Misson Statement

Posted by Courtney Vielhuber on Jun 27 2014 at 05:00PM PDT

 Reedsburg Youth Wrestling will strive to teach youth the sport of wrestling. RYW is committed to helping wrestlers develop their basic and advanced wrestling skills by stressing the fundamentals, sportsmanship and teamwork. RYW will help wrestlers understand their improvement is enhanced by goal setting. The coaches and wrestlers will work together on achieving these goals by practicing hard and giving it their all at all times.

While it is our goal to teach the fundamentals of wrestling we also strive to help kids develop into healthy, strong adults. Wrestling is a sport that requires whole body movement and strength. This benefits overall sports coordination and conditioning. Wrestling is also an excellent cross-over sport and benefits kids in many different areas of their development including; participating in other sports, building self-confidence, developing problem solving skills and gaining the ability to work well with others.


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