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MISSION VIEJO, CA - It was an excellent day for the return of the Orange County Olympic Distance Triathlon took place on Sunday September 28, 2008. Over 30 Nova/Multisports OC members participated in the race in warm but pleasant conditions. The race got off to bit of an odd start as the extremely warm water mixed with the cool morning air to cause a low but dense fog over the lake making it impossible to make out any of the course from the land. Swimmers had to head off in "the general direction" of the  first buoy and couldn’t see it until getting within a few meters of the turn. Once out of the water the conditions were nearly perfect as temps were in the 70's to low 80's with very little wind.

 Max Biessmann led the group of podium finishers with another outstanding day. He placed 1st on the 20-24 male division with the 3rd fastest overall time. Christina Venturacci won the female 20-24 division. Coach Michael Collins was 2nd in 40-44 and 10th overall and Regina Froemmling was 2nd in female 45-49. Mark Haskins placed 3rd in his new 40-44 age group, as did Dr. Bill Langstaff in 60-64. 

Most competitors talked about how much they liked the challenging course. "It was hard, but fun", was the common census. "It wasn't a boring course at all." Most promised to return to the event next year.

First time competitors for the group included Laura Peters, Lisa MacDonald and Bruce Praet.

Check for team photos at this link:



FEMALE 40-44 6 207 517 MARI RUSSELL 44 2 SAN CLEMENTE 2:47:17  

FEMALE 35-39 11 281 671 KRISTI LIND 39 5  2:55:53  
FEMALE 40-44 15 381 560 KAREN STEIN-CUEVA 44 2 LAKE FOREST 3:08:12   FEMALE 45-49 13 459 347 LISA MACDONALD 45 2 ORANGE 3:19:32
FEMALE 35-39 32 510 454 LAURA PETERS 39 5 RANCHO SANTA MA 3:31:33 


MALE 20-24 1 3 56 MAX BIESSMANN 23 3 IRVINE 2:06:36 
MALE 40-44 2 10 325 MICHAEL COLLINS 42 4 IRVINE 2:13:49 
MALE 40-44 3 15 242 MARK HASKINS 40 4 ALISO VIEJO 2:17:30 
MALE 35-39 5 24 54 QUINTON BERRY 37 1 TRABUCO CANYON 2:20:28 
MALE 35-39 7 31 123 MICHAEL COWDREY 38 1 ALISO VIEJO 2:21:51
MALE 25-29 5 36 395 GREG MOE 25 3 LAKE FOREST 2:23:01 
MALE 45-49 8 45 227 WESLEY HALE 45 4 TRABUCO CANYON 2:24:30 
MALE 50-54 6 102 518 RON SAETERMOE 53 3 LAGUNA NIGUEL 2:34:51
MALE 25-29 10 109 349 JOE MAEHLER 28 3 NEWPORT BEACH 2:35:50 
MALE 25-29 11 110 362 MICHAEL MATZ 27 3 DANA POINT 2:36:09 
MALE 30-34 11 119 476 PJ QUEALY 33 1 ANAHEIM 2:36:56 
MALE 40-44 18 124 250 GREG HENDRICKSON 41 4 LAGUNA BEACH 2:37:26 
MALE 40-44 22 148 481 MIKE RAEMER 43 4 HUNTINGTON BEAC 2:40:16   
MALE 35-39 31 168 359 JASON MASTERMAN 39 1 ALISO VIEJO 2:42:21 
MALE 35-39 36 184 634 GERALD WOLFE 39 1 ALISO VIEJO 2:44:58
MALE 45-49 23 186 152 JEFF DRAKE 45 4 SAN JUAN CAPIST 2:45:07 
MALE 45-49 32 286 198 PATRICK GILBERT 47 4 IRVINE 2:56:30 
MALE 30-34 33 291 57 ERIK BIRKHOLZ 34 1 FOOTHILL RANCH 2:57:06
MALE 60-64 3 312 322 WILLIAM LANGSTAFF 61 3 SANTA ANA 2:59:14
MALE 55-59 9 337 449 STEPHEN PEELER 55 3 SAN JUAN CAPIST 3:01:55
MALE 60-64 5 342 146 MARK DISMAN 61 3 LAGUNA BEACH 3:03:02 
MALE 50-54 18 357 472 JON PRUN 53 3 MISSION VIEJO 3:05:21 
MALE 35-39 68 411 379 DENNIS MCMURRAY 35 1 RSM 3:12:19 
MALE 35-39 71 429 665 TOM STAFFORD 36 1  3:15:09 
MALE 55-59 21 521 469 BRUCE PRAET 55 3 ORANGE 3:38:06         

