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Mustangs Out Strong at Ed Sias Invitational

Posted by Mike Davis at Sep 9, 2005 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The Mustangs traveled to Martinez, to take on the Ed Sias 2.0 mile course.  40 teams from the area competed.  Many outstanding performances were turned in, as Monte Vista places high in each of the races.  Top MV performances included Daniela Gergley's 12th place in the Varsity Girls race, Chris Simpson's (5th) and Clinton McAdam's (28th) in the Boys Varsity race, Katie Rabago (18th in the Girls JV), Luke Hatton (11th) and Keith Romosor (15th) in the JV Boys.  Top underclassman performances include: Alex D'Souza (8th F/S JV Girls), Jack Heiting (9th Boys F/S), Kaitlin Kelly (16th F/S Girls) and Danny Bartz (23rd) and Bhavik Kanzaria (26th) in the F/S Boys race.  Full Results found by Linking Above. 

Congratulations to all MV runners.  What a great start!

Monte Vista Results Only:

2005 Ed Sias XC Invitational
Hidden Valley Park
Martinez, CA
Varsity Girls Race
Overall Bib   Name Class Team Time Score
12 1188   Daniela Gergley Sr 1.   Monte Vista High School 13:14.4 12
66 1196   Claire Hoppens Jr 2.   Monte Vista High School 14:34.6 65
90 1204   Renee Lau So 3.   Monte Vista High School 15:02.0 88
119 1178   Jamie Callahan Sr 4.   Monte Vista High School 15:34.9 115
165 1195   Lauren Ho So 5.   Monte Vista High School 16:36.6 160
172 1194   Kristen Hines So 6.   Monte Vista High School 16:49.6 167
174 1212   Tia Pressler So 7.   Monte Vista High School 16:50.4 169
Varsity Boys LG SCHL Race
Overall Bib   Name Class Team Time Score
5 1283   Chris Simpson Sr 1.   Monte Vista High School 10:45.1 4
28 1270   Clinton McAdamns So 2.   Monte Vista High School 11:36.5 27
41 1293   Nick Williams Sr 3.   Monte Vista High School 11:49.1 40
73 1228   Alex Anderson Sr 4.   Monte Vista High School 12:20.1 72
74 1260   Jason Kanar Sr 5.   Monte Vista High School 12:21.1 73
81 1290   Andrew Wallace Sr 6.   Monte Vista High School 12:27.3 80
110 1286   Paul Suffoletta Sr 7.   Monte Vista High School 12:57.0 108
Junior Varsity Girls Race
Overall Bib   Name Class Team Time Score
18 1213   Katie Rabago Jr 1.   Monte Vista High School 15:55.3 18
61 1222   Stephanie Webster Sr 2.   Monte Vista High School 17:16.2 60
116 1225   Jasmina Xie Jr 3.   Monte Vista High School 18:48.7 111
138 1210   Monique Park Jr 4.   Monte Vista High School 20:01.6 132
154 1179   Katherine Chang Sr 5.   Monte Vista High School 23:09.6 146
155 1191   Morgan Hampton Sr 6.   Monte Vista High School 23:38.2 147
Junior Varsity Boys Race
Overall Bib   Name Class Team Time Score
11 1255   Luke Hatton
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Monte Vista Invitational Kicks off XC Season

Posted by Mike Davis at Sep 5, 2005 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
This year's MV Invite featured a brand new format.  Joined by 12 area teams, the Mustangs raced in 'school class' categories, not by Frosh Soph, JV, Varsity.  So, all the Seniors raced each other and Seniors from other schools.  Freshman raced other Freshman, etc.  It was a fun format, and made for some interesting races.  

Compared to last year, the weather cooperated.  It was in the low 80's, compared to the nearly 100 degree temperatures in 2004.  Nevertheless, the Eliminator is still a challenge, extreme heat or not!

Medals went to the top 20 finishers in each race.  As you can see from the results below, MV collected their fair share of hardware!  Top performances on the day were :
Kaitlin Kelly in 14th place, Fr Girls
Brittany Randall in 4th place, Soph Girls
Brett Zorich in 5th place Soph Girls
Renne Lau in 16th place Soph Girls
Claire Hoppens, 7th place Jr Girls
Daniela Gergley, 3rd place Sr Girls
Jamie Callahan, 20th place, Sr Girls

on the boys side of the ledger - 
Connor Donley, 7th place Fr
Mike Roderick, 8th place Fr
Alex Morris, 18th place Fr
Clinton McAdams, 2nd place, So 
Danny Bartz, 18th place So
and the boys Senior race featured 5 Mustangs in the top 20
(Simpson in 1st, Patrick Gandolfo 3rd, Nick Williams 6th, Jason Kanar 13th,
 and Andrew Wallace in 18th)


