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Our own Chris Krychev is featured in the weekly Track and Field article by the Times Track correspondent Phil Jensen.  Chris has been steadily improving all season, with some fantastic throws.  His FIRST PLACE last weekend at the Sacramento Meet of Champions has really put him "on the map" for area throwers.  Congratulations Chris!!!

Posted on Fri, May. 05, 2006

MV star climbs to top as technique improves


Track and field notebook

The strength of Monte Vista High School's Chris Krychev is unquestionable. The 6-foot-11/2, 240-pound junior can bench-press 345 pounds, back-squat 500 pounds and power-clean 340 pounds.

But it takes more than strength to become a good thrower in track and field.

"I always had a lot of strength. It was just developing the technique," said Krychev about a reason for his improvement this season. "Once you get the technique down, you can always improve."

Krychev has been using the speed glide technique for the shot put in the ring this season, and the results are impressive. He burst onto the state track and field scene Saturday when he won the invitational boys shot put at the Sacramento Meet of Champions with a huge personal record of 56 feet, 4 inches.

That mark ranks second in the North Coast Section this season, trailing only the 57-4 mark of Sir William McKenzie of San Leandro. McKenzie finished second Saturday (56-3). Krychev, who broke his personal best by 3 feet, has improved a lot this season. He started this year with a personal best of 46-7. He also has improved greatly in the discus with a personal record of 158-5 set in an East Bay Athletic League dual meet against San Ramon Valley on April 27.

"Christopher is an amazing athlete, to start with, but he's put a lot of work in. We did a lot of work this summer with quite a bit of throwing," Monte Vista throws coach Dave Spitz said. "Like Woody Allen says, 85 percent of life is showing up, and that's what he did this summer."

Spitz, who threw the shot put and hammer collegiately for USC, also happens to be the Monte Vista record holder in the shot put (58-11/4) and discus (170-7). He is a 1995 graduate of the school.

"He's gunning for me," Spitz said.

"I will love to see his face when the school record is broken," Krychev said.

Interestingly, Spitz is coached in weightlifting by Krychev's father. Alexander Krychev won an 1972 Olympic silver medal in weightlifting for Bulgaria. His last name was spelled Kraitchev when he won the medal, but he changed the spelling when he became a United States citizen in 1990.

"When (Chris) was a little boy, I knew he was going to be an athlete. I wanted him to be a soccer player," Alexander Krychev said. "This (track and field season) is very exciting. It is not surprising me."

It's also not surprising that weightlifting is part of Chris Krychev's training.

"It's a big part of throwing," said Chris Krychev, who also plays football for the Mustangs. "When you step in the ring, it's like stepping on the platform for a lift. It's the same focus, the same intensity, an explosion."

Both Spitz and Chris Krychev are anticipating more improvement.

"I would be willing to bet he will be the national leader in the shot next year," Spitz said.

WHERE WAS THE CROWD?: The Sacramento City College bleachers were approximately two-thirds empty for the invitational portion of the Sacramento Meet of Champions on Saturday. A lot of people missed a fantastic meet, with practically every invitational event providing state or nationally ranked marks.

Among the region's athletes, California's David Klech raced to the nation's best high school time this season in the 110-meter high hurdles (13.69 seconds), which also ranks 10th all-time in the state according to Klech will be competing in the 110 high hurdles, 300 intermediate hurdles, long jump and high jump this postseason.

Salesian's Jahvid Best sped to the top wind-legal time in the state this season in the 200 meters (21.03). He also won the 100 in 10.49, the third-fastest wind-legal time in the state this season.

Jamesha Youngblood's time of 43.50 in the girls 300 low hurdles was the fifth-fastest in the state this season. The Hercules junior finished second to James Logan's Teirra Ward (42.64), who had the third-fastest mark in the state this year.

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An outstanding day for Monte Vista Track and Field, as all four teams roll over the Cal Bears at the last dual meet before the EBAL Championships next weekend.  Despite strong performances from Cal's top runners -David Klech (800 / 200) and Chelsea Kamson (100 / 200) - the Mustangs carried the day.  The Varsity Girls won 99 - 37, finishing league at 5-1.  The Boys were equally as strong, winning 89 to 46 and ending the dual season at 4-1-1.  The Frosh Soph teams were rockin as well, with the FS Boys rolling 82 to 29, and the FS Girls winning 63 to 40. 

