Commissioner's Comments

Posted by robert hopkins on Jul 29 2004 at 05:00PM PDT
The first day of practice is August 23rd, 2004. Your athlete will have an easier time adjusting to conditioning drills if he or she has been involved in aerobic activity over the summer. Encourage your football player to get involved in running, biking, or swimming whenever possible. The League game-sock supplier is your local "Soccer Connections" outlet. There is one at 312 Grand Avenue in WDM and one located at 3029 100th Street, Urbandale. Pickup several pairs as they tend to become "missing in action" during the year. Soccer Connections staff know which sock you need according to team and will also provide a discount on the purchase price. League Insurance Rules and WDM School District Facility Use Guidelines will allow only LEAGUE-APPROVED persons on the field during games. If you are not a coach, assistant coach, referee, member of the chain-gang, or other authorized individual you will be asked to leave. In two short years the West Des Moines "Little-Pro" Youth Football League has become the premiere youth football league in the State of Iowa thanks to everyone involved. We have great athletes, great parents and fans, a gorgeous stadium, and phenominal support from the WDM School District and WDM Parks Department. Co-Commissioner Brad Hopkins and I are committed to making your experience in the West Des Moines Youth Football League one that you will reflect on positively for many years to come. Thank you for putting personal time and energy into youth sports. I know from personal experience that doing so is an investment that pays a lifetime of rewards. David Murillo WDMLPYFL Inc.Commissioner


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