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Posted by Michael Collins at Sep 17, 2008 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The first generation of Triathlon-specific wetsuits was introduced nearly 25 years ago, and although there have been upgrades and advances in materials, construction, and patterning, they are still made of lightweight, buoyant smooth skin neoprene. Your wetsuit is an expensive well-crafted and designed piece of technical equipment.  A few minutes of care each time you use it will prolong its life and keep it fast, warm, and flexible for seasons to come.   


1)     Stay relaxed and take your time. Plastic bags on the feet/ankles allow the suit to slide up easily. Always work from the ankles/calves up, pulling up suit a little at a time and making sure the legs are all the way to the crotch front and back.

2)     Use Bodyglide, TriGlide, Suit Juice, or another approved lubricant if you are concerned about chafing on your neck or underarms.

3)     Rinse suit with cool, fresh water after each use, making sure all salt, sand, and dirt has been washed out of the zipper.  For deeper cleaning, use Profile Design’s Wetsuit Shampoo*. *Details about this and other products see page 2.

4)     Hang inside out to dry on a thick plastic, not wire hanger. Never hang your suit for more than two weeks.

5)     Store in a cool, dry place inside out, lying flat and folded once across the waist.  A good place is under the bed in a plastic storage box with some tissue layers. Add a silicon packet to reduce moisture. Be sure suit is dry both inside and out before storing!

6)     For Travel, turn suit inside out:a.     Lie suit flat, zipper side down.b.    Fold legs up over chest.c.     Cross arms in and X over chest.d.    Fold up in half at knees

7)     After each use, check for small nicks and tears in thighs, calves, behind, and forearms. *For small tears, follow directions on page 2.8)     When using this wetsuit, remember to have fun and be safe!  DON’T SWIM ALONE! 

DON’T (even think about it…) 

1)     NO PETROLEUM JELLY, cooking spray, tanning oil, olive oil, grease, or any sort of odd substance you may have read about on a website or heard from a friend. These substances WILL, over time, degrade the glue in the seams. They also build up in the spongy neoprene and make it difficult to reglue the seams.  Oil will get rancid and smelly and is difficult to clean.

2)     DON’T use your tri wetsuit for any sport or recreation other than swimming, especially surfing or kayaking. These suits are not designed for sitting or kneeling, or the prolonged abrasion of lying on a surfboard.

3)     DON’T hang your suit up for more than two weeks. The thinner rubber in the shoulders will stretch and crack from the weight of the suit.  For storage, refer to # 5 of the “DO” list above.

4)     DON’T expose your suit to heat or direct sunlight, which will deteriorate the neoprene and seams.

5)     DON’T machine wash or dry, and do not iron or dry clean your suit.

6)     DON’T  yank or pinch your suit when pulling it on. Fingernails, sharp objects, and friction are the enemies of neoprene.  Don’t drag it on the ground, and make sure it doesn’t get tangled in your bike while riding to the transition area. For small repairs, refer to the next page.

7)     NO SITTING, KNEELING, STRETCHING, for more than 3 minutes.  Lightweight neoprene in tri wetsuits is very flexible, these postures put extra stresses on the seams and materials.

