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Posted by Freda Rosso at May 4, 2019 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Paddlers Association (MAPA) website. MAPA is a non-profit organization that promotes all forms of competitive canoe and kayak paddle sports in the Mid-Atlantic area. MAPA sponsors and participates in many paddle sport events that encompass all aspects of canoeing, SUP and kayaking. Competitions and practices are held in every type of water condition from flat water to white water. MAPA is affiliated with the American Canoe Association (ACA) and all active members receive all the benefits of ACA membership at a greatly reduced rate. MAPA actively participates in environmental, public access and safety programs and encourages recreationally and athletically motivated persons to participate in paddle sports. MAPA values are Camaraderie, Coaching, Conservation and Competition in all forms of paddle sports.

We are currently using FACEBOOK for all MAPA schedule updates. Please visit us at Mid-Atlantic Paddlers on FACEBOOK.   

More info coming soon to this site, stay tuned and check back often.

 June 2018 Newsletter

No. Name(s) Boat-Type Time
1 Franklin Fast Kayak 47:24
2 Nik SurfSki 47:34
3 Chuck&Tara SurfSkiTandem 48:38
4 Murray SurfSki 50:57
5 Kyle Fast Kayak 50:59
6 Leza & Rusty C-2 56:56
7 David SurfSki 57:21
8 Constantine Fast Kayak 59:07
9 Tony SUP 60:04
10 Vic & Tracy C-2 62:59
11 Salli Kayak 65:01
12 Mike Kayak 65:01
13 Vernan SUP 66:41
14 Jim P & Kristen C-2 Rec 69:50
15 Susie OC-1 73:33
16 Shelby SurfSki 75:34

Various Distances No. Name(s) Boat-Type Time
1 Carter SUP-JR 20:45
2 Nancy SurfSki 35:55
3 Eric SurfSki 35:55
4 Corbin & Tim SUP Tandem 44:23
5 Elizabeth SUP 53:20
6 Brandi SUP 53:29
Registration / Timing Jasi & Maya
Grillmaster's Amy & Chris

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March 2018 Newsletter

Posted by Victor Sorensen at Mar 14, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
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2018 St. Patty's Day Kiss Race Results

Posted by Victor Sorensen at Mar 14, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
3/14/2019 St. Patty's Day MAPA KIS Race results: Very windy conditions, low tide. Tough conditions 5:63 miles.
Kyle M 1:04:11
Charlie B 1:04:25
Rusty M 1:07:55
Jim F 1:09:10
Vic S 1:10:11
Tim J & Jim P Short course 3+ miles

Saturday, August 7

Events:  Fun Paddle (3 miles) and Race (6 miles)

Where:  Sarah Constant Beach, Norfolk, Virginia

When:  Check-in starts at 7:30am           

            Fun Paddle and Race start:  9:00 am

Organizers:  Mid-Atlantic Paddlers Assoc. and the City of Norfolk

Registration:  Download registration form (see Handouts below)


       Register electronically on eteamz

Want to do more?:  Collect pledges from the community.  Pledge form included with Handout.