History of the Bones

Posted by Erich Herbert on Feb 24 2015 at 04:00PM PST

The idea of Rusty Bones Lacrosse was born in the summer of 2002 when one of the original founders who just turned 45 started playing lacrosse after a 13-year hiatus.  As he played it occurred to him, "why isn't there a team or league for older players?"  This idea was shared with other older men who were interested in getting back to the game they enjoy.  The team was founded in the late winter of 2003 by a group of men who wanted to build a team that consists of older players (the average age of our players is 43) who pride themselves on helping others in various capacities in their community and who still had a burning desire to play the game.  The original idea of Rusty Bones is centered on the principle, "the strength of one's character is a reflection of the caliber of people you associate yourself with."

Our name, "Rusty Bones" is an amalgamation of "being rusty" (we don't play as good as we once did) and "old bones" (another expression for being "over-the-hill").  Our registered trademark, the skull and crossed sticks (referred to as "Warcharger") was created by the founder when he was vacationing in the Caribbean and was inspired by a flag bearing the "Jolly Roger" while pondering the name Rusty Bones.

With this having been said, Rusty Bones has gradually become an admired institution of older men playing, winning, losing and working together as a team.

Rusty Bones is a member of the rapidly growing Olde New England Lacrosse League (ONELL), established in 2004, it is an association of like-minded over-30 and Over-40 Men's teams who represent various communities throughout New England.

On January 29, 2014, the Rusty Bones Lacrosse Club joined Souhegan Valley Lacrosse, Inc. to build for the future and to align with an organization that is focused on success at every level. This is a new day and new dawn for the Bones as we build and grow! 

June 2015, The Warcharger logo was updated to reflect the commitment to respect those that came before us while providing the team with a new look and feel. The imposing skull reflects the warrior spirit which is inherent in the game of lacrosse. The crossed lacrosse sticks represent that two teams must honor the sport by playing against eachother. The combined imposing skull and crossed lacrosse sticks also pays our respect to the founders of the Rusty Bones organization and is an attempt to stay true to their vision of the team.



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