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Posted by Thomas Oesterreich at May 22, 2010 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )



Time Winchester 1 Winchester 2 Winchester 3
9:00 AM A1 vs. A2 A3 vs. A4 B1 vs. B2
10:50 AM A1 vs. A3 A2 vs. A4 B3 vs. B4
12:40 PM A1 vs. A4 B1 vs. B3 B2 vs. B4
2:30 PM A2 vs. A3 B1 vs. B4 B2 vs. B3
4:20 PM C1 vs. C2 C3 vs. C4 C5 vs. C6
6:10 PM C1 vs. C4 C3 vs. C5 C2 vs. C6
8:00 PM C1 vs. C6 C4 vs. C5 C2 vs. C3


Time Valle Vista 1 Valle Vista 2 Valle Vista 3
9:00 AM D1 vs. D2 D3 vs. D4 D5 vs. D6
10:50 AM D1 vs. D4 D3 vs. D5 D2 vs. D6
12:40 PM E1 vs. D6 D4 vs. D5 D2 vs. D3
2:30 PM E1 vs. E2 E3 vs. E4 E5 vs. E6
4:20 PM E1 vs. E4 E3 vs. E5 E2 vs. E6
6:10 PM D1 vs. E6 E4 vs. E5 E2 vs. E3


Time Winchester 1 Winchester 2 Winchester 3
9:00 AM A1 vs. B1 A2 vs. B2 A3 vs. B3
10:50 AM A1 vs. B2 A2 vs. B1 A4 vs. B4
12:40 PM C1 vs. C3 A3 vs. B4 A4 vs. B3
2:30 PM C1 vs. C5 C6 vs. C3 C4 vs. C2
4:20 PM Extra TBA C6 vs. C4 C5 vs. C2


Time Valle Vista 1 Valle Vista 2 Valle Vista 3
9:00 AM E1 vs. E5 E6 vs. E3 E4 vs. E2
10:50 AM E1 vs. E3 E6 vs. E4 E5 vs. E2
12:40 PM D1 vs. D5 D6 vs. D3 D4 vs. D2
2:30 PM D1 vs. D3 D6 vs. D4 D5 vs. D2


Pool A Pool B Pool C
A1 - Wicked Seits B1 - SD Legacy C1 - Wicked Limon
A2 - Combat Panthers B2 - Lakewood Ladies C2 - SD Renegades Fox
A3 - SD Breakers B3 - Wicked Esparza C3 - Victory USA
A4 -Lakewood Firecrackers B4 - SGV Velocity C4 - USA Athletics
    C5 - SoCal Madness
    C6 - SoCal Nationals


Pool D                      Pool E
D1 - Firecracker North E1 - Worth Firecrackers
D2 - SD Renegades Portugal E2 - Sorcerers Phil
D3 - OC Dynasty E3 - Cal Thunder Val
D4 - SoCal Jaguars E4 - Case Batbusters
D5 - Cal Thunder Tony E5 - Sorcerers Blue
D6 - Jets Gold E6 - Mizuno Pride

Winchester Sports Park
32655 Haddock St.
Winchester, California, 92596

Valle Vista Fields
 43935 Acacia Ave 
Hemet,CA 92544
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Old Welcome Message

Posted by Thomas Oesterreich at Jul 29, 2009 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Welcome to the premier web site for SoCal Wicked Limon 18 Gold. We are a class "A" competitive travel fastpitch softball team and are members of the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) and USA Softball. As we enter our 7th season we will be reloading our successful 2008-2009 team. This will be our third year as an 18U Gold. This venture has been a long road traveled by many successes and challanges and in the end our goal has been acheived with our organization being recognized as one of the best in California. We have placed many of our girls with some some of the top colleges in the nation and will continue this tradition for the years to come. Our girls are always ready to show the softball world and all of the college coaches what they have been working so hard to accomplish with their academics and softball abilities. So to all of the SoCal Wicked ladies, lets go out there and kick some butt.

...and let's play a WICKED game today.

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Posted by Troy Tsuchiyama at Jul 27, 2009 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
We would like to welcome all college coach's to our player profile / resume page. SoCal Wicked Limon is dedicated to the advancement of girls fastpitch softball and through hard work our girls are ready to play for you.

We are currently in the process of updating our team information for the upcoming 2009-2010 season. Please check back soon for details on our team. Rest assured, the players remain  focused on one common goal- to find a home to play softball at in college.

When we enter the Fall 2009 college showcase season we will strive to keep all of you informed as to what our girls will be doing, so check back often to see where we will be playing in 2009-10.

We would like to thank you again for your interest in our girls.

Fall 2009 Showcase Tournaments:
Firecrackers Exposure Tournament - La Habra, CA
Runnin Rebels Exposure Tournament - Stockton, CA
Surf City Fall Exposure Tournament - Huntington Beach, CA
Surf City October Exposure Tounament - Huntington Beach, CA
America's Finest Exposure Tournament - San Diego, CA
Surf City Early Thanksgiving Exposure Tournament - Huntington Beach, CA
Wicked - Firecrackers - Exposure Tournament - La Habra, CA

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Posted by Troy Tsuchiyama at Dec 13, 2008 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
This past weekend (Dec. 6 & 7) the SoCal Wicked 18 Gold softball program conducted a Toys for Tots Round Robin Tournament at the  La Bonita Park Youth Softball Fields in La Habra featuring 16 of the premiere 18 Gold Fastpitch Softball teams from Southern California.  Each team participating contributed 6 toys and 20 cans of food for the La Habra Operation Santa Program. 
Josie Anderson, Social Service Manager from the City of La Habra, said of the contribution "I want to thank (SoCal Wicked Softball) very much for all the wonderful toys and can food for our Operation Santa Program. Especially during these very difficult times where people have lost jobs and will not be able to provide Christmas for families
these gifts will be wonderful."
Dave De Leon, Recreation Manager from the City of La Habra, commented "we would like to thank (SoCal Wicked Softball) for the generosity your organization has demonstrated this past weekend.  We had the toys delivered last night and I could believe the quality of the items received.  This proves to be a great weekend for La Habra Youth.  The distribution will occur Saturday, December 20th"
The SoCal Wicked Fastpitch Softball Organization consists of seven Class "A" travelball teams in five different age groups.  Members come primarily from the La Habra and Whittier area.  The 18 Gold team coached by La Habra resisdent Dave Limon has 8 graduating Seniors who have signed letters of intent to play softball for Division 1 universities.  There were over 100 players participating this past weekend with scholarship offers to play college softball.