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4/20/06 - IMPORTANT UPDATE!  All entries - individual and relays - are posted in the handouts below.  Please take a minute to carefully check these for your race assignments.   We have many relay teams, and we need all members at this meet.  Don't let your teammates down by not being there.  We'll cover this in practice again Friday.

Buses leave at 7:30.  All althetes signed up need to be at school at 7:15.


This is a great meet, and is an annual tradition for Monte Vista.  New for 2006 is the fact that the meet will be run at neighboring Campolindo High School - not Mirramonte.  We'll be spending the day at this meet - buses will leave from MV early (details to follow), and the last event is well into the afternoon.  Entries for this meet will be made by the coaching staff by the April 14 deadline, and announced at practice next week.  There are many relays at this meet, so we will try to enter as many of the Varsity and Frosh/Soph athletes as possible.  There are limits in some events (two entries per team).  Information, including directions, can be found by clicking on the following link:

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Arcadia and Woody Wilson Wrap Up

Posted by Mike Davis at Apr 15, 2006 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Fri & Sat 7th & 8th: Arcadia Invitational
WOW!  Great performances by the 'Stangs:
- NEW SCHOOL RECORD!  Sub 4:00 Girls 4X400!  Randall, Jones, Anderson & Zorich smash previous MV record, run 3:59.2.  First in their heat, second overall in Day Meet.
- Chris Krychev takes 2nd in Shot with a 53' 5" PR throw.
- Chris Simpson takes 2nd in his mile heat in 4:28
- Daniela Gergley PR's in 3200 again!
- Brett Zorich runs 2:18 - 2nd fastest Girls 800 in MV history!
- Taylor, Brown and Schafer also do battle in nations largest HS meet!
Full story of this great meet :

Woody Wilson Invitational - UC Davis
Zorich Takes Down 400 Record Again!
57.69 effort at Woody Wilson
Randall 2:21 800.  Krvchev 2nd in Shot!  Girls 4X400 2nd in 4:01
Simpson 5th in 3200, Van Muijen 6th in Triple Jump, Girls Sprint Medley Relay 3rd.
Posted on Thu, Apr. 13, 2006

Area track leaders

Through April 8

(key: w: wind-aided, I: indoor, c: converted from yards, y: race in yards)


100 meters: Jahvid Best (Salesian) 10.39w, De'Shawn Waters (Hercules) 10.85w, Greyson Tarantino (St. Mary's) 11.0h, Alexander Harbison (Pinole Valley) 11.05, Mark Miller (San Ramon Valley) 11.25, Tim Thomas (Antioch) 11.29, Andrew Mobley (California) 11.3h, Chris Garrett (De La Salle) 11.35, Rashad Swanson (Deer Valley) 11.36, Ryan White (El Cerrito) 11.41

200: Jahvid Best (Salesian) 21.38, Carlos Proctor (Hercules) 22.59, De'Shawn Waters (Hercules) 22.67, Mark Miller (San Ramon Valley) 22.76, Brandon Harris (St. Mary's) 22.95, Andrew Mobley (California) 23.08, Ryan Vandersloot (San Ramon Valley) 23.13, Adam Marvin (St. Mary's) 23.29, Brady Amack (De La Salle) 23.32, Alex Powell (Granada) 23.39

400: Jason Price (De La Salle) 48.76, Jahvid Best (Salesian) 48.79, Richard Jones (Benicia) 49.13, Andre Gaston (Pittsburg) 49.30, Brandon Harris (St. Mary's) 51.13, Scott Brinkman (San Ramon Valley) 51.51, Geren Taylor (Monte Vista) 51.53, Anthony Pippins (Pinole Valley) 51.63, Adam Marvin (St. Mary's) 51.64, Tyree Moffett (Pittsburg) 52.66

