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1. Jamari Grant    (10th)          24.00

2. Tucker Miller    (9th)            16.00

3. Carter Auer       (9th)           14.00

3. Josiah Harris     (10th)         14.00

4. Nick Coccaro     (10th)           6.00

4. Kevin Bugos      (10th)           6.00

5. Andrew Kerlin     (9th)            4.00

6. Brendan Geary    (9th)           2.00

6. Josh Harris          (10th)         2.00

7. Nick Vallie            (10th)         1.00

8. Luke Bruin            (9th)           0.25

8. Jake Phillips         (9th)           0.25

8. Michael Golden    (9th)           0.25

8. Lester Scott          (9th)           0.25 

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1. Tucker Miller (9th) 38.00

2. Carter Auer (10th) 35.00

3. Josiah Harris (10th) 33.00

4. Jamari Grant (10th) 30.00

5. Brendan Geary (9th) 13.25

6. Nick Coccaro (10th) 13.00

7. Jake Phillips (9th) 11.25

8. Kevin Bugos (10th) 8.50

9. Andrew Kerlin (9th) 6.50

10. Luke Malzone (9th) 4.50

11. Sam McNamara (9th) 4.25

12. Nick Vallie (10th) 4.00

13. Michael Golden (9th) 3.50

14. Tommy Wagner (10th) 3.00

15. Tommy Kavanaugh (10th) 2.50

16. Danny Enright (9th) 2.00

16. Michael Coy (9th) 2.00

16. Josh Harris (10th) 2.00

16. Luis Esparza (9th) 2.00

17. Kyle Quinn (9th) 1.25

18. Gavin Carey (9th) 1.00

19. Luke Bruin (9th) 0.25

19. Lester Scott (9th) 0.25

Every point scored is vital to the sucess of the TEAM. The winner of a Championship meet has come down to one point on several occassions this season.

 On Monday, March 18, 2019, at 10 pm, the field was officially announced for Illinois Prep Top Times, the Indoor State Championships.

 Marist Junior Brian Ferguson qualified for the Indoor State Championships in the 400m dash.

 Marist Sophomore Jovan Marsh qualified for the Indoor State Championships in the 60m dash and 200m dash.

 Marist Junior Thomas Leonard qualified for the Indoor State Championships in the 3200m run.

 On Saturday, March 23, 2019, at 8:30 am, the Chicago Marist RedHawks will travel to Bloomington, Illinois for lunch at the Olive Garden, and then check-in at the Class 3A Indoor State Championships (Illinois Top Times). 

 The Indoor State Championships takes place at the Shirk Center in Bloomington, Illinois. The stadium will be filled to its capacity, with people standing in the upper deck just to get a glimpose of the meet.

  It is highly recommended that spectators arrive early to the meet. Indoor State is also going to be broadcasted live on the internet.

 The stadium at Illinois Wesleyan University features a 200m Track, multipurpose room for Team camps, warm-up room for athletes adjacent to the track, upper deck seating, a video screen, showing the results of all the events throughout the meet, and a play-by-play announcer who will give live commentary on every event that takes place.

 The Class 3A 60m Dash Prelims will commence at 2:50 pm, with 60m Dash Finals at 4:35, and 200m Dash at 6:05 pm.

 The Class 3A 3200m run will commence at 3:10 pm.

 The Class 3A 400m Dash will commence at 5:30 pm. 


 On Saturday, March 16, 2019, the Chicago Marist RedHawks traveled to the University of Illinois Armory for the 41st Annual Gene Armer Invitational.

 Gene Armer served Urbana High School for 28 years, and in 1951, his Cross Country Team won the State Championship. Urbana High School sponsors the meet in the name of Gene Armer, who gave his entire life to the promotion of Track and Field at Urbana High School and the State of Illinois.

 The meet featured a record 95 high schools (55 Girls Teams, and 40 Boys Teams), and over 916 athletes.

 Several Marist athletes returned from Spring Break in Arizona (Andrew Kerlin), Florida (Carter Auer), Georgia (Caleb Davis), and Canada (Alexis Arreola) just in time for this very special meet.  

 In 2019, the Marist RedHawks competed with guts and determination in every event.

 Also, several relay alternates (4x200m) ran FASTER than the athlete they were replacing on Saturday. 

 The Marist Track and Field Coaching Staff is very proud of every member of the TEAM's performance on saturday, including multiple qualifiers for Illinois Top Times, the "Indoor State Championships". 

 The Indoor State Championships will take place on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at Illinois Wesleyan University.

 Points for individual events and relays were from the following point scale: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.

 Medals were awarded for the Top 6 places, and Points were awarded for the Top 8 places.

 Marist finished in FIFTH place with 36 points, and posted victories over, among others: 6. Normal (33 points), 7.Danville (30 points), 8. TF North (28.50 points), 9. Granite City (26 points), 10. LaSalle-Peru (23 points), 11. Auburn (20 points), 11. Urbana (20 points), 13. St. Teresa (19 points), 14. Dixon (17 points), 15. Athens (16 points), 15. Waterloo (16 points), 17. Olympia (13 points), 18. Deerfield (12.50 points), 19. Sacred Heart-Griffin (11 points), 19. Pontiac (11 points), 21. Highland (8 points), 22. Macon Meridian (7 points), 23. Alton Marquette (6 points), 23. Brownstown (6 points), 25. Altamont (4.50 points), 26. Manual (4 points), 26. University City High School (St.Louis) - (4 points), 28. Peoria Christian (2 points), 28. Kankakee (2 points), 28. Eisenhower (2 points), 28. F.W. Parker (2 points), 28. Morgan Park (2 points), and 33. Morton (1 point). Seven high schools did not score any points in the meet.

