Publicity Write-up Guidelines

Posted by jim cole on Mar 24 2006 at 04:00PM PST in 2018 Season
Want to get your players' names on this Website? Then follow these guidelines for game write-ups and join in the fun of seeing your team's results on this site. Alameda Little League publicity write-up guidelines Intro: Each team should have a publicity person to write up game results for the newspaper. The home team is responsible for the write up. There is no strict deadline, but ideally write-ups should be sent within a day or so after a game to Guidelines: Follow the style of the example below. 1) Put your division at the top 2) Put both sponsors’ names in the headline 3) Put the score in the headline - winning team first 4) Put the date of the game in the first sentence 5) Limit articles to 2 paragraphs 6) Mention 2-3 players from both teams 7) Mention only the key plays or performance 8) The don’ts: a. Don’t misspell a kid’s name b. Don’t tell us about the weather c. Don’t repeat who won – that’s in the headline d. Don’t use “exciting”, “thrilling”, “incredible”, “dramatic” etc. Just describe what happen, no adjectives, please. Example: Majors Alameda Power & Telecom Pirates 4, Northridge & McGuiness Rockies 3 The Pirates jumped out in front Apr. 16 in the first inning with singles by Taylor Takahashi, Danny Castillo and Sean Harding. The Rockies answered with three runs on walks to Josh Tinnon and FJ Torres and a homer by Enrique Padilla. Pirate pitchers Tomas Martinez-Graham and Danny Castillo held the Rockies scoreless the rest of the game. Pirate Tim McMahon stole two bases in the top of the fifth inning and was brought in with a double by Castillo. Rockies pitcher Enrique Padilla closed out the game, by tagging Sorensen out at third, and after Alex Ducey was hit by a pitch and RoRo Spears doubled, the game ended when Ducey was tagged out at home base. Final comment: Please follow this format, otherwise either: 1) I have to fix them, and there are too many of these for me to fix them; 2) I’ll kick it back to you to fix; 3) I’ll send it to the newspaper and they won’t run it because they certainly won’t take time to fix it. Thank you for volunteering. Follow the guidelines and we’ll all have fun, Jim Cole Communications director


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