Ozaukee Bicycle Club - Welcome!

Posted by Charles Paul on May 04 2019 at 05:00PM PDT

About OBC

The Ozaukee Bicycle Club was founded in 1993 and has grown to roughly 100 members. The club is open to cyclists of all ages and abilities, from beginning riders to experienced racers. Our goal is simply to enjoy road cycling in the company of others who do likewise. Our events range from casual breakfast rides to hard race training. It’s up to you to pick the rides and events that suit your interests and abilities.

Our club organizes training and recreational touring rides on several days of every week from April to October.  Generally, we offer Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening rides as well as Sat­urday and Sunday morning rides. We also typically organize a few Time Trial events and one Century ride during the riding season.

We maintain a Yahoo! Groups site for club members where we publish our ride calendar and other news and information about various cycling activities in the area.

Club members have the option of subscribing to an automated email system which notifies all subscribers in advance of up­coming rides and events.

By majority, our routes are on Ozaukee and Washington County roads, and therefore subject to State of Wisconsin vehicle regulations for bicycles.  Please refer to our Links to locate the regulations provided by the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles.  All OBC members are provided with membership cards bearing the reminders to wear helmets and observe traffic regulations. 

Join us!

Meet new people. Make new friends. Get out of the house. Improve your fitness. Hone your skills. Achieve your goals. Share stories. Have fun.  Please review the club brochure handout that will get you started.


The Ozaukee Bicycle Club has a diverse membership; men and women of all ages, from teens to seniors. You don’t have to be a racer, although some of our members are. Ability is not important, although many members experience dramatic improvement after riding in our club. For some, it can even be life-changing. You just need to enjoy cycling and being outdoors. You’ll meet new people and establish friendships with those who share many of the same interests you do.

Other member benefits include discounts at area bike shops. Our club also provides supplemental insurance coverage for members on organized club rides.

Ride participation is generally for members only, but please join us as a guest if you are unsure about be­coming a club member. Contact one of the club officers at their addresses posted on the website to inquire about riding as a guest.

Please review our 2011 membership brochure available at area bike shops, or browse the on-line copy. New members are a welcome addition—always.  If you are familiar with the club, and you simply need the application form, then please fill out and return the application form. New for 2011... Ozaukee Bicycle Club requires all event participants to complete a liability release form. Please fill out the liability release that supersedes previous liability release document included in the brochure and 2011 membership application's statement of liability release. Send it to…

P.O. BOX 755
CEDARBURG, WI 53012-0755

Dues for new members are $20 per individual, $30 per family, $10 per student age 24 and under. Note: you must enclose a copy of your valid, active student I.D. along with your application and dues.  Dues payments cover operating expenses during the year for things like postage, copying, paint to mark the routes, insurance, subsidies for apparel orders, etc.

Members will receive a membership card, good for special discounts at numerous bike shops.

For club members that are travelers or handy with tools...  The club shares specialty bike maintenance tools and bicycle travel cases that have been purchased for members.

Club members are eligible to participate in an e-mail mailing list—a Yahoo! Groups group for OBC—to chat about club events, organize ad hoc rides, etc. The Yahoo Group has been a great resource for on-line information and dialog for club members.  This eteamz site is primarily just a public web site for the club, but over time, we will provide sign-on access to this site's "members-only" features for OBC members.

In summary, in addition to the friendship and great group riding events there are several benefits of membership:

(1)  free access to club equipment, such as bike maintenance tools and travel cases
(2)  free supplemental insurance
(3)  the opportunity to purchase a custom OBC Jersey at a discount
(4)  discounts a local bike shops


Helmets are required for all riders, and all riders are expected and encouraged to follow all local and municipal laws and ordinances governing cycling. Since most of us also drive automobiles, we strive to promote responsible sharing of the roads between all types of vehicles.

About our rides and routes

Ride start locations for weekday evening rides generally alternate weekly between Cedar­burg and Grafton. Start times for evening rides vary by month, as follows:

• April and September: 5:30 p.m.
• May through August: 6:00 p.m.
• October: 5:00 p.m.

For weekend rides, start times vary, but all schedules are posted on the Yahoo Group calendar.

Our primary routes vary in distance from about 28 to 45 miles. Most routes have designated short-cuts as options for beginner cyclists or those riders who just don’t want to ride the entire route. All of our routes are mapped online on the club website, including cue sheets indicating detailed turns and directions.

Certain rides are characterized as “training rides,” in which many members ride harder than they would otherwise ride on “recreational” rides. Our fastest riders cycle very aggressively at times, but we recommend that all members ride within their limits and exercise common sense. Training rides usually break into two, three or more groups based on ability, so you’re likely to find someone who rides at your pace. Routes on training rides are covered in 90 minutes to two hours.

Recreational rides are--by contrast--far more leisurely, and weekend recreational rides may include a breakfast or lunch stop.




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