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Sixth Newsblast

Posted by Courtney Corda at Sep 27, 2016 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
XC Newsblast #6: Scott Bauhs Invitational, Stanford Invitational Meets This Saturday!

Dear Parents and Student Athletes,


Hey, Mustangs and Mustang parents, it's homecoming week! It'll be a busy weekend. Here is all our team news.


No School / Captains' Practice this Friday: There will be no school this Friday. The team captains will lead practice from 9-11 on Friday morning (usual meeting spot on the track).


Scott Bauhs Harrier Invitational at Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton this Saturday:

  • The  Course: The Scott Bauhs meet lets our runners preview the course that we will run for the EBAL Championships, which is very helpful for both new and returning runners. The course is 2.95 miles for all races -- good practice for the 3-mile races at the upcoming EBAL Center Meet on Oct. 12.
  • SAT Absences: If you are taking the SAT on Oct. 1 and will not participate in the Scott Bauhs meet, please reply to this email RIGHT AWAY and let us know if you have not already done so. Please bring your SAT ticket/receipt to practice on Monday.
  • Departure Buses: All athletes need to be at school and ready to board the buses at 6:45 a.m. Don't be late! Athletes are NOT allowed to drive themselves to the meet (district policy).
  • What to Bring: Wear your uniform, of course, and also wear or bring your Monte Vista warm up suit (or plain black sweats). Unpredictable fall weather has arrived and we need to be prepared to stay warm. Also bring plenty of water and race-friendly snacks.
  • Race Schedule / Assignments: Races are held by class, with the Frosh Boys race first at 9:00 a.m.  As of the writing of this email, some of the other races have been combined (e.g. Junior/Senior girls) and the timeline for the meet is still in flux. The last race is expected to be the Senior Boys at 1:00 p.m. (Note: varsity athletes who are running at the Stanford Invitational are not attending this meet.) 
  • Dismissal / Return Buses: Athletes are required to stay until the conclusion of the meet. The buses will be departing at approximately 1:45. Athletes may also chose to go home with their parents after the meet.
  • Parents! $6 Parking Fee: The meet is held at the Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area in Pleasanton. Parents who are planning to come watch the meet should be aware that each car entering the park will have to pay $6. If you don't mind a ten minute walk to the park, you can park for free at the BMX park on Stanley Blvd or on Old Vineyard Ave/Park Access Road. Parking in both of those areas is limited.  
Varsity Competes at Stanford Invitational: Our varsity runners (boys and girls) will be competing at the Stanford Invitational on Oct. 1. We will send additional information separately to those families regarding logistics for that meet. In short, the boys' race will be at noon and the girls at 12:30. The bus will depart Monte Vista at 8:30 sharp. Athletes need to arrive by 8:15.
Volunteers Needed: In the immortal words of Roseanne Rosannadanna, “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” Yep, we still need more help. Next up is our team pasta feed (Oct. 11) and our team’s turn to run the football game snack shack (Oct. 14). This event is a fundraiser for cross country and is a very social and fun way to volunteer. Details for both events are on our Sign Up Genius page. We need about 7 more XC parents. Thank you to ALL who have already volunteered. The team could not manage without the help of all of you great, active parents!
Go Mustangs!
Courtney Corda, Assistant Coach on behalf of coaching staff
P.S. Ever wonder the right way to use a foam roller or how they help runners?
P.P.S. Don't forget the Booster's Oktoberfest party. This will be a very fun evening and a great way to meet other sports parents at Monte Vista. Get your tickets today (sales to XC parents proceeds to go to help MVXC)!

From: Courtney Corda <>
To: Courtney Corda <>
Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2016 1:32 PM
Subject: XC: Bad News / Good News

Dear Parents,


I hate to share bad news without some good news, so let me start by saying that your kids are working very hard and just put in a solid week of strong effort as we prepare for our most challenging meets ahead. Ask them about the sense of accomplishment they felt after running 10-12 400 meter repeats, at race pace, up a steep hill in the sun. Ask them how much fun they had and what lessons they learned about teamwork, negotiation, ethics, and resourcefulness during our recent scavenger hunt run. What a great week!


