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New Softball Program

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The 4 division in the Baseball Program are as follows:

T-Ball - Players born in 2013 or 2014 - (Considered 4 and 5 year old)

Farm - Players born in 2010 or 2011 - (Considered 6 and 7 year old)

Minors - Players born May 2010 to December 2009, 2008, 2007 (Considered 8, 9 and 10 year old)

Majors - Players born 2003 and 2004 and May 2008 to December 2006, 2005 (Considered 10, 11 and 12 year old)

Players in Minors and Majors will need to tryout for Team and Division Placement. Please note Age does not gaurantee a specific division.

T- Ball - Practices are Wednesday and games are Saturday morning. Farm, Minor and Major division practices and games dates vary.
For questions, please contact the Player agent at
The Bergenfield Little League is proud to announce the Softball Program open to Girls age 7 to 14.
The League is now accepting registration for the following age groups:


Little League softball link 
Minor League 
 Minor League Softball is for participants 7-11 years old and can be operated with multiple divisions that are based on age and/or ability. Divisions may include "machine pitch," "coach pitch" and "player pitch." By local option, a player who is league age 5 or 6 for the current season and has played a year in Tee Ball is eligible for the coach pitch or machine pitch minor divisions. A local league might organize its 7-8-year-olds in the Coach Pitch Division and its 9-10-year-olds in the Player Pitch division; however, by local option, some of the 9-year-olds could "play down" in the coach pitch division, and some of the 8-year-olds could "play up." This is entirely the choice of the local league board of directors. (League age 12-year-olds may participate in the Minor Division under certain circumstances.) There is no minimum or maximum composition for rosters, but most leagues have rosters in the 8-12 range. Competitive divisions of Minor League Softball may only use nine players on defense. The diamond has 60-foot base paths and a 35 foot pitching distance. 
Major Division 
Little League (Major Division) The Little League Softball® division (sometimes known as the Major Division) is for players ages 9-12. A local league may choose to limit its Major Division to 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds, or 11-12-year-olds. The field uses a 60-foot diamond and a 40 foot pitching distance. A local league may dual-roster 12-year-olds, assessed capable, to a Major and a Junior division softball teams. The local league has an option to choose a Tournament Team (or "All Stars") of 10-to-12-year-olds from within this division, and the team may enter the International Tournament. The culmination of the International Tournament is the Girls Little League Softball World Series, featuring teams from around the globe. All expenses for the teams advancing to the World Series (travel, meals, and housing) are paid by Little League International. IMPORTANT: A local league must only have ONE Major Division. For instance, if the local league has all 11-12 year olds in the Majors, and all 9-10s in another division, then the 9-10s MUST be considered a Minor Division. 
IMPORTANT: A local league must only have ONE Major Division. For instance, if the local league has all 11-12 year olds in the Majors, and all 9-10s in another division, then the 9-10s MUST be considered a Minor Division. 
Junior Division  
The Junior League Softball division is a program for players ages 12-14, and uses a conventional 60-foot diamond with a 43 foot pitching distance. The local league has an option to choose a Tournament Team (or "All Stars") of 12-14-year-olds from within this division (and/or from within the Girls Senior League Softball Division), and the team may enter the International Tournament. The culmination of the International Tournament is the Junior League Softball World Series, featuring teams from around the globe. All expenses for the teams advancing to the World Series (travel, meals, and housing) are paid by Little League International. 
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In Memoriam - Danny Glover

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Danny Glover

On behalf of the players, volunteers and members of the Bergenfield Little League, we send our deepest sympathies to the entire Glover family. Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow.

In death, Bergenfield star athlete helps former coach

Wednesday, February 1, 2012    Last updated: Thursday February 2, 2012, 7:04 PM

Bergenfield High School wrestlers have a singular goal: "To be like Dan."

Dan Glover was a three-sport threat but had his greatest success on the mat. He was Bergenfield's first wrestler to crack 100 wins and went on to wrestle at Ursinus College. He returned often to his old high school to work with younger wrestlers and last year served as assistant coach.
Now, his legacy lives on in a way no one in Bergenfield could have imagined.

The 24-year-old son of Raymond and Karyn Glover died Monday at Paoli (Pa.) Hospital, nine days after his car hit a truck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Doctors harvested Dan's organs, corneas and bone, and on Tuesday, Ed Mooney, Dan's former Little League baseball coach, received the liver at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. A local benefit was held last year for the ailing Mooney, president of the Little League-affiliated Junior-Senior League in Bergenfield.

