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Spartans on right track

Posted by Carl Seafoot at Sep 22, 2004 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Spartans on right track
Strathmore Spartans bantam and high school football teams each win weekend games

Mario Prusina
Standard Reporter
Thursday September 23, 2004

Derek Lord of the Strathmore Spartans bantam football team, eludes a tackle from Hanna’s defence Sept. 18 at the high school. The Spartans, behind a solid team effort, came back to defeat Hanna 32-25.
Mario Prusina Photo

Strathmore Standard — It was a day for redemption for the Strathmore Spartans bantam and high school football teams Sept. 18.
After both teams lost their season opener on Sept. 11, the bantam Spartans rebounded to defeat Hanna 32-25 at home, while the high school Spartans picked apart Rimbey 53-8 on the road.
“It was a good game, nice and close,” said Chris Ceh, assistant coach with the bantam Spartans. “The team worked really hard and they battled really hard, especially in the fourth quarter. Half-way through the third quarter, we started to move things around and we had a much better second half.”
After losing 14-6 in their season opener, the Spartans ended the first-half trailing Hanna 17-6. However, after some coaching adjustments, the Spartans proved to be too much for the road team.
“It was a total team effort,” said Ceh. “They worked well together and the offence and defence stepped it up.
“We didn’t have the offence working in the first game, but they had a huge game against Hanna. The defence really stepped it up.
“It was a huge win.”

The high school Spartans, who lost 38-28 to Drumheller on Sept. 11, suffered another loss on Sept. 14, when they travelled to Hanna.
Both offensive and defensive squads sputtered in the first quarter of the game, which saw the Hanna Hawks score half of their points.
The score at half time was 28-6. The Spartans picked up their game play in the last half of the game, holding the Hawks to 14 points, but only putting seven points up for themselves.
Again, a few untimely miscues and penalties stalled out Spartans possessions, en route to a 42-13 loss.
However, on Saturday, Strathmore Spartans gave the Rimbey Spartans a welcome to the Big Sky Football League that will be remembered. The clash of the Spartans saw Strathmore come on strong on both offence and defense, to shut down the Rimbey squad.
“The team played close to error free throughout the game, as they dominated the gridiron,” said high school coach Carl Seafoot. “The squad seems like it has come together, and we are excited and waiting to see if they can keep this intensity and momentum up for the rest of the season.”
Quarterback Tommy MacDonnell aired the ball for 200 yards with a 64 per cent completion rate. Danny Warrack relieved MacDonnell late in the game; Warrack tossed three passes and hit wide receiver Josh Lord, for two touchdown receptions. Warrack also hit five out of eight point after attempts, and had a touchdown reception earlier, while playing slot back.
Running back Scott Smith scampered across the goal line four times making his presence known.
Outside linebacker Dolan Sullivan had a fumbled kickoff fall under his control and he marched it in for a major.
Defensively, middle linebacker Dustyn Johnson put on a show of his own with 10 solo tackles, five assists, one quarterback sack, one interception, and blocked a punt.
Safety Stephon Hebert added three solos and two assists, while defensive ends Jaiman Chin (one solo, two assists and one sack) and Brandon Williamson (two solos and two assists) pitched in with strong efforts also.
Kicker Colby Van Kleef pounded out nine kickoffs for 477 yards, a 53-yard average, giving the Rimbey Spartans a poor place to start from each series.
Both local squads will hit the road this weekend. The bantam Spartans will travel to Wetaskiwin, while the high school Spartans will travel to Olds.

Spartans finish spring camp with solid exhibition game

Thursday June 10, 2004

Strathmore Standard — The Strathmore Spartans high school football team took on the Canmore Wolverines in a spring camp exhibition game on May 31, at the high school.
A ten-play per offensive session format was used, allowing the coaching staff to be directly involved with the players on the turf. A total of five offensive sessions were run by each team, giving both the offensive and defensive squads equal opportunity to utilize their skills and training.
The Canmore team choose to start off in the defensive, thus the Spartans started the ‘O’ Squad.
On the initial play of the game, Daniel Johnson struck through a wide hole, made by the ‘O’ line, for a touchdown, giving the Wolverines a quick wake-up call.
Not to be outdone, the Canmore ‘O’ squad also scored in their first session.