Now, the bad news. Here I sit (finally, a Saturday off!), but I'm not really off, am I? Because I am  writing to tell you that the school bookkeeper informed our coaching staff that we have a $10,000 shortfall in parent donations.


Background & Status

The worst possible situation is to have multiple families donate nothing at all, and that is where things stand right now. Are you one of the 40 families that has forgotten to send in a donation? Or decided not to donate for some reason? Please, as a parent and a coach, I beg you to donate to our program so we can get our budget in order and focus on the kids, their running, and their high school sports experience. (For those who've given already or even given extra: THANK YOU SO MUCH!).


The SRVUSD and MVHS do not fund high school sports. The district and school provide a single coach's stipend and free use of school facilities and that's about it. The school tells us that, as of Sept. 22, approximately 62% of our girls and 74% of our boys athletes' families have made a donation to our program. Our budget is based on the idea that 100% of families will donate at least something. The suggested amount of $245 is achieved by dividing our total basic needs by the number of athletes on the team. Every donation helps, no matter how small.


Donations are voluntary. We can't legally call them participation fees, as this is the way of the public school world. But make no mistake, the costs for the cross country team are borne by us parents, not by the state, the district, or the school. Our budget is funded primarily by your parent donations and to a lesser degree by our team's fundraising efforts, such as the MV Invitational. By the way, the snack table at the MV Invitational made a record profit this year, I believe, something like $1,000; so hats off to Carole Friesen, a great-grandmother and one of the hardest working volunteers ever known to the Monte Vista community, and to all the other parent volunteers who helped make our Invitational a success. But even with a successful MV Invitational, we are still $10,000 short in parent donations.


Ways to Donate

1) Turn in cash or a check for ANY amount to any coach at practice. Make check to Monte Vista Cross Country. (Send in a few installments by using post-dated checks, too, if you wish!) Alternatively, turn in cash or a check to Frances Farrell in the Monte Vista Bookkeeper's Office at any time.

2) Donate $245 online at the MV Webstore.

3) Donate your unused / unwanted gift cards that still have value. Give to any coach at practice.

4) Ask your company to match the team donation you made earlier this season.  Find corporate matching instructions HERE or contact me for help filling out your company form. Your team donation qualifies as a charitable donation and it *is* matchable by most corporate matching programs. (Note: uniform purchases are not charitable, but the team donation is.)


Thank you for your consideration,

Courtney Corda, Assistant Coach on behalf of the coaching staff

P.S. I will send a regular newsblast with details about next weekend's meets in a few days. In the meantime, please visit our team's main website at for information. Also, find the TENTATIVE race schedule for Scott Bauhs here.

It's an Olympic theme on a warm night as the 2016 team cranks out 104.6 miles to best the 2015 squad!  A near full moon lit up the stadium as the team ran mile after mile while raising funds for the Save Mount Diablo organization.

Individual splits can be found in the handout below.

Photos anyone?  Please forward to the Overnight Relay Coach (Davis).


Full Race Results Here.

If there was ever a stronger day for the Mustangs at Newhall Park... nobody can remember it!!!  Both boys and girls teams - top to bottom - show that they are a stampeding force to be reckoned with.   MV runners win 3 of the 4 girls races!   Fr Emily Hora takes the FS/JV Unlimited race, Sr Morgan Dowling paces the JV Girls Limited race, while Fr Kelli Wilson runs away with the FS Girls Limited crown.  The team takes a First Place (Frosh-Soph Girls), two 2nds (Varsity Boys and JV Girls) a 3rd (Varsity Girls) and two 5ths (JV Boys and Frosh-Soph Boys) in the scoring team races.  All races had 19 or more teams, with some having up to 36 squads lining up.  Not even retired Coach Davis can remember a better all around day.  Highlights below:

FS - JV Girls Unlimited
Freshman Emily Hora starts the day with an individual race victory, running a 14:27 to start the medals flowing for the Mustangs.  Soph Sumin Lim is 8th overall, while Frosh Charlotte Wycoff is 26th.  This was a non-scoring race in terms of team scores.  XC Stats shows that the girls took 2nd overall had it been scored! 