Karyn Glover said she and her husband thought of Mooney, whom the family has known for years, after it became clear that "Danny wasn't going to come back to us." The liver and blood type — A — were a perfect match. Dan would have wanted this, his mother said. That was his nature.

The young athlete gave blood regularly and had registered as a bone marrow donor. Karyn Glover underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2008 as part of her cancer treatment. Her sister was the donor.
"Danny would have been so proud," Karyn Glover said through tears Wednesday. "He gave someone life."
Dan began wrestling at age 5. His father, who also wrestled at Bergenfield, introduced him to the sport — although "introduced" may not be strong enough a word.

"He drilled it into us," Dan told a Record sports reporter in 2004. "He said nobody is going to grow up in my house wasting their talents."

Dan — a 125-pounder as a senior — amassed 109 victories and was a two-time Bergen Holiday Tournament champ. His success was remarkable given that he focused also on football (receiver and defensive back) and baseball (second baseman).

Kevin Manning, Bergenfield High School wrestling coach, said Dan was personable and had a great work ethic. All the other wrestlers, he said, "wanted to be like Dan."
At Ursinus, Dan majored in exercise and sport science. The young man who loved The Who and Bruce Springsteen and enjoyed landscaping and construction work had entertained thoughts of going to nursing school or joining the Peace Corps, his parents said. At the time of his death, he was working in operations at the Troegs Brewery in Hershey, Pa.

On Jan. 21, Dan set out for the funeral of a college pal who had died of cancer. It was snowing.
"I was going to call him that morning and say, Danny, please don't go, it's bad out, but my son was such a good man. He would have gone anyway," Karyn Glover said.

Just after 10 a.m., Dan's 1998 Buick LeSabre went of control on the slush-covered Pennsylvania Turnpike, in Uwchlan Township, and struck the rear of a tractor-trailer stopped along the right berm, according to the Pennsylvania State Police.

Dan was wearing his lap and shoulder belt. The trucker, from Miami, was not injured.

Dozens of former teammates came to Dan's bedside in Paoli. A recovery was not meant to be, and on Sunday, representatives of the Philadelphia area's Gift of Life program met with the Glovers.
Two days later, Dan's old Little League coach was wheeled into surgery.
Mooney, 52, was in intensive care and doing well, his girlfriend, Kathy Wexler, said Wednesday.

"It's extremely bittersweet. Ed coached the boy and it was very hard for him," Wexler said. "He gets to live, but we lost a great kid."

In addition to his parents, Dan Glover is survived by his sister, Kristian.

Visiting is today and Friday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. at Riewerts Memorial Home, Bergenfield. The funeral Mass will be said Saturday at 9:30 a.m. at Our Lady of Mount Carmel R.C. Church, Tenafly.

Bergenfield coach grateful for Gift of Life

Saturday, February 4, 2012
Last updated: Sunday February 5, 2012, 4:23 PM


Bergenfield baseball coach Ed Mooney said it broke me big time when he received word that the liver he desperately needed was available  and that it was from one of his former players, who died of injuries suffered in a car crash.

How do you say thank you and Im sorry at the same time? Mooney remembers saying.

The 52-year-old Mooney said Dan Glover, 24, was just the sort of person who would donate his organs.

Im not shocked Danny did something like this, he said.

Mooney spoke by telephone from his room at New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Saturday night, four days after he received Glovers liver in a 12-hour transplant operation.

Glover, a star wrestler at Bergenfield High School and Pennsylvanias Ursinus College, died Monday at a hospital in southeastern Pennsylvania, where he had been since the Jan. 21 accident. Earlier Saturday, he was eulogized at Mount Carmel R.C. Church in Tenafly as a compassionate and giving young man and a Bergenfield hometown hero.

Mooney, a longtime Little League official in Bergenfield and junior-varsity baseball coach at Bergen Catholic High School, coached Glover in Little League more than a decade ago. Mooney also volunteered with Bergenfield Highs wrestling program when Glover was setting records as the schools first wrestler to break the mark for 100 career wins.

Now, coach and athlete are linked in the most personal and profound of ways.

This makes me want to live for more than one person  for me and for Danny, and all the people who can see that miracles can happen, Mooney said.

It was indeed a miracle. The odds of the organ being a match were minuscule.

Mooney was diagnosed with cirrhosis five years ago and was placed on the waiting list for a liver last summer. He said he was far down the list and was told I would get sicker as my life progressed without a transplant.

