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2008 Turkey Triathlon Highlights

Posted by Michael Collins at Dec 1, 2008 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

San Dimas, CA - Several MSOC & Nova athletes participated in the Turkey Triathlon put on by Renegade Racing.

The most memorable were Kevin Brown (Reigndeer) and David Bourgionon (Santa) who did it together using just one bike.

 For full results go to:

MALE 55-59 2 32 1092 RICH PFEIFFER 55 SANTA ANA 8 0:14:58 0:44:08 0:35:43 1:34:49 

MALE 30-34 6 35 713 BRIAN AMENDE 31 COSTA MESA 4 0:15:21 0:45:13 0:34:45 1:35:19 

MALE 55-59 3 38 978 ROBERT KINNEY 55 NEWPORT BEACH 8 0:15:58 0:44:18 0:36:14 1:36:30

FEMALE 40-44 1 58 967 JULIA JULIUSSON 43 ALISO VIEJO 9 0:16:36 0:45:56 0:36:14 1:38:45 

MALE 60-64 2 80 759 EDWARD BOSANAC 60 RANCHO SANTA FE 8 0:18:12 0:45:28 0:37:35 1:41:15 

MALE 30-34 18 149 750 ERIK BIRKHOLZ 34 FOOTHILL RANCH 4 0:15:39 0:50:28 0:43:34 1:49:41 

MALE 30-34 27 232 1437 KEVIN BROWN 33  4 0:16:39 1:03:42 0:36:38 1:56:59 

MALE 55-59 6 199 1443 STEPHEN PEELER 56 SAN JUAN CAP 8 0:18:33 0:52:40 0:42:38 1:53:51 

FEMALE 35-39 21 410 1462 LAURA PETERS 39 RANCHO SATA MAR 6 0:23:26 1:02:12 0:51:55 2:17:33 



TEMPE, AZ  - Three Multisports OC/Nova Masters athletes raced at Ironman AZ on Sunday November 23 - Sally Crawford, Max Biessmann, and Warren Booth. Sally won the 60-64 age group in 12:08:11 and broke the course record by an amazing 43 minutes! Max had a solid showing taking 2nd in the 18-24 division with a 9:40:16. He had the 2nd fastest amateur swim time and went 5:00 on the bike, but the automatic spot to Kona slipped away when he was passed on the run despite running a respectable 3:44 marathon. He was happy to narrowly beat former Nova Coach Brent Lorenzen who went 9:42 - quite respectable for someone in medical school!!!


Warren Booth placed 146th out of 399 in the 40-44 age group with an 11:39:06.


Full results can be found at:


BIESSMANN, MAX 1/1/2 23/M18-24 00:49:54 05:00:16 03:44:04 09:40:16

 BOOTH, WARREN 78/165/146 43/M40-44 01:05:02 05:53:30 04:30:39 11:39:06


CRAWFORD, SALLY 1/1/1 60/W60-64 01:09:01 06:08:29 04:40:12 12:08:11




As many of you know, I just recently competed at the Xterra World Championships in Walea, Maui on Sunday, October 26th (  It was an eventful trip and race to participate in.  The off-road triathlon consist of a 1.5 K swim, 30 K mtn bike & 11 K trail run.  The event took place at the beautiful Maui Price Hotel which is on the southeast side of the island.  The 1.5 K swim started en mass on Makena beach with 506 entries lining the shore.  The swim consist of two 750 meter laps with a beach run in between.  After getting my first ever ("un-intentional") hit in the face and water filling my right goggle, I was able to get myself into a good rhythm and position behind the lead pack.  The water was crystal clear and there were several large honu (sea turtles) that accompanied us on the swim.  The beach run was exciting as the spectators lining the beach cheered on all the competitors.  I could hear them quite well!  Not bad for a deaf guy!  For the second lap I stayed in a comfortable position behind the leaders.  Out of the water in24th position, T1 (transition 1 - swim to bike) was a good 300 meters up on the main lawn of the Prince. 