In the subsequent sessions the Spartans scored twice more, once on an inside run by Scott Smith and the other on a beauty pass from Tommy MacDonnell to Danny Warrack.
The Spartan defense held the Canmore offence to three scoring drives, with some key tackles made all across the field. A Canmore touchdown, on a well executed outside run, was denied by a long rundown by Tyson Goebel.
Zack Randell and Stephon Hebert also provided some key tackles and knockdowns.
This was the closing of the spring camp for the high school team, while fall practices will start up again in late August, with their first game set in Strathmore on Sept. 11, against Drumheller.
High school and bantam coaches would like to thank all the players for their efforts throughout the spring camp, and are looking forward to regrouping in the fall for regular season action.
The head coaches, Ryan Grey (bantam) and Carl Seafoot (high school), would like to thank the assistant coaches, parents, players, schools, and the Strathmore Community Football Association Board for their support and assistance throughout the camp.
See you all in August!
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Spartans prepare

Posted by Carl Seafoot at Jun 2, 2004 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Spartans prepare
Strathmore Spartans high school and bantam football teams prepare for new season with annual spring camp

Mario Prusina
Standard Reporter
Thursday June 03, 2004

The Strathmore high school and bantam football teams held their annual spring camp May 10-20 at the high school. However, because of a exhibition game on May 31, the high school team extended their camp into last week.
Mario Prusina photo

Strathmore Standard — Even though the football season is over three months away, the Strathmore Spartans high school and bantam teams are in mid-season form.
Thanks in large part to their spring camp, which began in mid-May, the two teams have shaken off the winter rust in preparation for the new season.
However, what makes this years camp more successful is the number of players who turned out for both teams.
“It was a really good camp,” said Seafoot. “We had a lot of bodies come out, for both the bantam and high school teams. This is the best turnout for high school players in a couple of years.
“Guys have shown so much improvement over the last two weeks…we’re giving them some paperwork and stuff they can look at over the summer.
“The receivers have their patterns and they can focus on that…the playbook is out and the entire team can work on that.

“It really gives them something to think about (before the season).”
This season’s high school team will feature a large number of players who have played bantam football over the last couple of years.
It will also have a majority of players, who won the bantam league championship a couple of years ago.
“It is invaluable to have guys come up, who have already played the game,” said the coach. “They know their position and how the game is played.
“Ryan Grey, head coach of the bantams, he has some of the hard stuff because most of the players don’t have a clue what the positions are.
“Here, they have that experience, which helps out a lot.”
According to Seafoot, he was happy with what he saw at the camp.
“You get a feel for the guys and where they’re at,” said Seafoot. “This is the age group where one player can be a little wee guy and come back and be a few inches bigger.
“I like to see what their abilities are and where they can improve. It also give the guys a chance to interact with each other before the real camp opens in August.”
The camp, which ran from May 10-20, was extended for the high school players because of an exhibition game that was played on May 31, versus Canmore (results not available as of press time).
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New Spartan in charge

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New Spartan in charge

Mario Prusina
Standard Reporter
Sunday February 29, 2004

Strathmore Standard — For the second straight season, the Strathmore Spartans high school football team will have a new bench boss, when the 2004 season begins later this summer.
Carl Seafoot, an assistant coach with both the bantam and high school teams for the last couple of years, will be the new head coach of the Spartans.
“I’m definitely excited about the upcoming season,” said Seafoot. “I’ve spent two years as an assistant with the bantam program and last season as an assistant with the high school team, so I have a historical relationship with the players.
“One of my priorities is for these guys to work as a unit…as a team. You have to play like a team because this is a team sport. If one part fails, then the whole thing will.
“They’re going to have to put in the time and show the dedication to the game and they’re going to do their share of learning.”
Seafoot already has two assistant coaches in place, one being former high school coach Brett Bastable and the other being Dave Knott, an assistant coach with last year’s team.
According to Seafoot, he will not revamp the entire system that the team had in place last year. However, there will be some changes to the game plan.
“I think every coach comes in with a bit of their own (game plan),” said Seafoot. “I put together my own little play book and we’ll go from there.