8)     DON’T try to shorten or alter the wetsuit yourself. Call the shop where you purchased the suit, or contact the manufacturer for directions or a referral. 

9)     DON’T leave your suit crumbled or rolled up wet in your car or bag. It will mold/mildew, and generally grow things.  This is unhealthy and smells bad, so shampoo it and use some Mirazyme if it still stinks.

10)  DON’T try to squeeze yourself into a borrow suit or one that fit 25 lbs ago. Wetsuit don’t shrink, and often feel a lot tighter in March than they did in September.    

REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS NOTE: For alterations, first consult a wetsuit professional such as your local tri, surf, or dive shop, or Profile Designs.  You can repair small tears yourself, here are some directions to help you. 

  1. For a small tear through rubber but not all the way through fabric backing you will need:
 ·         Wetsuit Glue available in Profile Designs Wetsuit Care kit, and at surf, dive, and triathlon and bike shops that carry wetsuits. ·         Toothpick,  straight pin, or paperclip straightened out.·         Optional:  Cellophane tape,  Isopropyl Alcohol wipe.  WORK IN A DRY-WELL VENTILATED AREA AWAY FROM DIRECT FLAME AND HEAT SOURCES!  OUTSIDE IS BEST! Suit must be clean and dry for best results.a)     Open up the small tear and clean out dust, dirt, and sand. Use alcohol wipe to clean off any greasy residue. b)    Pinch open the tear to expose spongy neoprene.c)     Using toothpick or pin, apply a thin layer of glue to both sides. Let dry for 1-2 minutes, then apply a second coat. d)    Allow to dry another 2 minutes, glue will look dry but will be sticky. e)     Press both sides together, then pinch the edges to get a clean seal. f)     Put a small piece of tape over the repaired area, and leave suit lying flat in a cool, dry, well ventilated place away from direct heat sources. Allowing glue to cure overnight is best, but 2-3 hours will be fine if you’re really in hurry.
  1. For small (1” or less) tears through rubber and fabric, you will need the above plus “Tear Aid” flexible plastic patches with very sticky adhesive which can be used inside or outside suits.  
Cut a patch of Tear-Aid ¼” larger and longer than the hole. Use alcohol wipe to clean area, and follow package directions for application.  BE CAREFUL to apply exactly where you want it, as it is very difficult to remove those patches! Use a spoon or other rounded item to rub patch on before pulling off plastic backing.
  1. Follow above directions (#1) to fix smooth outside rubber.
  2. Larger tears, questions, or alterations? Contact the shop where you purchased your suit or Profile Designs Customer Service.

 WETSUIT ACCESSORIES 1.    WETSUIT CARE KIT by Profile Design. Contains Wetsuit Shampoo, Wetsuit Cement, and Suit Juice lubricant. Each of these items can also be purchased separately:·         WETSUIT SHAMPOO: Specially formulated to clean and condition the neoprene while removing salt, sweat, and dirt. ·         WETSUIT OR NEOPRENE GLUE: If no longer available in the PD Wetsuit Care Kit, then the most common brand is “Seal Cement” by McNett. ·        

SUIT JUICE: Spray on liquid makes suit easier to put on and off. Spray on calves, thighs, and forearms for quick transitions.

2.    UV TECH Conditioner:  A spray-on treatment which conditions and protects the smoothskin side of your suit. Also by McNett, look for this in Tri or Dive Shops.

3.    MIRAZYME: Soaks the stink out of your wetsuit, as well as your smelly shoes or sporting equipment. Available at surf, dive, and outdoor stores.

