2005 Final League Standings

Posted by robert hopkins on Oct 25 2005 at 05:00PM PDT
2005 Final League Standings Junior Division: WDM Lions Carroll Cardinals Carroll Panthers WDM Packers WDM Jaguars Waukee Gold Ravens ADM Red Falcons Norwalk Vikings WDM Bengals Waukee Purple Ravens ADM White Falcons Jefferson Blue Rams Jefferson Gold Rams WDM 49ers 5th Grade Division: Waukee Purple Ravens Carroll Panthers WDM Packers Carroll Cardinals Norwalk Vikings WDM Chiefs Jefferson Rams ADM Falcons WDM Bengals Waukee Gold Ravens 6th Grade Division: WDM Lions Waukee Ravens WDM Packers Carroll Panthers Norwalk Vikings Carroll Cardinals WDM 49ers ADM Red Falcons WDM Jaguars ADM White Falcons WDM Bengals Jefferson Rams 7th Grade Division: Dolphins Bengals Packers 49ers Lions Please Note: All Division teams were ceded for post season play based on their won-loss record in the regular season within their respective Conference with tie-breaking criteria utilized to cede teams with identical regular season records. Conference Champions played for first place in the Division, #2 cedes in each Conference played for third place, #3 Conference cedes played for 5th place, etc. Post season games were included in the website schedules for reference, but the website standings are not reflective of the final standings due to the website's inabilty to differentiate regular season and post season games. Accordingly, some Division Champions that won their first place post season game, may be listed below the team they defeated, contingent upon overall records. Likewise a team may have finished with a victory and/or played in a higher ceded game which placed them ahead of another team with a similar record.


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