800: Richard Jones (Benicia) 1:52.88, Joey Thomas (Acalanes) 1:55.52, Chris Simpson (Monte Vista) 1:59.5, Brian Murphy (De La Salle) 2:00.3, Colin Bauer (Albany) 2:00.3, Chris Harland-Dunaway (Campolindo) 2:00.8, Jed Hubbard (Campolindo) 2:01.7, Eric Berthaldan (St. Mary's) 2:02.1, Brandon Scanlon (De La Salle) 2:02.6, Tom Cox (De La Salle) 2:02.7

1600: Ryan Lewis (Ygnacio Valley) 4:21.4, Richard Jones (Benicia) 4:22.18c, Robbie Knorr (Valley Christian) 4:22.6, Brendan Scanlon (De La Salle) 4:25.09c, Chris Vizcaino (Campolindo) 4:26.1, Chris Simpson (Monte Vista) 4:27.19c, Colin Bauer (Albany) 4:27.7, Clinton Hayes (Deer Valley) 4:27.91, Tom Cox (De La Salle) 4:28.8, Ryon Lawson (Acalanes) 4:29.2

3200: Chris Vizcaino (Campolindo) 9:13.74, Nate Beach (Acalanes) 9:31.0, Andy Peabody (College Park) 9:34.0, Matt Duffy (St. Mary's) 9:40.1, Greg Drosky (Las Lomas) 9:42.0, Will Tagg (Amador Valley) 9:50.1, Carl Swanson (Alhambra) 9:50.4, Charlie Enscoe (Berkeley) 9:52.27, Juan Gomez (Dublin) 9:54.1, Charles Enscoe (Berkeley) 9:54.7

110 H: David Klech (California) 13.86, Scott McManus (Livermore) 15.6h, Maurice Valentine (Castro Valley) 16.33, Dan Neveu (Las Lomas) 16.44, Mark Elbogen (California) 16.61, Casey Pierson (Las Lomas) 16.82, Tyler Williams (Mt. Diablo) 17.86, Marcus Balington (Deer Valley) 17.94, Philip Hansen (Livermore) 18.0h, Cole Kuiper (Monte Vista) 18.07

300 H: David Klech (California) 35.45, Casey Pierson (Las Lomas) 42.22, William Swift (Berkeley) 42.26, Jesse Lomax (St. Mary's) 42.7h, Marchus Funke (Antioch) 42.72, Ryan Turner (Castro Valley) 43.09, Adisa Stewart (St. Mary's) 43.15, Manuel Jeung (Castro Valley) 44.15, Tyler Williams (Mt. Diablo) 44.74, Charles Clancy (Las Lomas) 44.87

400 relay: Hercules 42.98, Pinole Valley 43.03, De La Salle 43.17, San Ramon Valley 43.52, St. Mary's 44.09, Las Lomas 44.38, Granada 44.87, Deer Valley 44.97, Foothill 45.03, Liberty 45.04

1600 relay: Pittsburg 3:23.56, De La Salle 3:27.15, Deer Valley 3:27.56, Miramonte 3:31.22, Hercules 3:31.96, Monte Vista 3:32.03, Foothill 3:33.41, St. Mary's 3:34.70, Castro Valley 3:46.80, Livermore 3:50.3

HJ: Brandon Adams (San Ramon Valley) 6-8, David Klech (California) 6-8, Brandon Sheppard (San Ramon Valley) 6-8; Kirk Marciel (Castro Valley) 6-4, Gary Francis (De La Salle) 6-21/4, Maurice Valentine (Castro Valley) 6-0, Jeremy Quinn (San Ramon Valley) 5-10, Nicholas Quade (Monte Vista) 5-10, Matt Williamson (De La Salle) 5-10

PV: Gavin Lowery (Miramonte) 13-111/4, Alan Saura (Miramonte) 13-51/4, Stephanos Millias (San Ramon Valley) 13-0, Dan Neveu (Las Lomas) 12-111/2, Justin Miller (California) 12-111/2, James Provost (California) 12-6, Chris Faires (Ygnacio Valley) 12-6, Randy Panky (Benicia) 12-51/2, Ezra Ranz (Acalanes) 12-0, two tied with 11-113/4