 The Chicago Marist RedHawks had a record of 35-4 on the day!

 In the 60m dash Prelims, Jovan Marsh ran a personal best 7.11 to qualify for the finals.

 In the 60m dash Finals, Jovan Marsh finished in SECOND place with a personal best time of 7.07.

 In the 200m dash, Jovan Marsh finished in SECOND place with an INDOOR personal record of 23.04.

 In the 400m dash, Brian Ferguson finished in SECOND place with an INDOOR personal best time of 50.81.

 In the 800m run, Tommy Kavanaugh finished in 26th place with a personal best time of 2:22.84.

 In the 1600m, Thomas Leonard finished in fifth place with an outstanding time of 4:39.31.

 In the 3200m, Thomas Leonard finished in SECOND place with an official time of 9:55.75.

 In the 60m Hurdles, Tom Johnson finished in 12th place with a personal best time of 9.81.

 In the 4x200m Relay, Marist Freshman Tucker Miller exploded out of the blocks, and ran an impressive 24.56 200m split, and made a nice exchange to Michael Coy. Marist Freshman Michael Coy ran a personal best 200m split of 24.45, and made a good exchange to Tom Johnson. Marist Senior Tom Johnson ran an outstanding 200m split of 24.78, and made a perfect exchange to Nick Coccaro. Marist Sophomore Nick Coccaro, despite being boxed in, ran a personal best 200m split of 25.31 to secure 17 victories for the RedHawks in the 4x200m Relay with an official time of 1:39.12.

 In the 4x400m Relay, Marist Junior Caleb Davis ran a 58.20 400m split on the first leg of the relay. Marist Sophomore Jamari Grant ran a 54.90 400m split on the second leg of the relay. Marist Senior Alexis Arreola ran a 57.52 400m split on the third leg of the relay. Marist Freshman Michael Coy ran a 62.95 400m split to anchored the RedHawks to 18th place with an official time of 3:53.58.

 In the 4x800m Relay, Marist Freshman Andrew Kerlin ran a personal best 2:11.77 800m split on the first leg of the relay, and made a perfect exchange to Lucas Pennix. Marist Senior Lucas Pennix ran a 2:17.12 800m split on the second leg of the relay, and made a good exchange to Alexis Arreola. Marist Senior Alexis Arreola ran a 2:14.76 800m split on the third leg of the relay, and made a nice exchange to Caleb Davis. Marist Junior Caleb Davis anchored the RedHawks to 11th place with an outstanding 2:12.49 800m split for a season best time of 8:56.17.

 In the High Jump, Marist Sophomore Carter Auer finished in 11th place with a season best jump of 5'6.

 In the Long Jump, Marist Sophomore Jamari Grant finished in 19th place with a leap of 17'3.50.

 In the Triple Jump, Marist Sophomore Jamari Grant finished in 12th place with a triple jump of 36'3.

 In the Shot Put, Marist Senior Kendric Nowling was scratched from the competition.



 1. Jovan Marsh         (10th)  16.00

 2. Thomas Leonard  (11th)   12.00

 3. Brian Ferguson     (11th)     8.00

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1. Jovan Marsh (10th) - 81.25

2. Brian Ferguson (11th) - 61.75

3. Thomas Leonard (11th) - 43.00

4. Tom Johnson (12th) - 35.00

5. Kendric Nowling (12th) - 26.25

6. Jamari Grant (10th) - 19.25

7. Lucas Pennix (12th) - 18.25

8. Andrew Kerlin (9th) - 14.75

9. Carter Auer (10th) - 14.50

10. Luke Hortsman (11th) - 13.75

11. Tucker Miller (9th) - 11.75

12. Antoine Davis (11th) - 9.75

13. Alexis Arreola (12th) - 8.00

14. Keyon Turner (11th) - 6.25

15. Amari Watkins (11th) - 6.00

16. Anthony Johnson (11th) - 5.50

16. Peter Derdzinski (11th) - 5.50

17. Caleb Davis (11th) - 5.25

18. Kevin Bugos (10th) - 5.00

18. Eric Teverbaugh (12th) - 5.00

19. Kivonte Houston (11th) - 4.50

20. Michael Coy (9th) - 3.75

21. Nick Vallie (10th) - 3.00

22. Brendan Geary (9th) - 1.75

23. Danny Enright (9th) - 1.50

24. Josiah Harris (10th) - 1.00

24. Josh Harris (10th) - 1.00

24. Andres Castillo (12th) - 1.00

25. Nick Coccaro (10th) - 0.75

25. Sam McNamara (9th) - 0.75

25. Cesar Gaona (10th) - 0.75

26. Tommy Kavanaugh (10th) - 0.50

The athletes listed above have earned a VARSITY letter by scoring a point at the Varsity level, and will be presented with a Varsity letter at the May 26, 2019 Track and Field Banquet at the East Bank Club.