Full MV results below
SEPT 6TH, 2005
Boys Race Results - Monte Vista only
Frosh_Boys MV INVITE 9/6/05
Place Time Bib Number School
7 14:14 44 Connor Donley MV
8 14:17 49 Mike Roderick MV
18 14:56 35 Alex Morris MV
20 15:19 45 Chris Gergley MV
29 16:18 51 Dan Awai  MV
36 16:47 37 Trevor Cooper MV
42 17:39 46 Evan Chan MV
46 18:15 48 Brody Lubekman MV
48 18:29 36 Eric Bergquist MV
49 18:33 43 Jeff Topor MV
51 18:55 50 Thomas Logan MV
54 19:41 38 Brian Kim MV
Sophomore  Boys MV Invite 9/6/06
Place Time Bib Number School
2 11:59 12 Clinton McAdams MV
18 13:28 18 Danny Bartz MV
21 13:42 13 Bhavik Kanzaria MV
24 14:15 20 Cole White MV
28 14:31 17 Cameron Trembley-Adams MV
31 14:44 22 Vinny Butera MV
33 14:49 19 Jack Heiting MV
40 15:02 21 Brian Haupt MV
47 15:40 47 Spencer Williams MV
54 16:55 11 Michael Buesa MV
59 17:38 14 Mike Slap MV
61 17:51 16 Mark Larsen MV
63 18:04 15 Harry Nunns MV
Junior_Boys MV Invite 9/6/05
Place Time Bib Number School
33 13:48 4 Luke Hatton MV
36 13:53 3 Jack Griffin MV
38 14:03 6 Keith Romosor MV
44 14:27 5 Jake Smith MV
45 14:29 7 Alex Boyd MV
49 15:03 9 Chris Ray MV
52 15:29 8 Sean DesMarteau MV
Senior Boys MV Invite 9/6/05
Place Time Bib Number School
1 11:19 1 Chris Simpson MV
3 12:00 52 Patrick Gandolfo MV
6 12:24 42 Nick Williams MV
13 12:52 30 Jason Kanar MV
18 13:18
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Mustang Harriers Take On Mt Diablo - and WIN

Posted by Mike Davis at Aug 18, 2005 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
On a cool, foggy morning in August, the Mustang Summer Run Club crew met at Macedo Ranch, for the now 2nd Annual "Run to the Top" of Mt. Diablo.  Thirtyfour brave athletes milled around while the final instructions and precautionary warnings were announced.  Following a stirring, Lord of the Rings inspired speech by Coach Davis, the team charged towards the top.

Included in the group were several MVXC alumni, including Matt Bieniosek, Geoff and Peter Nunns, Josh Van Otterloo and Chris Tanoyue.  Coach Mark and Coach Huntsman drove the needed supplies up to the first staging area and awaited the runners.

The first portion of the run is well known to all varsity runners.  It is the long, steady climb up the BBQ Terrace trail.  This 3.5 mile segment climbs over 1800 feet, and does not allow for any aid stops.  It's all or nothing right from the start!  After the team passed the 1500 foot mark, they broke through the clouds and into the bright sunlight.  Conditions were kind, as the temperature was 10 to 15 degrees cooler than last years run.  Looking back, on 'top' of the clouds, was an inspiring sight.

The first aid station came into sight, with Coach Mark yelling encouragement and Coach Huntsman snapping photos.  After a brief break to rehydrate and get some food, the group headed up the second half of the climb.  This portion is broken into 3 segments, and while steep in parts, no segment is longer than 1 mile.  While the energy of the team started to fade with the ever pressing effort, they were encouraged by the sight of the observation tower, now clearly in view.  Looking down, MVHS looked like a little speck. 

Now the team was ready for the final assault.  They were a good 1/2 hour ahead of last years team, with many more runners to account for.  Soon the parking lot was reached.  After a short rest to allow Coach Huntsman to get into camera position - the mad sprint to the summit was on.  And "mad" was anyone who tried to sprint up the last part!

At last, the summit.  3,849 feet above sea level.  Two and 1/2 hours.  Many amazed tourists and bikers who could not believe the team had run up there.  After a quick photo op... well, after a long photo op, and a look at Coach Davis' favorite stuffed Bobcat, the parent cars arrived and the team headed home. 

Congrats to all MV runners, past and present, who made the climb.  More will go next year!