Top highlights include:

Varsity Boys
Simpson - 1st in 1600, 2nd in 800
Kuiper takes 110 HH
Talyor wins 400
McAllister wins 100, 2nd in 200
Hatton rolls in 300IH
Kanzaria first in 3200
Krychev takes SP and Discus!
Healy wins LJ, second in High Jump
Wilson takes HJ
Quade wins Triple Jump
4X400 wins
(that's an amazing 12 wins in 16 events)

F/S Boys
Both relays defeat Cal
Donley wins 1600 and 800  (MV Sweeps 1600)
Kwong first in 100 and 200
Nash rolls in 400, 2nd in 400
Morris wins 3200  (MV Sweeps 3200)
Sorrick wins Shot Put (MV Sweeps)
Pineda takes Discus (MV Sweeps!)
Rosen first in Triple Jump
Daley first in High Jump

Varsity Girls - Top Performers
'Stangs take both relays - 4X100 and 4X400
Gergley wins 1600
Zorich wins 800 and 400 (MV sweeps 800)
Hoppens takes 3200
Lentz wins SP, 2nd in Discus (MV Sweeps Shot)
Brown wins Discus, 2nd in SP
Van Muijen wins both Long and Triple Jumps (MV Sweep LJ)
Schafer wins High Jump

Frosh Soph Girls
Once more - MV wins both Relays!
Li wins 1600 (MV Sweep)
Krock takes 400
Pearl wins 100 and 200 (Mustang Sweep in both)
Chin first in 3200 (Sweep!)
Posted on Thu, Apr. 27, 2006

Area high school track leaders

Through April 22

(key: w: wind-aided, I: indoor, c: converted from yards, y: race in yards)


100 meters: Jahvid Best (Salesian) 10.39w, De'Shawn Waters (Hercules) 10.85w, Greyson Tarantino (St. Mary's) 11.0h, Carlos Proctor (Hercules) 11.02, Alexander Harbison (Pinole Valley) 11.05, Justin Mayo (Pinole Valley) 11.25, Mark Miller (San Ramon Valley) 11.25, Tim Thomas (Antioch) 11.27, Andrew Mobley (California) 11.3h, Aric Williams (Granada) 11.33

200: Jahvid Best (Salesian) 21.16, Carlos Proctor (Hercules) 22.59, Anthony Pippins (Pinole Valley) 22.63, De'Shawn Waters (Hercules) 22.67, Mark Miller (San Ramon Valley) 22.76, Justin Mayo (Pinole Valley) 22.84, Brandon Harris (St. Mary's) 22.95, Tim Thomas (Antioch) 23.02, Andrew Mobley (California) 23.08, Ryan Vandersloot (San Ramon Valley) 23.13

400: Jason Price (De La Salle) 48.76, Jahvid Best (Salesian) 48.79, Richard Jones (Benicia) 49.13, Andre Gaston (Pittsburg) 49.30, Adrian Rice (Freedom) 50.40, Geren Taylor (Monte Vista) 50.87, Brandon Harris (St. Mary's) 51.13, Scott Brinkman (San Ramon Valley) 51.51, Anthony Pippins (Pinole Valley) 51.63, Adam Marvin (St. Mary's) 51.64

800: Richard Jones (Benicia) 1:52.88, Clinton Hayes (Deer Valley) 1:54.18, Joey Thomas (Acalanes) 1:55.52, Chris Simpson (Monte Vista) 1:59.5, Brian Murphy (De La Salle) 2:00.3, Colin Bauer (Albany) 2:00.3, Chris Harland-Dunaway (Campolindo) 2:00.8, Geoff Wolken (Benicia) 2:01.47, Jed Hubbard (Campolindo) 2:01.7, Eric Berthaldan (St. Mary's) 2:02.1

1600: Ryan Lewis (Ygnacio Valley) 4:21.4, Richard Jones (Benicia) 4:22.11, Robbie Knorr (Valley Christian) 4:22.6, Brendan Scanlon (De La Salle) 4:25.09c, Doug Whichard (Granada) 4:26.00, Chris Vizcaino (Campolindo) 4:26.1, Chris Simpson (Monte Vista) 4:27.19c, Colin Bauer (Albany) 4:27.52, Clinton Hayes (Deer Valley) 4:27.91, Bryan Chow (Granada) 4:28.00