I took a little respite here putting on the riding gear and hydrating, which is key during this race especially for what lay ahead, a brutal 19 mile mtn bike ride with a total elevation climb of 4,000 vertical feet, 3/4's of it within the first 10 miles.  Here are the course section names:  Heartbreak Hill (just about everyone gets off their bike for this!), Bone yard (I took a spill here and had my first flat), Ned's Peak (the BIG one!), The Plunge (I ate it real good here on my face and cracked my helmet on a boulder!)  I acquired my second flat around mile 12.  Since I had only one spare kit, I had to resort to running and riding the remaining 7 miles of the bike course.  There were others doing the same.  Friends and competitors rode by with flats and provided encouragement to keep going.  This was tough!  With four miles to go, a competitor offered a spare tube and air.  One look at my tire and hope was all lost since it was riddled with holes!  Not a tire suitable to hold tire pressure and protect the tube.  So on I went running and riding.  The rim looks like it went through a cheese grater with some pretty nasty splits and gouges from the lava rock.  The race is all about what one can muster when challenges arise and this is one of the many.  Former World Champion Conrad Stoltz suffered from the same issue.  We're all in the same boat in this race.


T2 (bike to run) was nice to be back on grass, temporarily... it was time to ditch the bike, slip on the shoes, hat, race number and begin the long, arduous 7.9 mile run.  Dousing myself with water, I could feel the sweat and salt burn at the scrapes on my face and legs.  Nothing new here, but a spectators discerning look at my war wounds told me I ate it pretty good!  The first three and a half miles were all up hill with a few rolling hills and an occasional flat.  It was a walk - run process at the beginning.  Every time an aid station came into view (one @ every mile), I'd run the quarter mile to it with water bottle ready to fill.  Carrying this water bottle and ingesting salt tablets throughout the run was a life saver.  After 3 1/2 miles up, it was down for 2 1/2 which provided momentum until the last remaining, flat 1.9 miles.  There was the first beach run on " Big Beach ."  A desert beach of scorching sun and feet sinking in the sand.  After Big Beach was Spooky Forest .  This place is literally " Spooky Forest ."  It's a trail that meanders throughout a forest of Kiawi (pronounced Kee-ah-vey) trees.  These trees take on all forms of growth patterns and most of them are lying down or have low overhangs creating an obstacle course like terrain.  One moment your jumping over a tree and ducking under another.  One needs to take caution here as a quick lift of a cramping leg makes muscles spasm worse or not clearing a low overhang calls for a good knock on the noggin.  After the obstacle course of Spooky Forest is Black Sand Beach .  This beach is more challenging than Big Beach  with the finner volcanic sand would cause footing to sink down a good foot.  Fortunately a few others had gone through ahead and made a nice path to follow.  The last 1/2 mile or so was navigating the treacherous lava tubes on the coast.  One fall would inflict great bodily harm if caution wasn't taken.  There were also portions that were wet from the ocean, so it could be slippery as well.  Once this part was over, it was a quick run on the pathway to the Prince and up the lawn to the finish!   Time: 4 hours, 13 minutes and 23 seconds

Whew! Was this fun!?  For a lot of you, you probably would not or could not imagine putting yourself through this.  But there are people out there like me, who do these insane kind of things.  There is something that we get out of it... it's different for everyone, but for me, the gratification lies in the physical, technical and mental faculties of being an athlete.  When there are obstacles that arise during the competition... it's how we choose to deal with them.  But in the end, we're all the same, winners.

I would like to "Thank" the following people for their support:

Mom & Dad                                                                              

Stephanie Kozowyk

Elizabeth KovatsJosh Havelka

Steve Lang

Lyn WilderEvert & Patricia AlsenzIan Stevenson – The Crossing

Jonathan Saldabar

Jennifer Knauer

Anne Mickey – XterraXterra TV

Jennifer Chalmers and Cameron Collins –

Tracy & Scott – Fleet Feet Sports Laguna Niguel

Tom Nolan & Dave A. – Pro Ice

JB – Face First Screen Printing

Michael Collins – Nova Masters Swimming & OC Multisport

Ahelee Osborn – Nova Masters Swimming

Marty Yost – Gold’s Gym

Damon Roberson – A Road Bike 4 U

Rich KnightPaul & Jax Bicycles

Donnie McGean & Michelle

Donnie Arnault – Go Maui Cycling


Linda Farrow - Tustin Hearing Center


Have a great day!


