Posted by Jon Gordon on Jan 18 2006 at 04:00PM PST
The GREATER the player's aerobic power the QUICKER he can recover from the high-intensity bursts. Basketball requires constant speed burts up and down the court. Track and field develops an athlete's aerobic system better than any Sport. In addition, the Northside College Prep Track and Field Team is in the Weight Room Five days a week, and has an intense training program for Long Jump, Triple Jump, and High Jump that is guarented to improve your Vertical leap for Basketball season. Northside Alumni legend Eric Nelson went from high jumping 5'8 as a Freshman, to a personal record of 6'6 by his Junior year through Track & Field training. Track & Field training is the best way to improve your Vertical leap. Marty Liquori, who was ranked no. 1 in the world twice in the Mile, and ran a 3:59.8 Mile in High School, and was named Track and Field Athlete of the century, is alway struck by one fact about his career: It almost never began. "It's hard to believe," Liquori said. "I never would have run if I didn't think it would help me make the basketball team. It's funny how things work out." In Spring 2001, Coach Gordon had an athlete join the Track Team his Senior year of High School, with no experience, but was a Great Basketball player. After a couple months of training, Robert Weaver qualified for the State Championships in High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and the 4x400 Relay, and went on to compete for NCAA Division I Samford in Track and Field. In Fall 2001, Coach Gordon had a Center on the Varsity Basketball Team, Michael James, who could run no further then to his mail box when he first started, join the Cross Country Team for conditioning purposes, and he ended his High School career at the State Meet, and earned a $5,000.00 Scholarship to Harvard from Gatorade as National Cross Country athlete of the year. He also had the best basketball season of his high school career after developing his aerobic system and strength through Cross Country. The benefits of Cross Country and Track for Basketball players are second to none.


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