3200: Chris Vizcaino (Campolindo) 9:13.74, Nate Beach (Acalanes) 9:31.0, Andy Peabody (College Park) 9:34.0, Greg Drosky (Las Lomas) 9:38.06, Matt Duffy (St. Mary's) 9:40.1, Chris Simpson (Monte Vista) 9:46.58, Will Tagg (Amador Valley) 9:50.1, Carl Swanson (Alhambra) 9:50.4, Charlie Enscoe (Berkeley) 9:52.27, Juan Gomez (Dublin) 9:54.1

110 H: David Klech (California) 13.86, Scott McManus (Livermore) 15.6h, Dan Neveu (Las Lomas) 16.01, Charles Clancy (Las Lomas) 16.07, Maurice Valentine (Castro Valley) 16.33, Terrell Woodall (Clayton Valley) 16.44, Mark Elbogen (California) 16.61, Casey Pierson (Las Lomas) 16.82, Michael Lonsinger (Granada) 17.28, Jimar Dooley (Concord) 17.32

300 H: David Klech (California) 35.45, Casey Pierson (Las Lomas) 40.09, Taylor Neason (Miramonte) 40.10, Terrell Woodall (Clayton Valley) 40.57, Joey Anderson (Acalanes) 42.21, William Swift (Berkeley) 42.26, Jesse Lomax (St. Mary's) 42.7h, Marchus Funke (Antioch) 42.72, Ryan Turner (Castro Valley) 43.09, Adisa Stewart (St. Mary's) 43.15

400 relay: De La Salle 42.77, Hercules 42.98, Pinole Valley 43.03, San Ramon Valley 43.38, St. Mary's 44.09, Miramonte 44.22, Antioch 44.38, Las Lomas 44.38, Foothill 44.75, Deer Valley 44.79

1600 relay: Pittsburg 3:23.56, De La Salle 3:27.15, Deer Valley 3:27.56, St. Mary's 3:30.13, Foothill 3:30.57, Miramonte 3:31.22, Hercules 3:31.96, Monte Vista 3:32.03, Las Lomas 3:33.02, Castro Valley 3:35.91, Albany 3:38.60

HJ: Brandon Adams (San Ramon Valley) 6-8, David Klech (California) 6-8, Brandon Sheppard (San Ramon Valley) 6-8; Kirk Marciel (Castro Valley) 6-4, Gary Francis (De La Salle) 6-21/4, Maurice Valentine (Castro Valley) 6-0, nine tied with 5-10

PV: Gavin Lowery (Miramonte) 14-2, Alan Saura (Miramonte) 13-6, Chris Faires (Ygnacio Valley) 13-6, Dan Neveu (Las Lomas) 13-0, Stephanos Millias (San Ramon Valley) 13-0, Ian Walters (Acalanes) 13-0, Justin Miller (California) 12-111/2, five tied with 12-6

LJ: David Klech (California) 23-03/4, Maurice Moore (Pittsburg) 21-10, Michael Healy (Monte Vista) 21-2, Chase Wheeler (De La Salle) 20-101/2, Wil Dyer (Las Lomas) 20-5, Albon Bynum (Deer Valley) 20-31/2, Philippe Geoffrion (Miramonte) 20-1/2, Ryan Drummer (Pittsburg) 20-1/4, Diondre Borel (Freedom) 19-10, Jon Sato (Berean Christian) 19-81/2

TJ: Jeremy Quinn (San Ramon Valley) 43-8, Clayton Francis (De La Salle) 42-10, Mike Hollis (Livermore) 42-21/2, Terrence O'Neill (Miramonte) 42-1, Diondre Borel (Freedom) 41-7, Colin Ng (Miramonte) 41-11/2, Ryan Hernandez (De La Salle) 40-103/4, Tim Marks (Campolindo) 40-9, Jason Miller (Berean Christian) 40-81/2, Keith McCollum (St. Mary's) 40-61/4

SP: Christopher Krychev (Monte Vista) 53-4, Al Becerra (Ygnacio Valley) 51-71/4, Ryan Hughes (Foothill) 51-0, Don Kephart (Acalanes) 49-51/4, Deandre Douglas (Ygnacio Valley) 49-11/2, Rob Gire (Foothill) 46-111/2, Kinsley Akali (Deer Valley) 46-10, David Luke (Las Lomas) 46-71/2, Donald Romero (Amador Valley) 46-21/4, Jamarco Tolbert (Deer Valley) 45-9