Glovers parents, Raymond and Karyn, met last Sunday with representatives of the Gift of Life Donor Program. They knew then that Dans death was imminent.

Dan Glover, a regular blood donor, had checked off the organ-donor box on his drivers license. His parents mentioned they knew someone in their town, Mooney, who was ailing and needed a liver.

We were told not to get our hopes up because the likelihood of compatibility was so slim, Karyn Glover said Friday. But the stars aligned.

All states allow a person or family to direct an organ to a specific person needing one.

What we do is check if the person is on a waiting list, if both individuals are compatible [body size and blood type] and if the surgeon taking care of the patient [needing the organ] thinks the organ is a match, said Howard Nathan, president and CEO of Gift of Life, the organ and tissue procurement and transplant network for eastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey and Delaware.

Dan Glover and his former coach were indeed a match  right down to their type-A blood.

Nathan said less than 1 percent of the nearly 1,200 organ transplants his organization coordinated last year involved an organ directed to a person known to the donor or donors family.

If Glover and Mooney had not been a match, the liver would have gone to someone in our region, Nathan said.

Doctors also harvested Glovers heart, lungs, pancreas, corneas, bone, ligaments and skin tissue, the Glovers said. Nathan said Friday that he could not discuss the destination of those organs and tissues.

In his remarks at Glovers funeral Saturday morning, the Very Rev. Leonard J. Gilman told the hundreds of mourners that 50 or more people have found life through Danny.

About 110,000 people in the United States, including 4,700 in New Jersey, are on organ and tissue waiting lists, according to the New Jersey Sharing Network, Gift of Lifes counterpart in this region.

Mooney said he knew that Glover, who worked at a Hershey, Pa., brewery, had been in a devastating accident. Glovers 1998 Buick struck the rear of truck stopped on the Pennsylvania Turnpike during a snowstorm.

Mooney said Karyn Glover left him a phone message last Sunday to say that her son was not going to make it and that Danny wants to give me the gift of life. When Mooney called back, he reached Dan Glovers sister, Kristian. She asked Mooney his blood type and cried when it was the same blood type as her brother.

Mooney said he could be out of the hospital this week and hopes to meet with the Glovers.

Im not sure Im going to be able to hold back the tears when I see them, he said. Therell be sorrow first, but its great that I got this liver. Then again, it came from a 24-year-old kid. Ill give them as many hugs as possible.

Mooney, a former recycling inspector for Prospect Park, has coached baseball for 31 years. He kept up with his former player and worked with him last year when Glover served as Bergenfield Highs assistant wrestling coach.

Danny was up there with some of the best  but I loved all the kids I coached, he said.

Mooney, a 1977 Bergenfield graduate, runs the borough Little Leagues Junior/Senior League and kept on coaching while battling liver disease. A benefit in July raised more than $20,000 toward his medical expenses.

Now, hes eager to get back to doing what he loves.

Ill be on the third base coach side this spring, waving them in, he said.



By ABC News

Feb 6, 2012 2:12pm

Tragedy, and Luck, Leads to Miracle Organ Transplant for Coach

Since he was diagnosed with cirrhosis five years ago, Ed Mooney knew that if he didn’t get a liver transplant soon he’d be in serious danger. “I probably had a million people ahead of me. My sister got denied as a donor, my brother had his paperwork in and if I didn’t [find] a donor in  him, I basically was going to stay on a list, and my surgeon said I’d keep getting sicker and sicker,” Mooney told ABC News.

What the 52-year old baseball coach from Bergenfield, N.J., needed was a match, in other words, a miracle. He just never thought the miracle would come from such a tragedy. That’s where Dan Glover comes in. The 24-year old was a former star wrestler at Bergenfield High School and a player on Mooney’s Little League baseball team. He was the kind of player a coach never forgets. “He wasn’t a big kid, but he was all heart.” Mooney said.

Glover died last week from injuries he endured  in a car crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. And thanks to an unbelievable twist of fate, his liver went to his former coach. “This makes me want to live for more than one person –  for me and for Danny, and all the people who can see that miracles can happen,” Mooney said from his bed at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Mooney hopes to return home this week. When he does, he’ll finally have a chance to talk to Glover’s family, a conversation he knows will be difficult for both sides. But Glover’s sacrifice will never be forgotten by Mooney, but he knows this isn’t about him. He says, “It’s about the selfless act of a young kid who wanted to give life to others.”

