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What can I expect at a practice?

Posted by Courtney Vielhuber at May 20, 2010 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
  • Our coaches are passionate about wrestling and want to instill that in each wrestler in the club. They work hard to make practice educational and enjoyable for all wrestlers while expecting each wrestler to put forth their best effort.
  • Wrestlers should wear their singlet or t-shirts and comfortable athletic shorts without pockets, head gear. A water bottle is recommended. Wrestlers also need their wrestling shoes or clean (non-street) tennis shoes. No street shoes are permitted on the wrestling mats. We want to keep them as clean as possible since the kids will be rolling around on them.
  • Practices normally begin with warm-up and conditioning exercises such as stretching, running, push-ups and crunches.
  • Next will be technique demonstrations by the coaches followed by practicing the demonstrated moves with a partner. Each child will be paired with another child of comparable weight and skill and may remain with that partner for the entire practice. Practices may include live wrestling and games.
  • Wrestlers are expected to listen and behave during practice so as not to distract the coaches and other wrestlers. Wrestlers who are disruptive during practice may be asked to sit in the bleachers or leave the practice if they continue to be disruptive.
  • Families are encouraged to attend practice but parents need to be responsible for their non-wrestling children. Everyone needs to stay in the gymnasium and we ask that children do not climb on the bleachers.
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What can I expect at a tournament?

Posted by Courtney Vielhuber at May 20, 2010 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Wrestling tournaments are fun and CRAZY! There are generally more than 100 and up to 500 wrestlers and their families in attendance!

Remember to bring:

  • Wrestling shoes
  • Headgear
  • Singlet - if you don't have a singlet, bring a t-shirt and shorts (without pockets, zippers, or snaps)
  • Water bottle & snack (carry-in’s are allowed, concessions are available too)
  • Something to entertain your wrestler, there is a lot of down time.
  • Video camera if you want to tape your wrestler’s matches
  • For regional state and national tournaments it is a good idea to carry a copy of your child's birth certificate and a current report card for proof of age and grade.

Arrival and registration:It is a good idea to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the end of weigh-ins. You can register at the door for most weekend tournaments (see track wrestling tournaments below) The cost is typically $8-$15 per wrestler. You may also have to pay admission for non-wrestlers; this is typically $0-$5. When you enter you will probably fill out a slip of paper with your child's name, age or grade and club.

Weigh-ins: After registering, you will need to take your child to the weigh-in area (marked with signs) where they will be weighed, have their skin checked for any conditions (impetigo, ringworm, etc.), they will also make sure their fingernails have been trimmed. To save some time, you may want to trim your child's fingernails the night before. A fingernail clipper in your wrestling bag can come in very handy.

Brackets: After all wrestlers are weighed-in, the tournament organizers will take an hour or so to create brackets. Most open tournaments match kids up by grade (or age) and weight; many tournaments use 4-man brackets. In a round robin format, your child will wrestle each of the other kids in their bracket (3 matches' total). Brackets are posted in a common area- when brackets are posted you will need to remember (or write down) your wrestlers bracket information.

Warm-up & Drilling: We will warm up as a team with warm-ups being lead by the coaches and more senior members of the club. Don’t worry about making noise… we want everybody to know we are there!

The Bull Pen: Prior to the start of wrestling, wrestlers will be asked to clear the mats. At this time they will begin calling kids to the bull pen for the first round. When your wrestlers age group is called, they should go to the bull pen where they will be grouped with the other kids in their bracket. Parents are invited to join kids in the bull pen (we recommend you escort the younger wrestlers). As a group, they will be lead out to the mat they will be wrestling on.

Wrestling: If there is not a coach on the mat with your wrestler and you see one available you may want to mention your wrestler is ready to go. Coaches are very busy and work hard to support all wrestlers, please be patient with them. Once the wrestlers are on the mat the referee will start the matches. PLEASE BE COURTIOUS kneel down so the fans sitting in the stands can see. Conduct yourself in a way that makes your child proud to have you as their parent, remember this is ALL ABOUT THE WRESTLERS. There will usually be 3 rounds of wrestling with a break between each round. After your wrestlers match return to your seat and wait for wrestlers to be called for later rounds.

Awards: After your child has wrestled all of their matches, they will be lead as a group to the awards table. Please keep the wrestlers together and take your camera if you want pictures. All wrestlers will receive an award for their effort.

Track Wrestling: When participating in a track wrestling tournament your child must register on-line before the tournament. Brackets are generated by track wrestling and are available on-line. Each wrestler will be given a mat assignment (a letter) and round numbers (Ex: A3, A17, A29) Your wrestler will wrestle on mat A and will be the 3rd, 17th and 29th matches that take place on that mat for the day. The mat letters and round numbers will be clearly displayed.

  • Have the correct attitude
  • Conduct yourself at all times in a way that will make your wrestler proud of you.
  • Always tell your wrestler you are proud of them
  • Being passionate and believe in the sport of wrestling
  • Get you wrestler to all available practices if at all possible
  • Help your wrestler get to as many tournaments as possible
  • Educate yourself on the sport of wrestling
  • Volunteer for our annual team hosted tournament (at least 2 hours are required)
  • Volunteer to help the club in its fundraising endeavors

How can I get my volunteer hours in?

  • Helping with the tournament (required)
  • Setting up/ taking down mats at practice
  • Mopping and cleaning mats
  • Monitoring hallways
  • Unloading/ organizing pizzas from the pizza sales fund raiser
  • Tasks as requested by the board of directors or coaching staff  
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How is Wrestling Scored?

Posted by Courtney Vielhuber at May 20, 2010 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
  • Takedown - (2 points) You score two points for taking your opponent down to the mat and controlling him/her.

  • Escape - (1 point) You score one point for getting away or getting to a neutral position when your opponent has you down on the mat.

  • Reversal - (2 points) You score two points when your opponent has you down on the mat and you come from underneath and gain control of your opponent.

  • Near Fall (Back Points) - (2 or 3 points) You get near fall points when you almost but not quite get your opponent pinned. A near fall (near pin) is when...
    • both shoulders are held for two seconds within four inches of the mat, or...
    • one shoulder touches the mat and the other shoulder is at a 45 degree angle coming down to the mat, or...
    • the wrestler is held in a high bridge or back on both elbows.
    If a near fall lasts for two seconds, you get 2 points. If a near fall lasts for 5 seconds, you get 3 points.

  • Fall/Pin ( End match) You hold your opponent’s shoulders/blades to the mat for 3 counts.  You win the match. 

  • Technical Fall (End match) You gain a margin of greater than 15 points over your opponent. You win the match.