DT: Ryan Hughes (Foothill) 149-10, Al Becerra (Ygnacio Valley) 149-4, Chandler Sullivan (Granada) 144-0, Christopher Krychev (Monte Vista) 143-11, Chris Fields (Antioch) 141-103/4, Don Kephart (Acalanes) 138-4, Cole Adcock (Acalanes) 135-7, Mike Marzis (Granada) 133-71/2, Jamie Duringer (Campolindo) 128-10, Rob Gire (Foothill) 125-7


100: Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 12.36, Robyn Hunte (Deer Valley) 12.44, Kelly Fogarty (San Ramon Valley) 12.57, Darrina Willis (St. Mary's) 12.7h, Chelsey Kamson (California) 12.72, Leslie Reed (Hercules) 12.85, Arianna Matthews (Hercules) 12.88, Courtney Jones (Monte Vista) 12.90, Sepanta Padrah (Miramonte) 12.92, Whitney McGee (Berkeley) 13.00

200: Amber Purvis (Benicia) 24.74, Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 25.28, Robyn Hunte (Deer Valley) 26.16, Dani Glaeser (Foothill) 26.34, Chelsey Kamson (California) 26.41, Arianna Matthews (Hercules) 26.41, Courtney Jones (Monte Vista) 26.85, Bronze Adams (San Ramon Valley) 27.12, Kelly Fogarty (San Ramon Valley) 27.25, Kandice Douglas (Castro Valley) 27.71

400: Amber Purvis (Benicia) 54.79, Dani Glaeser (Foothill) 57.65, Brett Zorich (Monte Vista) 57.69, Jasmine Cox (Deer Valley) 58.76, Lindsay Roach (Berkeley) 59.69, Arianna Matthews (Hercules) 1:00.31, Liz Murray (Campolindo) 1:00.41, Ashley Hodges (Deer Valley) 1:01.63, Marielle Sheppel (San Ramon Valley) 1:01.75, Victoria White (Deer Valley) 1:02.48

800: Ashley Hodges (Deer Valley) 2:11.66, Brett Zorich (Monte Vista) 2:18.74, Brittany Randall (Monte Vista) 2:21.56, Jenna Gailey (California) 2:22.30, Lora Marchini (Salesian) 2:23.04, Haley Batis (Castro Valley) 2:23.72, Megan Lee (Castro Valley) 2:24.30, Alexis Nordine (San Ramon Valley) 2:25.07, Nicole Wall (College Park) 2:27.2, Emily Dane (Granada) 2:27.24

1600: Ashley Hodges (Deer Valley) 5:04.28, Mo Huber (Acalanes) 5:15.50c, Catherine Murillo (Campolindo) 5:18.8, Zuna Portillo (Pittsburg) 5:21.78c, Laurie Finnegan (Campolindo) 5:22.9, Alexis Nordine (San Ramon Valley) 5:23.85, Danielle Ribera (San Ramon Valley) 5:26.57, Jenny Bergren (Miramonte) 5:26.71c, Lora Marchini (Salesian) 5:27.49c, Lauren McCarthy (Amador Valley) 5:29.0

3200: Nicole Pennes (College Park) 10:57.9, Daniela Gergley (Monte Vista) 11:04.9, Mo Huber (Acalanes) 11:09.3, Elaine Tanski (Miramonte) 11:18.69, Brianna Larson (Las Lomas) 11:25.40, Diana George (Livermore) 11:33.2, Laurie Finnegan (Campolindo) 11:35.84, Catherine Murillo (Campolindo) 11:38.76, Kailtin Santisteban (Castro Valley) 11:48.37, Allie Colaco (San Ramon Valley) 11:55.38

100 H: Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 14.60, Aimee Rodgers (Freedom) 16.14, Ese Etekume (Deer Valley) 16.51, Alexa Green (Las Lomas) 17.07, Kim Kennedy (Campolindo) 17.17, Mary Ratermann (Livermore) 17.4h, Kelsey Lee (Castro Valley) 17.74, Kate Charbonneau (San Ramon Valley) 17.75, Joanna Gistand (Castro Valley) 17.84, Maria Llacuna (Carondelet) 17.91

300 H: Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 43.86, Katie Prucha (San Ramon Valley) 47.86, Brittany Randall (Monte Vista) 48.25, Aimee Rodgers (Freedom) 48.27, Brittany Domnie (St. Mary's) 48.36, Chanel Cooper (Pittsburg) 49.13, Ese Etekume (Deer Valley) 49.14, Rebecca Schneider (Castro Valley) 50.06, Paige Millman (Carondelet) 50.25, Allison Brewer (Miramonte) 50.43