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Posted by Michael Collins at Nov 3, 2008 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Here is a tentative list of races we may have athletes attending in 2007. Several of these events will inlcude specific training programs and course reviews to prepare athletes to race to their full potential on these courses. To see results, photos, and stories on how the team did at these events go to our RACE HIGHLIGHTS PAGE. 2007 MULTISPORTS OC EVENTS CALENDAR (TEAM EVENTS: 10+ club members expected to participate) Scroll down for our Youth & Junior Events Calendar 1/8 Orange County Marathon & Half Marathon TEAM EVENT 1/13 Stage Coach Century - San Diego 1/21 Pose Running Clinic - Orange County (Featuring Dr. Nicholas Romanov) 2/10 Palm Springs Century 3/3 Bulldog Bike Race 3/8-11 Solvang Bike Camp & Century TEAM EVENT 3/25 Newport Beach Spirit Run 3/31 Ironman CA 70.3 TEAM EVENT 4/1 Carlsbad 5000 4/15 IRONMAN ARIZONA 4/16 Boston Marathon 4/22 Desert Triathlon - Sprint or Olympic TEAM EVENT 4/29 Big Blue Xterra Off Road Tri - Lake Castaic 5/5-6 Wildflower Weekend TEAM EVENT 5/19 Xterra Temecula - 5 & 10K Trail Scramble TEAM EVENT 5/20 Xterra Temecula - Sprint or Olympic TEAM EVENT 5/20 Encinitas Sprint Triathlon 6/10 Redondo Beach Tri 6/24 Breath of Life - Ventura, CA (Olympic, Sprint, Junior) 6/24 SD Intl Triathlon 6/30 USAT OLYMPIC DISTANCE NATIONALS - Portland, OR TEAM EVENT 6/30 Ironman Couer d' Alene 7/1 Pacific Open Water Challenge - Belmont Pier 7/4 Laguna Niguel 4th of July Run in the park 5k/10k. TEAM EVENT 7/8 Carlsbad Sprint Triathlon TEAM EVENT 7/14 Camp Pendleton International Triathlon 7/15 Bastille Day 5K at the Spectrum 7/22 TEAM EVENT: San Clemente Ocean Festival TEAM EVENT 7/22 Vineman 70.3 7/28 OC Duathlon 7/29 Solano Beach Sprint Tri & Duathlon 8/5 Snow Valley Mountain Triathlon 8/11 CAMP PENDLETON SPRINT TRI 8/18 Lake Arrowhead Sprint Triathlon 8/25 Jordanelle Triathlon, UT 9/9 Pacific Coast Sprint Triathlon TEAM EVENT 9/16 Malibu Nautica Triathlon 9/23 Long Beach Sprint Triathlon 9/29-10/1 Tinley's Dirty Adventures 10/13 Ironman World Championships - HI 10/14 Hermosa Beach Sprint Triathlon 10/28 XTERRA World Championships - Maui 11/3 Catalina Sprint Triathlon 11/4 Muddy Buddy - San Dimas 11/4 Dino Dash 5k - Tustin 11/22 Dana Point Turkey Trot 5k/10k 11/24 XTERRA Topanga Trail Run 11/25 Turkey Tri - San Dimas TEAM EVENT 12/10 Lasse Viren Trail Run - Malibu. TEAM EVENT 12/16 XTERRA Crystal Cove Trail Run 12/16 Make Room for Santa 5 & 10K TEAM EVENT 2008 Events 6/1/08 IRONMAN 70.3 - Boise, ID TEAM EVENT 2007 MULTISPORTS OC YOUTH EVENTS CALENDAR (TEAM EVENTS: 10+ club members expected to participate) 2/18 Costa Mesa Crit 3/3 Bulldog Bike Race 3/25 Stawberry Fields Triathlon 4/1 Carlsbad 5000 4/22 Desert Triathlon - Sprint 5/5-6 Wildflower Mountain Bike Sprint 5/19 Xterra Temecula - 5K Trail Scramble 6/10 Redondo Beach Tri 6/24 Breath of Life - Ventura, CA (Olympic, Sprint, Junior) 7/4 Laguna Niguel 4th of July Run in the park 5k 7/8 Carlsbad Sprint Triathlon TEAM EVENT 7/22 San Clemente Ocean Festival 8/4 USAT Youth Nationals, Wisconsin Dells 8/12 USAT U23 & Junior Nationals, Longmont, CO 8/12 San Clemente Ocean Festival 8/13-17 One Week Youth Triathlon Camp in Irvine 9/9 Pacific Coast Sprint Triathlon 9/23 Long Beach Sprint Triathlon 9/29-10/1 Tinley's Dirty Adventures 11/4 Dino Dash 5k - Tustin 11/4 Muddy Buddy - San Dimas 11/22 Dana Point Turkey Trot 5k 11/25 Turkey Tri - San Dimas TEAM EVENT 12/16 Make Room for Santa 5 & 10K USEFUL RACE SERIES LINKS: CAMP PENDLETON RACES Ironman Races KOZ Enterprise Races XTERRA Races Pacific Sports Renegade Racing
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Posted by Michael Collins at Oct 4, 2008 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