4.    BODYGLIDE:  Reduces/eliminates chafing around neck, armpits, and biceps (sleeveless suits.) Purchase at tri, run, bike, and general sporting goods

  Fit and Function Tri wetsuits are made specifically for SURFACE open water swimming. They are traditionally constructed of very buoyant and flexible smooth skin neoprene, and are designed to fit snugly.  
  • You will swim 5-15 seconds faster/100 meters in a properly fitting wetsuit.  The suit gives you buoyancy and compression, and gives you perfect body positioning in the water, and keeps you warm.
  • Though you may have worn diving, surf, or recreation sport wetsuits before, tri wetsuits need to be much tighter for two reasons: 1.) They do stretch out a bit when wet, depending on the lining material, and 2.) In case any water gets in, it will not pool in the suit and make it heavier to swim in.  
  • The Smooth Skin rubber on the outside is not as durable or as sturdy as neoprene which has fabric on the outside, so you must be careful not to pull too hard on a small area of the suit, or pinch, yank, or scrape the outside smooth surface. 
  • The seams are glued, then Blindstitched on the inside with a curved needle machine for a flexible water-tight seam.  Though these seams are very strong, it is necessary to be careful with those as well. 
 On and Off, In and Out Use steady and firm force, no pinching, overstretching, or pulling on the seams. It will be much easier to put a suit on in a cool, dry place and if you are not sweaty. REMEMBER: Suits go on better dry and come off better wet.   ·         Talcum or baby powder on the calves and forearms helps with this. ·         Wear lycra fitness or tri shorts (everyone) and exercise bra or tri tank (women.) ·         PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS OVER THE FEET AND CALVES ALLOW THE SUIT TO SLIDE UP EASILY!  Take them off before you swim. ·         Take your time and relax.  If possible, call the shop ahead of time and reserve 20 minutes with a knowledgeable salesperson. If you’re at an outdoor expo, definitely do not be in a hurry.  1.     Smooth rubber on the outside, fabric on the inside, zipper in the back. NEVER DIG YOUR NAILS IN TO GRIP THE SUIT.  (Remember the plastic bags on the feet?)2.     Pull the suit over feet and ankles to just below your calves.  Work legs up gradually over knees, thighs, and hips, front and back. Get some help to pull the suit up in the back, and work the wrinkles up from behind knees, hamstrings, and under the bum. 3.     PULL THE CROTCH UP AS FAR AS IT WILL GO to insure a proper fit in torso, neck, shoulders, and sleeves, but do not tug on inner thighs. Instead, work it up from the calves and knees. Bags off feet?4.     Put a plastic bag on one hand, slide suit on and pull up 3” above wrist bone. Take bag off and adjust sleeve up into armpit and over shoulder, making sure it is aligned correctly. Repeat with other arm.5.     Adjust suit front and back, pull up to eliminate big folds in crotch, stomach, low back, and elbows. MAKE SURE IT’S PULLED UP ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK so that it doesn’t pull against the front of your throat. Always work gradually from bottom to top. 6.     Pull inner zipper flap flat against back, zip up suit, and make sure flap doesn’t stick in zipper. GET HELP WITH THIS! It’s nearly impossible to do yourself.7.     Stretch outer zip flap across and fasten, make sure the Velcro doesn’t rub your neck on the side or back.  Ask someone to help, whether you’re in a shop, at the race, or at the beach or pool.  Bags off your feet and hands?8.     Position zipper pull cord for easy transition, and recheck sleeves, neck, torso, and legs.  Use lube of choice (no Vaseline, cooking spray, or petroleum based lubricants please.)9.     IS THE SIZING RIGHT FOR YOU?  Suit will be snug, should not feel restrictive in chest, shoulders, or arms. It’ll feel just right in the swimming position in the water.  If it’s baggy or pajama-comfy, it’s too big. 10.  Have a great swim!  To take off, unzip and roll down and off one sleeve at a time. 11.  Roll suit down inside out over torso, like you are peeling a banana. 12.  On legs, continue to peel down inside out, DO NOT PUSH down and bunch it up over calves. 13.  Step out one leg at a time. If necessary, you can use your hands to slide suit over feet and heels. 14.  ALL OF THESE THINGS TAKE PRACTICE! So put on and take off your suit at least once before your race.