Which is exactly what Glover did. His organs went to at least 50 people.


  CLICK HERE to hear news coverage on 1010 WINS  

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2011 Minor Division Rules of Play
Pre-Game Responsibility
Only Bergenfield Little League issued uniforms and hats are allowed. No modifications are permitted.
Ensure your team uses undamaged, approved equipment.
Bats shall not be more than 33" in length nor more than 2-1/4" in diameter. All non-wood bats shall be printed with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.15 or less.
Composite bats are prohibited unless there is a waiver by Little League International, thereby; each Manager is responsible to carry an updated list of approved bats.
Absolutely no children and non-certified adults are allowed on the playing fields and dugout area.
No more than (4) coaches total (Manager plus three Coaches) are allowed on field at any one time.
All coaches must be paid active members with the league; completed a volunteer application and been approved with their background check process; and completed/renewed a Rutgers Safety certification in order to be on the field during practices/games.
Each team must have a volunteer adult for the concession stand help when playing games at Hickey field. The home team must provide one volunteer for the fifty-fifty raffle and for Score Board / Announcing.
No one under the age of 16 shall be allowed to be in the Announce Booth on Hickey or Staunton Fields without being accompanied by an adult.
Starting the Game
Eight players are the minimum you can play with. Any other Minor Division Team, or a “Call-up” player from the Farm Division may provide additional players to reach 8 players, or more, to avoid a forfeit.
Defensive team will play with 10 players in the field. Note, when (10) Players are present, the team must position (4) Players at the start of each pitched ball in the outfield grass.
All games start AS SCHEDULED, however, if the umpire is not there the game should be started with mutual agreement amongst Coaches to umpire the game.
No inning of any game may start less than 15 Minutes PRIOR to the start time of the next game.
* Managers must contact the BLL Player Agent to request to “bring up” a player from the Farm Division to play in a Minor Division game.
All players present at the game are to be placed in a continuous batting order, unless you have a discipline problem. If this should occur, advise the opposing Manager before the stat of the game. If a player arrives late to the game, that player will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.
All players must play a minimum of 6 defensive outs, or 2 innings (non consecutive) in the field, when inning play allows.
Should a player have to leave the game, during the game for other obligations, or injury/sickness, that player’s at-bat position is skipped and there is no penalty to the team.
If a player gets hurt during the game, that player is allowed to miss 1 at bat.  If that player misses 2 at bats that player is out of the game and can not return.
A player may only coach first base and ALL players must wear a protective helmet when on the field coaching a base, or assisting outfielders during warm-up time.
If your catcher is on-base, and there are 2 defensive outs, the offensive team may request to bring their catcher off the field. The last player that made a batted out will take his position as the base runner.
Base Stealing
If a batter gains a base-on-balls, there is NO "touch & run" play for that player. This play is when a player runs to first base and continues onto to second base without any further pitch thrown.
* There is no advancing to first base on a dropped third strike.
A runner may steal either 2nd or 3rd base, but not both on one continual play. (There is no further advancement for a base runner after successfully stealing 2nd base.)
NEW: A runner may not steal home until after May 1st; meaning, the base runner on third base cannot advance to home under any overthrow situation, or missed ball scenario made with the pitcher and catcher.  Home plate must be an earned on a batted ball or a bases loaded walk.
    After May 1st, a base runner may steal home base only once per inning:
Minor League games; there will be only 1 steal of home base per inning. Included are situations where any base runner advancing from 2nd base to 3rd base and the base runner continues to home base during the continuation of the play, or on the catcher's overthrown ball, will count as an unearned advancement of home base for that inning.
• There is NO leading off base, and a base runner must wait for pitch to “break the plane” of the front edge of home plate before leaving their base.
The Slide or Avoid rules apply to all bases.  During ALL attempted plays made on a base runner at home plate, the runner must slide or may be called out at the discretion of the umpire.
Length of Game
Don’t start an inning after 7:45PM during the first game, 9:45PM during the second game.
5 runs maximum may be scored in any 1 inning. The Playoff rules will be reviewed on this issue.
Any combination of (3) Base-on-balls or hit-by-pitcher, in any consecutive order, will count for (1) defensive out awarded in that inning for the defensive team. However, the third out recorded out of the inning must be earned by the defensive team.
Intentional walks are not permitted in Little League.
Mercy Rule: The game is ended by the trailing team when they are behind by 10 or more runs after their 4th turn at-bat. 
Pitching Rules
The manager must remove the pitcher when said pitcher reaches the limit for his/her age:
There are no 12 yr. old players allowed to pitch.
Age Pitches
11 yr. old-         85 pitches max per day
9-10 yr. old-      75 pitches max per day
7- 8 yr. old-       50 pitches max per day
Exception: If a pitcher reaches the limit imposed in Regulation VI (c) for his/her league age while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until any one of the following conditions occurs: 1. That batter reaches base; 2. That batter is put out; 3. The third out is made to complete the half-inning.
A player who plays the “Catcher position” for any part of 4 innings may not be entered the game in the “Pitcher position”; and, any player playing the “Pitcher position” who throws (41) or more pitches in a game can not play the “Cather position” for the remainder of that game.
Pitchers that are league age 11 and under must adhere to the following rest requirements:
o If a player pitches 66 or more pitches in a day, four (4) calendar days of rest must be observed.
o If a player pitches 51 - 65 pitches in a day, three (3) calendar days of rest must be observed.
o If a player pitches 36 - 50 pitches in a day, two (2) calendar days of rest must be observed.
o If a player pitches 21 - 35 pitches in a day, one (1) calendar days of rest must be observed.
o If a player pitches 01- 20 pitches in a day, no (0) calendar day of rest is required.
A manager is allowed 2 trips to the mound per inning, if he makes a third trip in the same inning, the pitcher must be removed.
Any player removed from the mound for any reason during a game may not return to the mound for the remainder of that game.
Coach/Player Conduct
No food allowed in dugouts.
No swinging of bats allowed in dugout areas of the on-deck area.
Coaches must keep all players in the dugouts.
Coaches are expected to keep their players under control at all times. This includes prohibiting inappropriate language and rude or excessive chanting/cheering. Teams must not cheer, or make loud sounds, once a pitcher reaches their set position on the mound.
Each team shall adhere to the BLL Code of Conduct; coaches are responsible for the actions of their teams. Coaches shall notify the Administrator or a Board Member if needed. Disciplinary measures will be reviewed on an as needed basis.
Umpiring calls are final, if a discussion or question is needed; only the Manager is allowed to approach the umpire to request a clarification on the umpires ruling. If a call is changed, both coaches shall be informed.
Please show the respect to these individuals that you would want for your own children. If there are any issues, discuss it off the field, after the game with a Board Member present.
* Please try to speed up the game in between innings. Managers have your changes made before the ½ innings are over to make the transitions. 
Post-Game Responsibility
Each team is responsible for ensuring their respective dugouts are kept clean and all empty drink bottles are deposit in the trash receptacles.
Both teams are responsible for light raking of the infield areas following the game.
** These rules adopted in the 2011 Season will remain in effect until any changes are presented in writing and submitted to the Bergenfield Little League Board for approval and amendment.
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BLL Challenger Division