2009 Calendar

Here is a tentative list of races we may have athletes attending in 2009.

Several of these events will inlcude specific training programs and course reviews to prepare athletes to race to their full potential on these courses. To see results, photos, and stories on how the team did at these events go to our Race Highlights page:

(TEAM EVENTS: 10+ club members expected to participate)

1/17 Stage Coach Century - San Diego.  

2/14 Tour De Palm Springs Century.

2/15 Palm Springs Half Marathon & 5K.

2/21 Race on the Base 5K, 10K, Kids Run, Triathlon

3/08  Desert Triathlon - Sprint or Olympic.

3/12-15 Solvang Bike Camp. Link posted shortly (reg for Century separately)

3/14 Solvang Century.

3/21  Lake Havasu Triathlon.

4/4 Ironman CA 70.3.  

4/5 Renegade Off-Road Tri at San Dimas

4/19 Newport Beach Triathlon.

4/20 Boston Marathon.

4/24-26 Cour d' Alene Ironman Camp.

4/25-26  24 Hours of Temecula.

5/1-3 Wildflower Weekend.

5/16 Xterra Temecula - 5 & 10K Trail Scramble.  

5/17 Xterra Temecula - Sprint or Olympic.

5/17 Encinitas Sprint Triathlon.

5/30 OC Duathlon

5/31 World's Toughest 70.3, Olympic, Sprint, & Lond Duathlon - Auburn, CA

6/7 USAT Aquathlon Champs - Huntington Beach.

6/14 Redondo Beach Tri.

6/14 Danskin Womens Sprint Tri at Disneyland

6/21 Ironman Couer d' Alene.

6/27 Xterra Tahoe City

 6/28 Breath of Life - Ventura, CA.

7/4 Laguna Niguel 4th of July Run in the park 5k/10k.

7/12 Alcatraz Challenge Auqathlon.

7/12 Carlsbad Sprint Triathlon.

7/18 Camp Pendleton International Triathlon.

7/19 San Clemente Ocean Festival.

7/19 Vineman 70.3.

7/26 Pacific Coast Sprint Triathlon.

7/26 Solano Beach Sprint Tri & Duathlon.

8/2 Snow Valley Mountain Triathlon.


8/16 Lake Arrowhead Sprint Triathlon. 

9/10 ITU Sprint World Championship in Gold Coast, AUS.

9/12-13 Malibu Nautica Triathlon.

 9/20 Long Beach Sprint Triathlon. 

9/26 Xterra USA Nationals - Ogden UT.

9/26 Orange County Olympic Triathlon.

10/2-4 Tinley's Dirty Adventures.

10/10 Ironman World Championships - HI.

10/11 Hermosa Beach Sprint Triathlon.

10/17 USAT Club Nationals - Las Vegas.

10/25 XTERRA World Championships - Maui.

11/1 Muddy Buddy - San Dimas.  

11/1 Dino Dash 5k - Tustin.

11/26 Dana Point Turkey Trot 5k/10k.

11/28 Topanga Trail Run. 

11/30 Turkey Tri - San Dimas.

12/13 XTERRA Crystal Cove Trail Run.

12/13 Make Room for Santa 5 & 10K. 


Camp Pendleton Races.
Ironman Races.  
KOZ Enterprise Races.  
XTERRA Races. 
Pacific Sports.
Renegade Racing.
Tri California Events.