LJ: David Klech (California) 23-03/4, Chase Wheeler (De La Salle) 20-101/2, Garrett Tsang (California) 19-6, Jeremy Quinn (San Ramon Valley) 19-2, Alex Jones (Foothill) 19-11/2, Michael Johnson (Foothill) 18-11, Curtis Pope (Monte Vista) 18-11, Alan Saura (Miramonte) 18-11, Gavin Lowery (Miramonte) 18-10, two tied with 18-81/2

TJ: Clayton Francis (De La Salle) 42-10, Jeremy Quinn (San Ramon Valley) 42-41/2, Mike Hollis (Livermore) 41-51/2, Terrence O'Neill (Miramonte) 41-23/4, Ryan Hernandez (De La Salle) 40-103/4, Colin Ng (Miramonte) 40-81/2, Tim Marks (Campolindo) 40-2w, Chucky Watts (Miramonte) 39-8, Jason Miller (Berean Christian) 39-2, Sean Donnelly (De La Salle) 38-9

SP: Christopher Krychev (Monte Vista) 53-4, Ryan Hughes (Foothill) 51-0, Deandre Douglas (Ygnacio Valley) 48-81/2, Don Kephart (Acalanes) 48-31/4, Al Becerra (Ygnacio Valley) 47-2, Rob Gire (Foothill) 46-111/2, Kinsley Akali (Deer Valley) 46-10, David Luke (Las Lomas) 46-71/2, Donald Romero (Amador Valley) 46-21/4, Jamarco Tolbert (Deer Valley) 45-9

DT: Ryan Hughes (Foothill) 149-10, Christopher Krychev (Monte Vista) 141-5, Chandler Sullivan (Granada) 136-2, Chris Fields (Antioch) 136-11/2, Al Becerra (Ygnacio Valley) 133-91/2, Mike Marzis (Granada) 133-71/2, Cole Adcock (Acalanes) 133-3, Jamie Duringer (Campolindo) 128-10, Don Kephart (Acalanes) 128-3, Rob Gire (Foothill) 125-7


100: Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 12.36, Robyn Hunte (Deer Valley) 12.49, Darrina Willis (St. Mary's) 12.7h, Arianna Matthews (Hercules) 12.89, Whitney McGee (Berkeley) 13.00, Kelly Fogarty (San Ramon Valley) 13.00, Leslie Reed (Hercules) 13.03, Chelsey Kamson (California) 13.09, Bronze Adams (San Ramon Valley) 13.21, Ricquel Tramble (Antioch) 13.25

200: Amber Purvis (Benicia) 24.84, Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 25.28, Dani Glaeser (Foothill) 26.34, Arianna Matthews (Hercules) 26.41, Bronze Adams (San Ramon Valley) 27.12, Kelly Fogarty (San Ramon Valley) 27.25, Ashley Robinson (Antioch) 27.89, Diandra Hayes (Antioch) 28.03, Marielle Sheppel (San Ramon Valley) 28.12, Malissa Anthony (Hercules) 28.22

400: Amber Purvis (Benicia) 54.79, Dani Glaeser (Foothill) 57.65, Brett Zorich (Monte Vista) 58.68, Jasmine Cox (Deer Valley) 58.76, Lindsay Roach (Berkeley) 59.69, Liz Murray (Campolindo) 1:00.41, Ashley Hodges (Deer Valley) 1:01.63, Victoria White (Deer Valley) 1:02.48, Rene Nevarez (Livermore) 1:02.7h, Janelle Cooper (Pittsburg) 1:03.32

800: Ashley Hodges (Deer Valley) 2:13.44, Brett Zorich (Monte Vista) 2:18.74, Jenna Gailey (California) 2:22.30, Lora Marchini (Salesian) 2:23.04, Nicole Wall (College Park) 2:27.2, Emily Dane (Granada) 2:27.24, Ruth Adamiec (Berean Christian) 2:27.4, Sara Clancy (Acalanes) 2:27.5, Sarah Patrizi (Carondelet) 2:27.6, two tied with 2:28.0