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Bergenfield Little League

Challenger Division Embarks on its 22st Season

Players learn much more than just baseball skills... it's a time for smilling and having fun!

The Challenger Division was created in 1989 and started in Bergenfield in 1991, as a separate division of Little League Baseball to enable children with special needs to participate in America's national pastime - baseball. Today, more than 30,000 children participate in more than 900 Challenger Divisions worldwide.

It is our goal to teach the children teamwork, fair play, discipline, and to strengthen their self-esteem in a structured environment. This program allows the children the same chance to participate and enjoy the full benefits of little league baseball as their siblings and friends. We are committed to giving these challenged children a chance to develop and learn baseball in a safe enviroment. Our BLL Challenger program is for physically and mentally disabled youth, ages 7-22.

If you have children interested in signing up for the Challenger Baseball programs or would like to volunteer your time to our program, please contact our Player Agent at for more information. 


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BLLN Sports Desk - 2012 Playoff Report

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Congratulations to the 2012 CHAMPIONS!


Minor Division - DPW




     Major Division - Optimist  


2012 BLL Playoff Update 6/21 

Minor Division

 In a hard fought game, Pyramid was eliminated last night by PBA. The loss was bitter sweet as they received the trophies for capturing the first place spot in the division for 2012. Congratulation to all the coaches and players!

Our championship match-up is set for tonight on Hickey Field with the ‘G-Men” DPW taking on PBA for the 2012 Minor League finals starting at 5:30pm.