JV Boys Limited
Jr Carson Sawchuk paces the JV boys in a fast 11:32 over the two mile Newhall course, good enough for a 19th place finish.  Jr Danny Maguire is 26th and Sam George is also in the top 30 in 28th place.  Overall, the boys take an impressive 5th place out of 24 teams.
 photo JV Boys Limited Nike cropped_zpsbdiumcrv.jpg

Varsity Girls
The girls faced a full house of regional and state ranked opponents today, and responded with an spirited and confident run that saw them take 3rd Place in the large field of 34 teams.  Only state ranked Davis HS and St Francis Mountain View were in front of them today.  Sr Meredith Corda runs a solid race to finish 15th and pace the group.  Alex Wilson cracks into the top 30 as well.  A solid pack behind them insures a top 3 finish, as 5th scorer Lauren Cervantes crossed close behind in 36th (with Audrey Coney and Sidney Ison in between).  Catherine Kiser and Olivia Bame complete the varsity seven today.

 photo Varsity Girls with bling_zpsqppc6jhd.jpg

Varsity Boys
With Seniors Daniel Maneloveg (9th), Nick Vomund (10th) and Tristan Miller (12th) solidly up front, the Varsity Boys laid down a signature race today, running the fastest team time at Newhall in MV history on their way to a 2nd place finish.   The guys were just ahead of San Joaquin Section power Jesuit, while behind only State top 10 ranked Bellarmine Prep.  Senior Brendan Lau (41st) and Junior Matt Johnson (47th) closed the door on the scoring.  Ben Smiley and Matthew Kim round out the top 7.   

Video Highlights of the Varsity Boys Race courtesy of Jesuit High School

JV Girls
This time, it's Senior Morgan Dowling powering up front for the JV Girls, as she pulls away from the pack by nearly 20 seconds.  Morgan runs a stellar 13:31 today.  Close behind, teammate Sr Paige Moldenhauer just misses second - finishing in 3rd place in 13:50.  The girls pack 4 in the top 25 to earn 2nd Place overall out of 19 teams.   Cheyenne (12th) and Ciara (22nd) Friesen are next across for the Stangs. 
 photo JVG Nike wi medals_zpsetde3e0f.jpg

FS Boys Limited
The Frosh Soph "Limited" race featured 33 full teams, and the Mustangs turned back 27 of them as they finished a strong 5th today.  Fr Ethan Pendergraft was first across the line in 13th place, with Soph Sam Milham (20th) and Fr Austin Pendergraft in 21st.   That strong packing up front spelled the difference, as the team was only 1 sec per runner behind perennial power host De La Salle in 4th place. 

 photo Frosh Soph Boys Limited_zpsgxtemq3r.jpg

FS Girls Limited
If there was one race that Monte Vista just dominated, it was the Frosh Soph Girls Limited race.  The girls placed 6 in the top 25 runners to score an outstanding low score of 38 points, well ahead of St Francis in second place with 75 points.  Once again, a Mustang led the way to the finish line as Kelli Wilson ran the fastest non-varsity time of the day finishing in 13:11 for the 2 mile course.  Melanie Kim was close behind in 4th (13:31), which Josephine Lee (6th), Lillian O'Keefe (11th), Jessica Wandling (18th) and Natalie Kwong (23rd) packed up front. 

FS Boys Unlimited
Sophomores Christopher Bozorgmehr (26th) and Peyton Gibbs (29th) led the way for the team in this non-scoring race.  Unofficially, XC Stats has the boys 8th out of 25 teams, only 14 pts from 5th. 