400 relay: Hercules 48.75, Deer Valley 49.59, San Ramon Valley 49.93, St. Mary's 50.37, Miramonte 50.68, Benicia 51.04, College Park 51.41, Castro Valley 51.41, Las Lomas 51.47, Antioch 51.63

1600 relay: Deer Valley 3:58.56, Monte Vista 3:59.22, Hercules 4:00.35, Las Lomas 4:07.71, Miramonte 4:09.27, San Ramon Valley 4:10.65, Pittsburg 4:11.42, Foothill 4:11.91, Benicia 4:12.20, Antioch 4:13.10

HJ: Ashley Hodges (Deer Valley) 5-2, Lauren Hopfenbeck (Castro Valley) 5-0, Paula Brown (Castro Valley) 5-0, Tisha Uwadiale (Castro Valley) 5-0, Katie Lennon (Acalanes) 5-0, Pilar Hastings-Smith (Las Lomas) 5-0, eight tied with 4-10

PV: Jenna Homes (Las Lomas) 11-6, Katie Vo (Las Lomas) 10-7, Kerry Boyle (Granada) 10-6, Sarah Olsen (Las Lomas) 9-6, Jessica Pimentel (Concord) 9-6, Courtney Rascano (California) 9-0, Maddy Hartman (Las Lomas) 9-0, Samantha Nasstrom (San Ramon Valley) 9-0, three tied with 8-6

LJ: Amber Purvis (Benicia) 19-2, Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 18-101/4, Christa Hicks (Granada) 17-83/4, Lauren Lopez (St. Mary's) 16-111/2, Tisha Uwadiale (Castro Valley) 16-9, Michelle Miller (Berkeley) 16-6, Tishara Lackland (Mt. Diablo) 16-5, Abby Van Muijen (Monte Vista) 16-21/2, Stacey Jung (Campolindo) 15-10, Paula Brown (Castro Valley) 15-9

TJ: Tisha Uwadiale (Castro Valley) 39-71/2, Jamesha Youngblood (Hercules) 39-61/2w, Lauren Lopez (St. Mary's) 38-61/2, Amelia Pennewell (Granada) 35-91/2, Stacey Jung (Campolindo) 35-11/2, Kim Bowen (College Park) 35-11/4, Andrea Berner (Carondelet) 34-8, Christina Johnson (St. Mary's) 34-7, Abby Van Muijen (Monte Vista) 34-7, Milena Jovanovich (Livermore) 34-41/2

SP: Lisa Ma'ake (Deer Valley) 39-51/2, Mareesa Valentine (Castro Valley) 37-0, Rebecca Molinari (Albany) 36-9, Christina Edholm (Foothill) 35-71/2, Dominique Oglesby (Granada) 35-0, Eva Dunbar (Berean Christian) 32-101/4, Maddie Flaig (Foothill) 32-71/2, Mikaela Burkhart (Livermore) 32-11/2, Lani Kaleialii (Freedom) 32-0, Can-Dace Goodspeed (Castro Valley) 31-111/4

DT: Taylor Strand (College Park) 136-6, Rebecca Molinari (Albany) 121-5, Sienna Brown (Monte Vista) 120-5, Jay-Marie Hill (Castro Valley) 114-101/4, Katie Watson (Campolindo) 112-10, Lisa Ma'ake (Deer Valley) 106-2, Tabatha Nacua (Granada) 105-91/2, Sara Brajkovich (St. Mary's) 104-8, Janae Patolo (Ygnacio Valley) 104-7, Sarah Glickman (Carondelet) 104-51/2

The Times track leaders appear weekly. List is based on varsity marks published by the Times from invitationals, league championship trials and finals, North Coast Section competitions and California Interscholastic Federation championships or varsity invitational results by teams in the Contra Costa Newspapers region published by; legs in relays do not qualify for listing in individual events; marks from dual and tri-meets do not qualify for listing. Additions or corrections should be phoned in to 510-262-2739, faxed to 510-262-2776 or e-mailed to

-- Compiled by Phil Jensen

From the Contra Costa Times.

Posted on Sun, Apr. 30, 2006

Klech tops in the nation
California track star posts the season's best high school time in the U.S. with his effort in the 110-meter high hurdles


California High School's David Klech didn't get a good start in the invitational boys 110-meter high hurdles Saturday at the Sacramento Meet of Champions.

