Lakeland Crushes Carbondale

Posted by Lakeland Track an Field on Apr 14 2019 at 05:00PM PDT
The Lakeland boys track and field team beat Carbondale 136-14. CJ Dippre won the shot put and discus, Nathan Vigil won the pole vault and long jump and Brandon Wentovich won the high jump and 200 to lead the way. Chris Mellon won the triple jump, Billy Good won the 100, Tommy Pidgeon won the 400, Noah Chup won the 800, Matt McGowan won the 1600 and Chris Noldy won the 3200 while Robert Romanowski won the 110 hurdles and Chase Nolan won the 300 hurdles. Lakeland also swept the relays again 4x100(N.Vigil, Good, Wentovich and Jacob Snipes), 4x400 (James Lewis, Mike Pidgeon, T.Pidgeon and Snipes) , and 4x800 (David Campbell, Caleb Vigil, Gino Ofcharsky and Lewis). Next up is Dunmore 


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