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Welcome back parents!

Posted by Timmins Minor Hockey Association at Nov 2, 2020 8:40PM PST

Saturday, November 7th is TMHA parent return to the rink day! Welcome back Mom or Dad. Please review the guidelines under November programming. Wishing everyone a safe return.

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Revised arena guidelines

Posted by Timmins Minor Hockey Association at Oct 30, 2020 1:43PM PDT

The City of Timmins released a revised version of their Arena guidelines which can be found on our website under November Programming. These revised guidelines permit one parent per child to be in the arena, however the City needs to approve TMHAs safety plan before parents are permitted in the arenas. PHU also inform these plans as well. TMHA submitted its safety plan to the City yesterday and we are waiting for approval. Until such time the plan is approved, parents are not permitted in the arena. The approval will likely not occur until next week.
We hope this provides clarification to our membership. As soon as we receive approval, this will be communicated to everyone here.

The TMHA Board have appointed a new Administrator.

The document TMHA_October_2020_Bulletin.pdf was attached to this post.

In review of the current hockey environment within Ontario, the Ontario Hockey Federation Board of
Directors have ruled that independent of the OHF Non-Sanctioned League policy the OHF in their sole and
unfettered discretion have the authority to restrict the registration and or participation of any individual
within their program that is deemed to have participated in a program that contravenes Ontario
Government Regulations or the protocols of the appropriate Public Health Unit or any amendment made
by the Ontario Government or a Public Health Unit.
Such decision to restrict registration and or participation may consider, but is not limited to:
• Cohort/league size
• Cohort/league transition protocols
• Physical contact rules/regulations or the adherence to such rules that do not align with that of
the Ontario Hockey Federation
This further authority is granted to ensure the health and wellness of participants within OHF sanctioned
programming by verifying that independent operators are conducting sporting activities that are in line
with the required health and safety guidelines.
Should the OHF identify an individual who has participated in a program that may be operating contrary
to Ontario Government Regulations or the protocols of the appropriate Public Health Unit, the OHF will
conduct a review of the program and render a decision on the participant’s eligibility within OHF
sanctioned programming.

The document OHF_Bulletin_-__Participation_in_Non-Government_Compliant_Programs.pdf was attached to this post.

TMHA is looking for used 34inch (2 plus, or 1 plus) goalie pads. If you know anyone who may have some to sell please let our equipment manager know.