babcanec in the 100,200, and 400. They also got two wins from Noah Chup in the mile and 800 and Tommy Heller in the High Jump and Long Jump. Nick Liuzzo (3200), Stephen Liuzzo (discus), Kevin Johnson (shot put), and Jake Frazier (110 hurdles) each picked up individual wins. Lakeland also remained undefeated in all three relays (4x100-Matt Pidgeon, Babcanec, Tyler Schwartzstrauber and Tommy Pidgeon, 4x400-Schwartzstrauber, Frazier, and bothe Pidgeons, 4x800- James Lewis, John Noldy, Tommy Pidgeon and Chup). The Chiefs run at the North Pocono Invitational Friday night and Carbondale next Wednesday.
After breaking three times in discus marino comes back with a throw of 97'9"in the javelin to take 1st place with Harding with a second On the track 4x8 team ( hunsinger, setta, longstreet and Paull) wins with a 10:57.6 4x1 54 and the exciting comeback of Brooke Longstreet passing the last Dunmore runner in the 4x4 with less than a 100 meters to win with a respectful time of 4:22.5.(Krantz, Hunsinger, beecroft and Longstreet) Krantz takes the only place in the pole vault. Individual help from Stracham and Krantz in 100. Paul splitting points in 1600 Harding winning 100 H and 300H Estadt taking on the 800 with a winning time of 2:33.49