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2007 Tustin City Tournament Results

Posted by Charles Kibby at Jun 8, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
2007 Tustin City Tournament Winners Majors - TW Cardinals AAA - TE Red Sox AA - TW Astros A - TE Cardinals
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Field Locations for Orange City Tournament

Posted by Charles Kibby at May 28, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Anaheim Hills West Little League
5125 E Gerda Dr
Anaheim CA
92807-3009 US

Fields are located between Crescent Middle School and Crescent Elementary School
Go down the hill between the schools and you will see the fields

Olive Little League

2900 N Glassell St
Orange CA
92865-1004 US

Fields are located at Olive Park on Glassell St. just North of Lincoln Ave.

Orange Little League
270 N Palm Dr
Orange CA
92868-2428 US

Fields are located behind Portola Middle School and to the right of the school parking Lot

North Sunrise Little League
2100 E Oakmont Ave
Orange CA
92867 US
Fields are located to your right when you enter the Handy Park parking Lot

South Sunrise Little League

345 S Prospect St
Orange CA
92869-4825 US

Fields are located at McPherson Athletic Fields which is on Prospect and to the right side of McPherson Magnet School
Villa Park Little League

17852 Serrano Ave
Villa Park CA
92861-1214 US

Fields are located to the right side of Cerro Villa Middle School
LITTLE LEAGUE WESTERN REGION ALUMNI ASSOCIATION TO AWARD SCHOLARSHIPS view full size The Western Region Little League Umpire Alumni Association (WRLLUAA) was founded and remains dedicated to promoting, and educating through training, the Volunteer Little League Umpire. The young volunteer umpire in Little League is the future of the umpire program. He or she must be well prepared to carry the torch into the future. It is through knowledge and training that the young volunteer umpire will be best prepared for a long and successful Volunteer Little League career. To best promote these ideals, the WRLLUAA has set aside ten (10) full scholarships to the Junior Umpire School to be held at the Western Region Headquarters (open to individuals between 13-17 years of age) scheduled for June 23-29, 2007. The scholarship application must be completed and returned to the address provided on the form by May 15, 2007. A committee established by the Board of Directors of the WRLLUAA will determine the scholarship recipients. Scholarship recipients will be notified if they qualified by June 1, 2007, and will have tuition for the school paid directly to the Western Region or reimbursed if the student has already made payment. Scholarships will go only to individual umpires and not to local leagues or districts. To download a copy of the Scholarship Guidelines, and also the Scholarship Application, click on the links below. Junior Umpire School Scholarship Guidelines Scholarship Application Form Junior Umpire Scholl Scholarship Guidelines Junior Umpire School Scholarship Application
League President's, UIC's and those that know interested Junior Umpires. With the end of season fast approaching, something that each league might want to consider is sending someone to the Western Region's Junior Umpire School this June. This program will provide the student with a fun filled week, while generating a quality junior umpire. They will come back trained and ready to umpire, just in time for the Allstar games. Each Little League Board might want to consider budgeting the Clinic fee ($275.00), so that you can sent a deserving Junior Umpire. Below is information about this clinic and a scholarship program that is available through LITTLE LEAGUE WESTERN REGION ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. WESTERN REGIONAL CLINICS Many different clinics are held at the Western Regional Headquarters during the year. Click here to view and download a one page view of the Western Region Training Schedule, with dates and costs, of all clinics offered for 2006-2007. Registration Forms must be recieved by Western Region Headquarters ten (10) days prior to the clinic date requested. No walk-in registrations will be accepted. Click on registration form to apply for any of the clinics listed below. To view a discription of the clinics offered, please click on one of the links below to find out more information about the clinic you are interested in: JUNIOR UMPIRE SCHOOL June 23 - 29, 2007 Get a map and directions to the Regional Center, click here. Handout: Clinic Registration Form Wednesday, September 13 JUNIOR UMPIRE SCHOOL view full size The Western Region Junior Umpire School will be held from June 23 – 29, 2007. This school is designed for umpire’s ages 13 – 18 years of age. Each student will receive videotaped plate instruction throughout the week. Regional School Instructors, as well as Instructors that graduated from the Junior Umpire School will provide the training. We suggest that leagues may wish to sponsor their young volunteer umpires for this training. The local league, as a result, will be rewarded by the information and experience that these umpires bring back to your league. They will be experienced and confident to equip, train, and mentor other umpires in your league. This will be a positive investment for the league as well as the student umpire, and the league will recover its investment many times over. The school includes; meals, dormitory style housing, trip to a professional baseball game, and many more activities and fun. Registration has already begun, but there’s still a few spaces left. The class is limited to 60 participants, so sign up today! The total cost of the school is $275.00. Registration is from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday June 23rd and Graduation will be on Friday June 29th at 11 a.m. For questions and sign-up information, please contact the Regional Office at 909-887-6444. The school co-coordinator's are John Mette and Lee Batterman Also, for more information about the school, you can email Danny Robbins at
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Pitch Count Rule Change

Posted by Charles Kibby at Mar 17, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Below is some updated information on the Pitch Count Regulation. As has been mentioned before this Regulation looks to be a work in progress for the benefit of Little League pitchers. On 3/14/07, LL made a Change to Regulation VI (c). Little League International made a change, effective immediately, to Regulation, VI (c) as published in the 2007 Regulations and Playing rules for all levels of baseball as noted below. As originally published, the regulation allowed a pitcher - who has reached the limit imposed by the regulation - to return in the following inning to complete pitching to a batter when that batter did not reach base, or was not retired, in the previous inning. Old wording for the exception to Regulation, VI (c) Exception: If a pitcher reaches the limit imposed in regulation VI (c) for his/her league age while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until that batter reaches base, or was not retired, or is put out. ... New wording for the exception to Regulation, VI (c) Exception: If a pitcher reaches the limit imposed in regulation VI (c) for his/her league age while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch to that batter until any one of the following conditions occurs: 1. That batter reaches base; 2. That batter is put out; 3. The third out is made to complete the half-inning... Details here Please past this information to anyone that maybe interested. Thank you Have a good season. Dayton J. Adams Ass't UIC, CA District 30 Cell: 714) 305-5832 Home: 714) 771-2789 Work: 714) 528-2665