1600: Mo Huber (Acalanes) 5:15.50c, Catherine Murillo (Campolindo) 5:18.8, Zuna Portillo (Pittsburg) 5:21.78c, Laurie Finnegan (Campolindo) 5:22.9, Jenny Bergren (Miramonte) 5:26.71c, Lora Marchini (Salesian) 5:27.49c, Alexis Nordine (San Ramon Valley) 5:28.0, Lauren McCarthy (Amador Valley) 5:29.0, Claire Hoppens (Monte Vista) 5:30.2, Lauren Crawford (College Park) 5:31.0

3200: Nicole Pennes (College Park) 10:57.9, Daniela Gergley (Monte Vista) 11:04.9, Mo Huber (Acalanes) 11:09.3, Diana George (Livermore) 11:33.2, Laurie Finnegan (Campolindo) 11:35.84, Catherine Murillo (Campolindo) 11:38.76, Brianna Larson (Las Lomas) 11:47.5, Kailtin Santisteban (Castro Valley) 11:48.37, Clara Tsao (College Park) 11:56.5, Nicole Rumore (Carondelet) 12:03.4

100 H: Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 14.60, Kim Kennedy (Campolindo) 17.17, Ese Etekume (Deer Valley) 17.20, Mary Ratermann (Livermore) 17.4h, Alexa Green (Las Lomas) 17.89, Maria Llacuna (Carondelet) 17.91, Kate Charbonneau (San Ramon Valley) 17.98, Ayano Kohlgruber (Livermore) 18.2h, Kirsten Jennings (Alhambra) 18.58, Lauren Terrell (Deer Valley) 19.26

300 H: Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 46.78, Katie Prucha (San Ramon Valley) 47.86, Brittney Domnie (St. Mary's) 49.5, Amelia Pennewell (Granada) 51.14, Kate Charbonneau (San Ramon Valley) 52.00, Joanna Gistand (Castro Valley) 52.28, Alexa Green (Las Lomas) 52.42, Emma Elwood (Las Lomas) 53.07, Shae Matthews (Ygnacio Valley) 53.73, Ayano Kohlgruber (Livermore) 54.3

400 relay: Hercules 48.75, San Ramon Valley 50.04, Deer Valley 50.41, Benicia 51.04, Castro Valley 51.41, St. Mary's 51.49, Antioch 51.63, Granada 52.52, Castro Valley 52.56, Miramonte 52.60

1600 relay: Deer Valley 3:58.56, Monte Vista 3:59.22, Hercules 4:00.35, San Ramon Valley 4:11.00, Benicia 4:12.20, Antioch 4:13.10, Foothill 4:15.00, Castro Valley 4:15.11, Pittsburg 4:17.90, Las Lomas 4:19.29

HJ: Paula Brown (Castro Valley) 5-0, Katie Lennon (Acalanes) 5-0, Pilar Hastings-Smith (Las Lomas) 5-0; eight tied with 4-10

PV: Jenna Homes (Las Lomas) 11-1, Kerry Boyle (Granada) 10-6, Katie Vo (Las Lomas) 10-2, Maddy Hartman (Las Lomas) 9-0, Samantha Nasstrom (San Ramon Valley) 9-0, Sarah Olsen (Las Lomas) 8-6, Stacey Jung (Campolindo) 8-6, Theresa Frendo (Granada) 8-6, Katie Arnst (Liberty) 8-0, Olga Bylova (Northgate) 8-0

LJ: Amber Purvis (Benicia) 18-101/2, Lauren Lopez (St. Mary's) 16-111/2, Christa Hicks (Granada) 16-7, Michelle Miller (Berkeley) 16-3, Paula Brown (Castro Valley) 15-9, Tisha Uwadiale (Castro Valley) 15-81/2, Tishara Lackland (Mt. Diablo) 15-8, Bami Iroko (Deer Valley) 15-61/4, Camille Magno (St. Patrick-St. Vincent) 15-61/4, two tied with 15-31/2

