Posted by Mike Davis on May 24 2006 at 05:00PM PDT
EBAL Wrap Up

Full JV (F/S) and Varsity results, from the heats to the finals are now attached.  This file lists JV and Varsity, heats and finals!

The following Mustangs qualified out of the heats on Thursday or Friday, and represented Monte Vista in the EBAL Finals on Saturday.  A loud round of applause for this long list of talented individuals!  (place in finals noted)

Girls Varsity
100 meters - Courtney Jones (3rd)
200 meters - Courtney Jones (4th)
400 meters - Brett Zorich (2nd - School record 56.74)
                  - Lauren Anderson (3rd)
                  - Alexa Stringer (4th)
800 meters - Brett Zorich (2nd)
                  - Rachel Kahn (8th)
1600 m      - Daniela Gergley (2nd)
                  - Claire Hoppens (5th)
3200 m      - Daniela Gergley (1st)
100 H        - Kristin Hugo (4th)
                  - Emily Whisler (6th)
300 IH       - Brittany Randall (4th)
4X100 R    - (Stinger,Jones,Anderson, Zorich (2nd - School Record 49.19)
4X400 R    - (Stringer,Jones,Anderson,Zorich (1st - School Record 1:58.50)
High Jump  - Stephanie Schafer (1st)
                  - Kristin Hugo (4th)
                  - Kelly Ralyea (7th)
Long Jump - Abbey Edwards-Van Muijen (4th)
                  - Kelly Ralyea (7th)
Triple Jump- Abbey Edwards-Van Muijen (5th)
Shot Put    - Lauren Lentz (5th)
                 - Sienna Brown (6th)
Discus       - Sienna Brown (1st)
                 - Lauren Lentz (4th)

Boys Varsity Finals Qualifiers and Finals Place
200 meters - Gerren Taylor (3rd)
400 meters - Gerren Taylor (2nd)
800 meters - Chris Simpson (1st)
1600 m      - Chris Simpson (1st)
3200 m      - Bhavik Kanzaria (4th)
110 Hrdl    - Cole Kuiper (6th)
300 IH       - Nic Quade (5th)
                  - Luke Hatton (6th)
                  - Cole Kuiper (8th)
4X100 R   - 5th (who ran this?, Harbich, Mance, Taylor)
4X400 R   - 1st (Kuiper, Simpson, Hatton, Taylor)
High Jump - Ben Wilson (3rd)
                 - Jason Jasinski (8th)
                 - Nic Quade (9th)
Pole Vault - Lance King (4th)
                 - Jeff More (8th)
Long Jump- Ben Wilson (6th)
                 - Nic Quade (7th)
Triple Jump- Jason Jasinski (6th)
                 - Nic Quade (7th)
Shot Put    - Chris Krychev (1st)
Discus       - Chris Krychev (1st)


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