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In review of the current hockey environment within Ontario, the Ontario Hockey Federation Board of
Directors have ruled that independent of the OHF Non-Sanctioned League policy the OHF in their sole and
unfettered discretion have the authority to restrict the registration and or participation of any individual
within their program that is deemed to have participated in a program that contravenes Ontario
Government Regulations or the protocols of the appropriate Public Health Unit or any amendment made
by the Ontario Government or a Public Health Unit.
Such decision to restrict registration and or participation may consider, but is not limited to:
• Cohort/league size
• Cohort/league transition protocols
• Physical contact rules/regulations or the adherence to such rules that do not align with that of
the Ontario Hockey Federation
This further authority is granted to ensure the health and wellness of participants within OHF sanctioned
programming by verifying that independent operators are conducting sporting activities that are in line
with the required health and safety guidelines.
Should the OHF identify an individual who has participated in a program that may be operating contrary
to Ontario Government Regulations or the protocols of the appropriate Public Health Unit, the OHF will
conduct a review of the program and render a decision on the participant’s eligibility within OHF
sanctioned programming.

The document OHF_Bulletin_-__Participation_in_Non-Government_Compliant_Programs.pdf was attached to this post.

TMHA is looking for used 34inch (2 plus, or 1 plus) goalie pads. If you know anyone who may have some to sell please let our equipment manager know.


A huge thank you to our local Tim Hortons owner John Healey for donating collectible mini sticks to all TMHA players this season. Each coach will also receives a collectible hockey mug. The sticks were given out at our U-7 session this afternoon with many more to come. The kids are rocking their new Tim Horton Jerseys too!

Please continue to support our local Tim Hortons business on Riverside Drive, Timmins Square and South Porcupine. #thanksJohn #timmies


Players, parents, coaches and volunteers are asked to please review the City of Timmins arena guidelines. These will be strictly enforced at all times. Anyone found violating any of these regulations will face sanctions from TMHA. The City of Timmins has Zero tolerance! Failure to follow guidelines and policies could result in immediate ejection from the facility and future booking privileges revoked.

The document Arena_COVID_Guildelines.pdf was attached to this post.

TMHA is very pleased to enter its third month of on ice programming tonight. TMHA convenors, coaches and scheduler have been working non-stop to ensure we provide everyone with a coordinated and safe environment for hockey. With only two rinks open in the City at the present time, ensuring everyone had an opportunity for ice was a challenging process however with the efforts and collaboration of the four hockey associations, we now have a schedule posted from Oct 1-16. After this time, the City will open a third rink which will allow for more available timeslots. We understand that some of the scheduled times and days are not the most desirable for some, however, please be patient as we wait for additional ice to open up. Wishing everyone a continued safe return to hockey.

The October schedule and game play rules are posted in the menu above under October Programming.