Posted by Keith Waninger on Nov 24 2006 at 04:00PM PST
Each year it seems as if players may out grow a bat, a glove or some other piece of equipment. It's still in pretty good shape, but can no longer be used by your son. Now there is a place where you can post those "out grown" items for sale and turn those items into cash to help offset the cost of a new item you may need to purchase. This can be done on the "new" Spikes want ad webpage on this site. Just click on the "Sports Items For Sale/Want To Buy Ads" on the left menu. These postings may also help another player pick up a good piece of equipment at a reduced cost helping offset the expenses incurred in travel baseball. Postings are welcomed from "other" teams and organizations as well as Spikes members. ....You can even post a "wanted ad" if you are looking for something particular.... Just read and follow the directions after "clicking" on the menu. image


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