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A critical ingredient in maintaining a successful swim program is the volunteer; whether visiting a meet or hosting one, administrating the program, officiating a meet (see below), fundraising, providing a service for the program, or just plain "puttin' your back into it", volunteers provide the foundation for the participants to succeed.  When hosting meets, a variety of "jobs" must be filled in order to run the meet smoothly: computer operators, officials, timers, seeders, coaches' aides, concessions, set-up/clean-up crews, to name only a few. When visiting a meet there are still responsibilities. They may include timing, seeding, supervision and clean-up crews.


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Administering the swim program also requires multiple volunteers to take on positions "behind the scenes" to help the day to day operation of the team run smoothly.  The Kingston YMCA Hurricanes Swim Club needs volunteers to  stand as  part of a parent advisory committee. These jobs include;  general team parent manager, secretary, treasurer for general funds, USA Swimming registrar, meet director, meet safety officer, head timer and snack bar manager. We also welcome volunteers to help with organization and ordering of spiritwear and and participation in committees for fundraising and team events.  Most of the volunteering required is a donation of time and energy - a donation that your swimmers and the swim team readily needs - and is paid for by the smiles of those swimmers and, what the heck, you are going to be there anyway!  Please consider a leadership position within our group; additionally, if you have specific talents that can be channeled into aiding the success of this swim club, meet up with any of the advisory board members or contact via email the following:

James Jolly 

Brian Connolly

Kevin Chorzempa

Heidi Kirschner


Thank you for volunteering! Which brings to our next bit of volunteer position:  OFFICIALS...


Officials Needed - No Experience Necessary 


As many of you know, one of the requirements for swim meets to run is an adequate number of officials.  When hosting a meet, a minimum of two officials is required, and of those, one Level 2 (Starter and Referee) certification is necessary.  This training is available through the avenues listed below, but before we get ahead of ourselves, what are the benefits to becoming an official?  The benefits to officiating are many, but among them: 


-the best “seat” in the house – on deck!

-training to expand your knowledge of the sport of swimming.

-active community involvement.

-direct participation in the sport of swimming.


To this end, both USA Swimming and YMCA Competitive Swimming put out a “call for officials” each year.  Our local affiliated USA Swimming league, the Adirondack League, hosted an officials' clinic in October - the specific information will be added as it becomes available.


The YMCA is holding officials' training and certification classes continuously in the tri-state area.  For more information, please go to the YMCA Competitive Swimming website at (look for the tab "Officials" and click on "Listing of Upcoming Clinics".  You will be required to register in order to email the instructor; for team name, please use YMCA of Ulster – Kingston Hurricanes.  The certification classes have a registration fee (~$35 - 50) for which the club will reimburse all registered participants from our club.   The current offerings will be added to the table below as they become available:








NOTE:  Level 1 classes (also referred to as Stroke and Turn) are the entry level officials' classes.  Level 2 (also referred to as Starter/Referee) is typically for experienced officials.  You can contact the instructors directly with elgibility questions - they are expereinced experts.  Should you have interest, other questions, comments, or concerns, please drop any advisory board member an email (or you can speak to one of us at practice) and we will do our best to get the information back to you as soon as possible.  Keep your eyes on this website and the aforementioned sites for more information.


One of the most important aspects of any sport is the participants’ sportsmanship (parents and swimmers).  This is especially true with a sport such as swimming since this particular sport involves competition between teams, between swimmers on the same team, and a personal competition within each swimmer.  Whether wishing your opponents good luck prior to your race, congratulating those adjacent to your lanes on a good swim, or consoling a teammate after a swim they thought was less than par, each athlete should focus on being a good sport.  The Hurricane way has no place for taunting, gloating, or meanness.  Remember to extend your best sporting attitude when in or around the water.  A sport such as swimming builds each athlete psychologically as well as physically and good sportsmanship is extremely helpful in the development of the former.  The Kingston YMCA Hurricane Swim Club expects our athletes be good sports to themselves as well as to others; not only is it the right thing, but it is in our Code Of Conduct.  So be a good sport, and help others to do so as well!



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