“In the bantam and high school programs, where you have the players rotating in and out, you can’t get too rigid.
“You have to play with what you’ve got…one year you might have great running backs, then they’re gone. Then you might get great receivers, then they’re gone.
“You really have to build on what your strengths are and you have to be loose enough to do that. I don’t know yet if we’re going to be a good running team or a good passing team.”
One thing Seafoot does know is that he will have a good crop of players, who have played on the bantam championship team a few years back.
Most of those players will now be in their second year of high school football and their play this season will be critical to the success of the team.
“Most of their guys are Grade 11’s, so I hope that most of them come back,” said the coach.
“They’re a good squad and they’ve been together for quite a while now, so they know how each other play.”
The Spartans, who failed to qualify for the playoffs last season, hope that the former bantam champions could lead them back to the post season.
However, it won’t be an easy task.
“Are we all of the sudden going to jump up and be the champions of the Big Sky League?” questioned Seafoot. “It would be awfully sweet…I’m not going to say we are and I’m not going to say we aren’t. Some of these other teams in the league have some pretty good programs too.
“Playoffs are always a hope and a desire…I don’t think that anyone starts the year saying, ‘ah, we just want to play in the regular season and not the playoffs.’
“Granted it would be nice to make the playoffs for the players and myself, but whatever happens, happens.”
For those players interested in joining football this season, there will be a spring camp slated for later next month.
Registration for both teams will be on May 5, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Strathmore Family Centre.
Equipment will be issued on May 10, (7p.m to 9p.m.) at the high school gym, while the actual camp will be from May 11-20 (including the weekend) at the high school field. Both the bantam and high school programs will be involved.
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Spartans dish out hardware

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Spartans dish out hardware
Strathmore Spartans high school and bantam football teams hand out awards

Sharon McLeay
Standard Reporter
Thursday November 13, 2003

The Strathmore Spartans high school and bantam football teams dished out their hardware on Nov. 6. Here are some of the winners.
Sharon McLeay Photo

Strathmore Standard — The Spartan football season ended on a positive note with a yearend wrap-up that was held at the Civic Centre on Nov. 5.
Both Bantam and high school awards were given out after a good potluck supper.
“We started the club six years ago without any funds and went on to cut the budget down to a more manageable figure from there,” said President Bob Fearon.
He remarked how successful the club had been and its expansion to include the Bantam team three years ago, greatly due to the efforts of parents, board and community support.
“Its was a successful year and by success I don’t mean by wins and losses but by seeing the players out on the field playing.”

Awards for outstanding players of the year were presented by coaching staff to the following players:
Offensive Lineman: Steven Meierhofer, Defensive Lineman: Kyle Wiess
Offensive Back: Kevin Fearon, Defensive Back: Curtis Lafferty, Rookie: Erik Peterson, Most improved: Errol Barstad, Most valuable: Kevin Fearon
High school:
Big Sky All Stars: Dustyn Johnson, Bryn Roy, Spartan of the year: Josh Bonami-McRae, Ian Grocholski, Dustyn Johnson, Jason Michielson, Brock Reimer, Most valuable: Brock Reimer.
There were several players who were third year players, that will make a dent in the team for next season.
This year the third year players were awarded their jerseys with crests. The third year players were: Steven Meierhofer (Bantam), Reggie Bennett, Sylvan Breaker, Shawn Meierhofer, Jason Michielson, Justin Quong and Brock Reimer.