WDMLPYFL To Sponsor 7th Grade Program

Posted by robert hopkins on Feb 10 2004 at 04:00PM PST
The Board of Directors for the WDMLPYFL, Inc., recently approved a tentative proposal for the development and implementation of a 7th grade program effective for the Fall 2004 Season. Preliminary plans are to have our 7th grader's mirror the same NFL-look as the younger players. This will allow more versatility and cost-effectiveness with respect to matching equipment as required with Junior and Senior Teams. We have met with WDM school officials and have tentatively identified sufficient stadium time for League expansion to include 7th grade teams. The creation of a League sponsored 7th grade football program will fill a gap and offer a full-contact youth football opportunity that is not currently in existence in WDM. This proposal will be contingent upon adequate participation numbers to support the viability of incorporating a separate, and 7th grade exclusive, division into the pre-existing League structure. Once again, we remind all interested players and coaches for our new proposed 7th grade program to register in a timely manner when registration periods commence. Registration procedures for 7th grade participation will be subject to the same provisions and limitations imposed for regular League Registration, the guidelines of which are expressly stipulated on the Home Page. Please be aware that liability insurance costs increase once athletes reach the 7th grade. The League has no control over this premium escalation, as it is partially attributable to the dynamics associated with bigger and stronger athletes playing full-contact sports. The League has contacted several independent insurance providers and determined that insurance premiums for athletes 13 to 15 years of age are nearly double that of what the League currently provides as supplemental liability coverage for younger participants. The League has no control over premiums associated with specific insurance coverages, which are necessary and mandated to secure facility rental agreements. In light of these considerations, the League Registration Fee for 7th grade participants has been assessed at $180.00.


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