NEWPORT COAST - Nova and Multisports OC Assistant Coach Max Biessmann had a breakthrough day at the 2008 Pacific Coast Triathlon to take 2nd place overall in 1:01:54. 

See team photos here: 

Before & After & Swim Pics 

Bike Pics 

Run Pics 

Race Results



Nova/Multisports OC Podium Finishers Included:

MALE FIREFIGHTER 2 6 851 MARCEL RINZLER  WINCHESTER 1 4 0:10:54 0:01:10 8 0:31:47 0:01:01 17 0:18:09 1:03:01   

MALE 16-19 1 11 867 TYLER RODGERS 16 COTO DE CAZA 2 38 0:12:51 0:01:04 19 0:32:47 0:00:53 11 0:17:37 1:05:12 

 MALE 16-19 2 40 474 COLE HARRINGTON 17 IRVINE 2 5 0:10:58 0:01:23 102 0:36:00 0:00:49 124 0:20:33 1:09:43 

MALE 20-24 1 2 183 MAX BIESSMANN 23 IRVINE 2 1 0:10:28 0:01:09 10 0:31:51 0:00:49 10 0:17:37 1:01:54 

MALE 35-39 1 19 286 MICHAEL COWDREY 38 ALISO VIEJO 4 25 0:12:20 0:01:13 48 0:34:15 0:00:54 33 0:18:38 1:07:20   

MALE 40-44 1 14 274 MICHAEL COLLINS 42 IRVINE 5 12 0:11:48 0:01:05 40 0:33:56 0:00:50 26 0:18:25 1:06:04 


 MALE 50-54 2 27 301 MIKE DANNELLEY 50 IRVINE 8 52 0:13:14 0:01:23 31 0:33:29 0:00:53 64 0:19:25 1:08:24   

MALE 55-59 2 80 696 ROBERT KINNEY 55  8 172 0:14:59 0:01:07 83 0:35:28 0:00:46 166 0:21:09 1:13:29   

MALE 60-64 2 212 712 STEWART MIMS 61 LAGUNA NIGUEL 8 140 0:14:41 0:01:38 263 0:39:04 0:01:18 362 0:23:23 1:20:04 


MALE 70+ 1 774 781 BOB OWENS 73 LONG BEACH 8 644 0:19:43 0:04:38 641 0:45:28 0:02:58 859 0:32:14 1:45:01 

 FEMALE RESULTS              

FEMALE ATHENA 1 242 1185 STEPHANEIE KOZOWYK  HUNTINGTON BEACH 9 55 0:13:15 0:02:19 385 0:41:03 0:01:25 349 0:23:14 1:21:16   

TEAM NISSAN enjoyed a relaxing stay at the W hotel prior to racing a hot and long half marathon in San Diego this weekend. Everyone had came up with a predicted race time and Kerry Deputy and Steven Owen came closest to their actual time by 10 and 4 seconds respectively. We want to thank Kristi Lind and Rodale for putting the team together and making it a wonderful experience, one that we would all like to be a part of next year.

Half Marathon

340 45 Gerald Wolfe M 39 01:40:45 7:42 74 01:42:51 45:18:00
95  12 Mari Russell F 44 01:42:27 7:49 75 01:44:32 46:33:00 
16  30 Kristi Lind F  38 01:46:41 8:09 71 01:47:16 47:49:00
831 46 Jenny Wilkes F 29 01:48:04 8:15 73 01:48:21 49:18:00
1024 74 Kerri Deputy F47 02:08:10 9:47 72 02:08:48 51:34:00
1058 25 M McKinley F 54  02:08:50 9:50 77 02:09:30 56:05:00
2379 173 Art Rice M 50   02:21:10 10:4776 02:21:49 01:01:41

36 33 2 Steven Owen M 56 19:10:00 6:11 9065 19:10:00 2