JV Boys Unlimited
Closing out the racing was the Unlimited (non scoring) race.  Once again, a strong pack of Mustangs in the top 30 showed the depth of the team today.  Jr Ryan Long paced the guys in 17th, while Josh Elliott (19th), Cade Hammond (20th), Grant Meehan (22nd) and Ryan Hoffman (24th) were all in sight of each other.  Unofficially they were 3rd out of 12 teams!
 photo JV Boys cropped_zpsdbena67v.jpg

From: Courtney Corda <>
To: Courtney Corda <>
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2016 11:43 AM
Subject: XC Newsblast #5: 2 Big Events This Saturday!

Dear Parents and Runners,
Lots of news today!! Big Saturday with TWO events...


DLS/CHS Nike Meet This Saturday Morning:
  • Buses There: All athletes must travel to the meet by bus. Do NOT be late. Meet at MV, horseshoe (circular drive) by 6:45.  Buses will leave at 7am sharp. 
  • What to Bring: Uniform, sweats, sunscreen, plenty of water, snacks, and lunch.
  • MV Race Assignments: Coach Mandee will discuss at practice and lists will be available on the bus. 
  • Meet Info: The meet is held in Concord's Newhall Park. This is a great spectator course (i.e. fans can see lots of the race without too much running around). With over 40 teams entered, the field is full of TOUGH competition and the races will be exciting. Visit the DLS/CHS Nike Cross Country Invitational website for course maps. Street parking is available for spectators, but EXPECT to have to walk quite a long way to reach the course. Race schedule.
  • Buses Back / Dismissal: All must stay to the conclusion of the meet; please do not ask the coaches to leave early.  Buses will depart to MV at approx. 1pm. Athletes can ride back with their parents, but only after the conclusion of the awards ceremony.  
  • Team Area: Athletes will be under Monte Vista tents. Parents are encouraged to attend the meet and establish their own "fan base camp" elsewhere. (Kids need some space and separation to prepare for their races.)
Overnight Relay this Saturday Night/Sunday Morning:
  • Help! We do not have enough chaperones! Please sign up.
  • Arrival: Athletes should check in at the track NO LATER THAN 6:30 p.m.
  • Rules & Departure: Once there, no leaving.  Anyone leaving early must be checked out by a parent IN PERSON with a coach (even if at 3 a.m.).  Nobody leaves until the track is clean (est. around 8 a.m.). For complete rules, see Overnight Relay rules list on our team website.
  • Charity: The runners have selected Save Mount Diablo as the charity beneficiary of this event. Runners are asked to donate from their own allowances or pocket money (not from Mom's or Dad's wallet). Suggested amount is $10 per athlete.
  • What to Bring: Sleeping bag, pillow, tarp, warm clothes (no tents!). Running gear of course.
  • Food & Drink: There will be tables for shared snacks that kids will bring.
    • Assignments have been made by the captains and announced at practice.
    • Optional: Anyone can also bring their own dinner items for themselves from home.
    • No waste / No leftovers: everyone must bring back home any leftovers from the snacks they brought for the shared table (or for themselves). We do not want to deal with excess food.

MV Invitational T-Shirts Still Available

  • The very cool 2016 MV Invitational "The Eliminator" t-shirts are still available for purchase at $15 each. Bring cash or check made to MVHS Cross Country to practice.
Serious PARENT FUN at the Oktoberfest! Join in!
  • Having been to a few similar events held by our school's awesome Athletic Boosters organization, I can assure you that the Oktoberfest (Oct. 8, 4-7pm) will be LOADS of fun. Not only will you enjoy meeting parents of other MV athletes, you'll drink great beer (and wine) and eat yummy German food and best of all, each ticket you buy will provide sorely needed funding to MV Cross Country! Buy tickets here. Email me if you are going and I will create a group list of XC and Track parents so you can connect with each other.
Go Mustangs!
Courtney Corda
Asst. Coach on behalf of the coaching staff
P.S. Yes, practice is at 3:30 as usual today. :-)
P.P.S. Please "like" our team's Facebook page (not a post on the page, but the page itself). Once you like the page, our team news (including awesome photos) will appear in your newsfeed.