It didn't matter.

Klech held the lead by the third hurdle and stormed to a meet-record and wind-legal time of 13.69 seconds at Hughes Stadium. Entering last week, no high school athlete in the nation had run a wind-legal time faster than 13.78 in the event this season.

Johnny Dutch of Clayton (N.C.) ran 13.5 this season, but there is no wind information for that mark. Klech's time also ranks third all-time in the region.

"I slipped a little bit coming out of my blocks ... but my coaches and I emphasized this week really working on the last half of my race," Klech said. "I do not hit hurdles anymore. I've really focused on that this year.

"I'm way ahead of where I thought I was," he added.

Klech also slightly stumbled after jumping over the third hurdle in the 300 intermediate hurdles, but it didn't affect his standing in that race. He led from the first hurdle and set a meet record of 36.23 seconds.

"I took one less step to the first hurdle than I usually do, so every hurdle except my last hurdle was on my off-leg," Klech said. "I had a lot of adrenaline coming into the race. It wasn't quite the race I wanted, but it's still a great time."

He also finished second in the long jump with a wind-aided mark of 22 feet, 101/2 inches. Zuheir Sharif of Franklin-Elk Grove won the competition with a wind-aided of 23-21/2. Klech led after the first round with a jump of 22-9, but Sharif grabbed the lead for good on his second jump with the winning mark.

Salesian's Jahvid Best also had an outstanding meet with two victories. The junior sped to a wind-legal personal record of 10.49 seconds in the boys 100, then ran a meet-record and wind-legal time of 21.03 seconds to outduel Devin Mays of Lincoln-Stockton (21.04).

Entering last week, only one high school athlete in the nation had run a wind-legal time faster than that this season. Harry Adams of Dillard-Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) ran 21.01 on April 19.

Best's time also ties him for No. 1 all-time in the region in the event. Berkeley's Ken Robinson ran 21.03 in 1981.

"(Mayes) pushes me. It's good to run with him. We're just making each other better," Best said. "It was a good day. Two P.R.'s -- you can't get better than that."

Best controlled the 100 and won by .10 over Mayes. Entering last week, only two sprinters in the state, Jamere Holland of Taft-Woodland Hills (10.36) and Rodney Glass of Notre Dame-Sherman Oaks (10.38), had run wind-legal time faster than 10.49. That mark is tied for second all-time in the region with Foothill's D.J. Smith, who ran that time in 2003.

Benicia's Amber Purvis also had quite a meet. The sophomore won the girls long jump with a wind-aided mark of 19-63/4 and finished second in the 200 with a time of 24.52.

Hercules' Jamesha Youngblood was quite busy as well. The junior was second in the girls 300 hurdles (43.50) and the triple jump (a wind-legal 39-91/4), and was fourth in the 100 hurdles (14.18).

Other athletes from the region who placed in the top two in the invitational section of the Sacramento Meet of Champions included the Hercules boys 400 relay team (second, 42.65), and Brandon Sheppard of San Ramon Valley in the boys high jump (6-7).

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Mustangs drop close contests against SRV

Posted by Mike Davis at Apr 26, 2006 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
From the opening gun of the 4X100 relay, to the last jump of the pole vault, the long anticipated dual meet against San Ramon Valley HS lived up to the advance billing!  Closely contested races and field events kept the scores close throughout the meet.  As an indication of how tough this meet would be, the Varsity Girls 4X100 team of Stringer, Jones, Anderson and Zorich set a new school record by running 49.44, eclipsing the old mark of 49.8 set back in 1987!  However, SRV broke their school record as well, running 48.58 to take the event.  Wow.

When the meet was over, the SRV girls, led by some phenomenal sprinting performances, bettered the Mustangs 77-59.  The 'Stangs now stand at 4-1 in league, with one contest remaining.

The Boys Varsity was even closer, with the lead changing hands a number of times during the afternoon.  Capitalizing on some misses by the Wolves, the boys team poured it on, determined to outlast their cross-town rivals.  In the end, the guys came up just short, falling to SRV 69 to 67.  Their record now stands at 3-1-1 heading into the Cal meet.

However, the Girls JV team would have none of this close battle, and rode fast and furious past the Wolves JV squad.  Final numbers will be updated soon, but girls had a commanding lead with 3 events not reporting.  The JV boys were tied at 54-54 with several events remaining to be tallied.  Results soon.

For times and places - see attached file.