U10 Soccer Talk; Team Formation & Field set up

Posted by Jeff Stiffler on Jan 08 2007 at 04:00PM PST
Welcome to London Care Bears Indoor Soccer 2007 The Indoor Soccer game is a very fast paced game. The ball never stops, and you are always on the go. There are 7 players on the field for each team, which means there are 14 players on the field. If we cover the field properly, each player will have another player marked to them. The simple field set-up formation for this age group is a 3-2-1 formation. 3 Defensive players; 2 Midfielders; 1 Forward; and your Goalie, or maybe a 2-3-1 When you are playing, you need to challenge the other team to get the ball from them, and when you have the ball as a team, you need to keep it. DO NOT CHALLENGE YOUR OWN TEAMMATE FOR THE BALL. Everyone always wants to get the ball, it’s a natural thing. But please don’t take, or challenge your own teammate for the ball. Don’t run into the front of them, or into the back of them. Help support your teammate, by going to an open area to receive a pass, or by passing to your teammate that does not have a defensive player close to them. We can substitute at anytime, so if you are tired, please let us know. >>Substitutes are on the go. You need to make sure that the player that you are going in for is off of the field before you go on. So it is very important that you get off the field quickly. There is a 5 SECOND RULE FOR KICKING THE BALL. Anytime the ball is called dead—FOUL, PENALTY SHOT, OUT OF BOUNDS—you have 5 seconds to kick the ball or you loose possession. FORWARD: Plays up front, from the middle line forward to the opponents goal. RIGHT/LEFT MIDFIELDERS: Plays toward the outsides of the field. They must play to the opponents goal, as well as rushing back to help support the defense. They must make & receive good passes, and take shots from outside of the goal box. CENTER MIDFIELDER: Is normally the go-to player. A very strong, supporting player. They play behind the Forward, in the middle of the field. They must also move back to help defensively, but not into their own goal box. If the ball is kicked out of our goal area, the Center Midfielder must be ready to go. DEFENSE PLAYERS: Are the backbone, and support of the team. They must challenge an opponent coming into their area. You must clear the ball quickly to one of your teammates up the field. Make sure that you talk to your teammates, and listen to the Goalie. Goalie: To many, it’s an easy position. In soccer, it’s the last line of defense to stop the opponent from scoring on you. The Goalie must sacrifice their body to protect their goal. They usually see more than what the rest of their team may see. The Goalie must talk loud enough for his team hear. All players on the field must talk to, and support each other in order to win games. We want all players, and parents to have fun and enjoy themselves. Please don’t get mad at your teammate, or the opponent--on or off of the field. Sometimes arms go flying, just be careful. Don’t push, or kick your opponent. DO NOT slam anyone into the wall. We really do not want anyone to get hurt. If you are getting tired, mad, frustrated, or cannot breathe, or you are hurting, please let us know. Parents, sometimes us coaches are into the game, and may not see things going on. The ref’s may not call something, but please be supportive of your team, and player. We may be yelling at your player, but sometimes it’s the only way for them to hear. Thank You. Tim Becker & Jeff Stiffler


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