TJ: Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 39-61/2w, Tisha Uwadiale (Castro Valley) 37-91/2, Lauren Lopez (St. Mary's) 36-7, Andrea Berner (Carondelet) 34-5, Milena Jovanovich (Livermore) 34-41/2, Amelia Pennewell (Granada) 34-01/2, Stacey Jung (Campolindo) 34-01/4, Bami Iroko (Deer Valley) 33-101/4, Paula Brown (Castro Valley) 32-81/2, two tied with 32-6

SP: Lisa Ma'ake (Deer Valley) 38-31/2, Christina Edholm (Foothill) 35-71/2, Rebecca Molinari (Albany) 35-13/4, Mareesa Valentine (Castro Valley) 34-111/4, Eva Dunbar (Berean Christian) 32-101/4, Maddie Flaig (Foothill) 32-71/2, Mikaela Burkhart (Livermore) 32-11/2, Can-Dace Goodspeed (Castro Valley) 31-111/4, Jay-Marie Hill (Castro Valley) 31-8, two tied with 31-7

DT: Rebecca Molinari (Albany) 121-5, Sienna Brown (Monte Vista) 120-5, Jay-Marie Hill (Castro Valley) 114-101/4, Lisa Ma'ake (Deer Valley) 106-2, Sara Brajkovich (St. Mary's) 104-8, Sarah Glickman (Carondelet) 104-51/2, Alexa Brown (St. Mary's) 102-11, Tabitha Nacua (Granada) 98-31/2, Katie Watson (Campolindo) 96-3, Amanda Rollandelli (Ygnacio Valley) 91-5

The Times track leaders appear weekly. List is based on varsity marks published by the Times from invitationals, league championship trials and finals, North Coast Section competitions and California Interscholastic Federation championships or varsity invitational results by teams in the Contra Costa Newspapers region published by; legs in relays do not qualify for listing in individual events; marks from dual and tri-meets do not qualify for listing. Additions or corrections should be phoned in to 510-262-2739, faxed to 510-262-2776 or e-mailed to

-- Compiled by Phil Jensen

Mustangs remain undefeated.  Girls Varsity and JV now 4-0 with dominating wins.   Boys move to 3-0-1 after a rare dual meet tie.  It took a win in the 4 X 400 to insure a tie meet.  JV boys move to 4-0 as well!

4-13-06:  Results are in!  See spreadsheet below.

Top Performers at Granada:
Varsity Girls:
Both Relay squads win again
Hoppens takes 1600, second in 800
Hugo wins 100Hurdles
Zorich & Stringer go 1-2 in 400
Jones dominates 100 & 200
Randall wins 300IH
Brown takes Discus
Van Muijen first in Triple Jump
Schafer, Hugo & Ralyea sweep High Jump!

Varsity Boys
4X400 takes first
Simpson wins 1600 and 800
Kuiper charges into first in 110H
Taylor wins 400, 2nd in 200
Hatton runs away with 300IH
Krychev big win in SP, 2nd in Discus
Archibald first in Pole Vault
Quade 1st in LJ, 2nd in TJ
Wilson clears 6', wins High Jump

JV Girls
MV girls take 4X100 and 4X400 relays
Wilson and Outcult 1-2 in 400
Bring out the brooms - MV 1-2-3 in 100
(Pearl, Mathur, Peugh)
Ho & Chin take 1st & 2nd in 800
Krock, Haberl, Morra sweep 300 IH
Pearl, Thomas Peugh 1-2-3 in 200 too!
Demarinis wins Discus

JV Boys
Victory in both relays!!
Donley wins 1600 and 800
Lederer, Nash and Leung 1-2-3 in 400
Kwong first in 100
White and Nordmeyer 1-2 in 300 Hurdles
Leung & Kwong 1-2 in 200
Morris & Roderick 1-2 in 3200
Sorrick takes Discus
Meurell & M Goeb 1-2 in Long Jump
Meurell also wins Triple Jump