 Major Division

Optimist momentum was stalled by a fighting Knights team to prevent the sweep; the series stands at 3-1 They meet again tonight night on Hickey as the march continues to the 2012 Major League Championship.



Playoff Update 6/19

Minor Division

Pyramid lost to DPW due to a pitching issue; they are scheduled to play PBA on 6/20 at 6pm on Staunton to decide who will be in the Minor Division Championship finals this Thursday. The  Championship Game has been moved to on Hickey at 5:30pm.  If the Majors are still playing, they will play at 8pm.

Major Division

Optimist continue their winning streak, defeating the Knights for the third win in a row. They again meet Wednesday night on Hickey looking to sweep for the 2012 Major League Championship.

Prior to the start of the Major Division game; there will be a special ceremony to announce this year’s recipient of The 2012 Danny Glover Scholarship.

Come down to the field and get ready for a exciting evening of Bergenfield Little League Baseball!

2012 BLL Playoff Update 6/19

Major Division

The Knights fell to Optimist on Monday in the first game of the finals. They meet again tomorrow at 8:15pm (due to 8th grade graduation).

Minor Division 

PBA eliminated Scotts Graphics to move on in the playoffs; they now await the outcome of tomorrow's DPW vrs. Pyramid game on Staunton at 6pm.


 2012 BLL Playoff Update 6/17

This week's schedule

Monday, June 18th

6:30pm -Scott Graphics vs. PBA Staunton

7:45-Optimist vs. Knights Hickey 

Tuesday, June 19th

6:00pm - DPW vs. Pyramid Staunton

8:15-Optimist vs. Knights Hickey. (due to 8th grade graduation) 

Wednesday, June 20th

6:00pm -Minors Staunton

7:45pm-Optimist vs. Knights Hickey 

Thursday, June 21st

6:00pm- Minors Staunton

8:00pm-Optimist vs. Knights Hickey
2012 BLL Playoff Update 6/16

Pyramid won a great come from behind victory today vrs PBA to move on into the next round of the Minor Division playoffs. Pyramid will face DPW on 6/19 at 6:30pm.

Bergen Spine fought to stay alive but was ultimately defeated by Scott Graphics who proceeds to meet PBA on 6/18 at 6:30pm.

Great job by both team!


2012 BLL Playoff Update 6/15

Major Division

The Knights eliminated the repeat quest for The Elks; Knights won the series to move on to the champoinship round facing Optimist on Monday on Hickey at 7:45pm.

Minor Division 

PBA vrs Pyramid was rescheduled for tomorrow Saturday at 10:00am on Hickey. 

Scotts Graphics rallied and won over L&H. Scott's Graphics meet Bergen Spine tomorrow Saturday 6/16 start time 12:00pm on Hickey.

2012 BLL Playoff Update 6/14

No Major Division Games today

Minor Division - L&H fell to PBA to close out the first round of the playoff bracket. The "Green Machine" Bergen Spine were defeated by the second seed "G-Men" DPW to start round two of the playoffs. Stay tuned for updates on this weekends schedule! Great job winning teams... Go Bergenfield!

2012 BLL Playoff Update 6/13

Major Division - Optimist eliminated the playoff hopes for the Lions. The Elks won vrs Knights; series is tied at 1. Elks/knights play again Friday.

Minor Division - Bergen Spine win over Scotts Graphics and move on to face DPW in round 2 tomorrow start time 6:30pm on Hickey; Pyramid to play winner of  L&H vs. PBA on Friday.

Congratulations to all the teams!

Playoff Update - 6/13

Tonight's schedule looks like this...

B. Spine vs. Scott Graphics  Hickey 5:30

L&H vs. PBA                            Staunton 5:30

Optimist vs. Lions                  Hickey 7:45-8:00

Elks vs. Knights                       Staunton 7:45-8:00


2012 Playoff Brackets - as of 6/12

Minor Division

To download a PDF of the

2012 Minor Division Playoff bracket  CLICK HERE

2012 Regular Season Final Standings:

1. Optimist
2. Elks
3. Knights
4. Rotary
5. Lions
6. VFW

Playoff Update - Major Division  

The second round of the playoffs will begin Monday June 11.

As of now Elks vs. Knights and Optimist will play winner of Friday nights game Rotary vs. Lions.  Both games on Monday will start at 6pm since the Membership meeting is 8:30.  Game two will be played on Wednesday 5:45 & 7:45 and if need be Friday same times. The Championship series will start Monday June 18th and play 5 consecutive days if need be, best 3 out of 5.