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Eastgate off 10th (Next to the Fairgrounds)
* Birth Certificate required for ALL new players (No birth cert-no registration-no exceptions)
* Parent/Guardian and child must be present at registration.
* Child to weigh-in and receive gear.
* Child must be 7-13 years of age as of September 1, 2008. 

TUESDAY   July 1, 2008  6 pm - 8 pm
 TUESDAY   July 8, 2008  6 pm - 8 pm
 SATURDAY  July 12, 2008  10 am - 1 pm
 TUESDAY   July 15, 2008  6 pm - 8 pm
  SATURDAY  July 19, 2008   10 am - 1 pm


Late registration

 July 22, 2008

July29, 2008

 6 pm - 8 pm

6 pm - 8 pm


*         $75 per player

*         $40 per additional immediate family member (must live at same residence, proof may be required)

*     $30 fee for late registration after July 22 No Exceptions Late registration Tuesday July 29 6pm-8pm.

NEW Weight Requirements for 2008
7-12 year olds – 150lbs
13 year olds – 140lbs


Second chance:  The weight limit for 7-12 year olds is 150 lbs and 140 lbs for 13 year olds.  If a child fails the first weigh-in, they will be eligible for ONE re-weigh during one of the 2008 regular registration sessions listed above if they did not exceed the weight limit for their age group by more than 10 pounds.  If a 7 – 12 year old weighs in at 161 pounds or more or a 13 year old weighs in at 151 pounds or more they will not be eligible to play Kennewick Grid Kids Football in 2008.  There will be no exceptions.

Pre-weighs are not allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS.  No prospective player will be allowed to test their weight on the Grid Kids scale.

2008 Try-Out Information
Try-Outs will be held on Saturday, August 2nd (see times by age below), at Eastgate Park (near the Benton-Franklin Fairgrounds).

You will need to wear your full uniform, bring a water bottle, and be prepared to show the Head Coaches and Squad Coaches your skill level.  They will run you though a series of basic football maneuvers, short sprints, etc.

If you are unable to attend Try-Outs, you will be placed on a team after the draft. All players registered will be assigned to a team.

Try-Out times stagger by age group.  Try-Out times by age group are as follows:

7 year olds – 10 am
8 year olds – 11 am
9 year olds – 12 pm
10 year olds – 12:30 pm
11 year olds – 1 pm
12 – 13 year olds – 1:30 pm

A couple of days after the Try-Outs, the coaches will get together and draft new players to fill in their teams.  You will then receive a telephone call informing you of the team you have been selected for and practice times/location.

Contact Kim Hosfield with any questions: 586-2612

Click on KGK News for important dates and information for the 2008 season. 



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