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Posted by Bill Carter at Sep 19, 2010 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Please CLICK HERE to download the Minutes from the General Membership Meeting held on August 14, 2010. Should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact one of the Association’s Board members (Mark Bernstein, Bill Beebe, Tony Cooper, Geoff Shiu, Lee Batterman).

Keep checking the website for upcoming news from the Alumni Association.

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Posted by Bill Carter at Dec 26, 2009 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Fellow Alumni:
I hope this letter finds you all in good health and enjoying the holiday season. Before I go any further, on behalf of the WRLLUAA Board of Directors,  let me wish each of you a healthy, happy and safe holiday season.
In August 2009 I had the honor of again being elected your President for the next two years. It is a position I take extremely seriously and thank you all for your confidence. You also bestowed the honor of another term on Vice President, Bill Beebe, Treasurer, Tony Cooper, and Member At Large, Lee Batterman. We welcome our newest elected Board member, Secretary, Geoff Shiu. The Board of Directors look forward to serving this Association for the next two years.
For those of you not aware, the Western Region complex is going through the first stages of renovation and we look forward to seeing the results by Tournament time. Weeklong Umpire Schools for 2010 have been cancelled but replaced by numerous Outreach Clinics all over the Western Region. If your area is interested please contact Western Region UIC, and Alumni Member, Bill Carter. Weekend Rules Clinics and Mechanics Clinics remain on schedule and I refer you to the Western Region website for dates.
With the Board in place it is now your turn. This Board's committment is to continue to benefit volunteer umpires throughout the Western Region in both baseball and softball. We need your help. Take a second and let us know what you think are good ways for us to accomplish these goals. We need to hear from you. We remain committed to again funding the Cy Livoti Junior Umpire School Scholarships in 2010 and are already receiving applications. We are no stronger than our membership so please get involved; take a second and contact a Board member and let your thoughts be known. We had some great discussion at the Alumni Breakfast and while we had another record turnout, we have over 110 members so there are more thoughts, ideas and great suggestions out there. We may not be able to do everything at once or everything suggested but we would like you to participate. Many of the projects and ideas completed by the Association came from Association members who saw a need. We also hope you will continue to talk about the Association, the good things it is doing for all of the volunteer Western Region umpires and seek to find new members so the Association may grow.
We look forward to hearing from you and also are looking forward to another great season of training and games.
Mark Bernstein
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Posted by Bill Carter at Jun 28, 2009 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
I hope that this finds you all in good health and working hard as we near the 2009 tournament season (or for some of you already in the throes of tourney play). For others I hope you have dusted off the beach chair and have found a field in your area to sit back and watch some great All Star play. Do you believe another year has come and gone and it is only weeks before the 2009 Western Regional Tournaments and World Series'?
That also means that we are getting closer to our own Alumni Breakfast at the Western Region in San Bernardino, CA. Invites will be coming via email (if we have your email address) or by US Mail and we look forward to seeing you bright and early at the Elks Club on August 15, 2009. It is an election year so we hope to see you all there.
Forging ahead with our mantra of "For Umpires, By Umpires" in 2009 we presented funds to each Western Regional host so that the additional funds could be used exclusively for the umpires invited to that tournament. Whether it was an extra shirt, extra hats, a jacket or a dinner, we felt it appropriate to show our support for each Western Regional tournament. Also in 2009 we were again able to provide scholarships for young umpires who desired to attend the Junior Umpire School. These 2009 projects are added to the improvements, additions and successes that the Association has been involved in since its inception. We remain a viable, strong and financial sound organization. I am currently completing my fourth year as your President and I have been very honored to work with some fine individuals who have contributed greatly to the success of the Association. There is more to accomplish, more to do and more successes in the horizon. 
While we have seen our membership grow it was our hope that opening up membership to any umpire who had worked a Western Region in either baseball or softball would have garnered more members. We ask you to assist us in getting the word out telling people about our Association.  
I look forward to seeing you all at the breakfast as well as the tournament.
Mark Bernstein-President WRLLUAA


Little League Michael T Martin  CA 57    Mike Yeager WA 09 
Junior League Gary Glenn  CA 29   Lori Cook  WA 06 
Senior League  Gregory Barnes CA 24   Donald Asay  CA 68 
Big League  Don Lee  CA 30   Gary DiFabio  CA 54
Little League Chris Ortiz  CA 04    John Foster  OR 07 
Junior League Brooks Bishop  AZ 12    Myrle McLernon  CA 51 
Senior League  William Hawley 

OR 04 

  Nick Haluschek  WA 04 
Big League Gary Graupmann  CA 31   Gilbert Brooks  OR 05 
Big League  Eddie Spohr CA 49       

The Western Region is proud of these Volunteer Umpire's and honored to have them represent all the Volunteer Little League Umpire's from the Western Region and Little League Baseball and Softball Inc.


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Posted by Bill Carter at May 21, 2009 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The 2009 Western Regional Baseball and Softball Umpires have been selected and are listed below:

Ted Meyer  CA 03    Alan McCullough CA 07 
Mark Oda  CA 04   David Chavez  CA 13
Ed West CA 32   William Eichenberger  CA 25 
Rod Lund CA 35   Bill Kinsella  CA 37
William Balog CA 41    Justin Konold WA 10
Milton Eberle  CA 64    Darrin Leggett WA 04 
John Valverde  CA 65       
Christopher Rutz  CA 70       
Stephen Duncan 

CA 72 

Clyde Torigoe  HI 07      
Robert Slyter ID 02       
Robert Blake  NV 02       
Kris Olsen WA 01       
Dennis Williams  WA 07       
Tom Saichek CA 12   Sara Turner  AZ 05 
Rob McCarthy CA 14    James Hensel  CA 51 
Phillip DiPrima  CA 18   Alex Pitman  CA 72 
Kevin Swinhart  CA 54    Eric Snively OR 03 
Paul Stack  CA 55    Mike Falzone  OR 07 
Robert Breihof  OR 02    Robert Darling  WA 09 
Glenn Davis  WA 03       
Rita Cline WA 11       
Cary Tomlinson  CA 37   Daniel Rogers  AZ 05 
Nick Hastings CA 44    Troy Mullen  CA 24 
Edward Grinton  CA 52    Peter Jones  CA 33 
Douglass Watson  CA 55    Emmitt Tucker  MT 02 
Will Bumgardner  NV 01    Meiers Duane  MT 02 
Charles Sacrison Jr.  WA 02    Keith Besand WA 02 
Bruce Harjehausen WA 10       
Randy Lafrenz CA 23       
James Osborne CA 08    Kenneth Giordano  AZ 12 
Mike Martello  CA 31    Eric Newton  CA 24 
Michael Williams  CA 33    Kathryn Hart  CA 57 
David Rosenberg CA 40    Stuart Stickler  OR 01 
Gary Allen CA 45       
Glenn Kugel  OR 01      
Robert Moore  OR 04       
Mike Rodenbucher  WA 02       

Congratulation to all the Regional Umpires!