Post Season

Posted by robert hopkins on Oct 25 2004 at 05:00PM PDT
We thank all participants, coaches, parents, officials, fans, and the numerous 'behind the scenes' individuals who made our Regular Season weekends a huge success. For Final Regular Season Standings refer to the site menu. Based on those Standings, all League teams have been seeded for Post-Season play as follows: SATURDAY, 23 OCTOBER 04 Junior Division 1:00 pm Packers vs. Lions 2:15 pm Vikings vs. Bengals 5th Grade Division 3:30 pm Packers vs. Chiefs 4:45 pm 49ers vs. Bengals 6th Grade Division 6:00 pm Packers vs. Jaguars 7:15 pm Bengals vs. Chiefs 7th Grade Division 8:30 pm Bengals vs. Packers SUNDAY, 24 OCTOBER 04 DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES Junior Division 1:00 pm 49ers vs. Jaguars 5th Grade Division 3:00 pm Lions vs. Vikings 6th Grade Division 5:00 pm Dolphins vs. Vikings 7th Grade Division 7:00 pm 49ers vs. Lions Award Presentations will directly follow the conclusion of each scheduled game. NOTE: All Championship Games will utilize a Regulation Clock as opposed to the Continuous Clock application that was used during the Regular Season. Likwise, National Federation High School Rules will govern any Overtime play in Championship Games as opposed to the League adopted Overtime play rules for Regular Season Games. League Pictures are now complete and according to Jolesch Photography, all pictures have been mailed directly to your residence as of October 15th. Please refer any questions or inquires to Jolesch Photography, 2771 104th Street, Urbandale, 278-6500. League Insurance Rules and WDM School District Facility Use Guidelines will allow only League-approved persons on the field during games. If you are not a coach, assistant coach, referee, member of the chain-gang, or other authorized individual you will be asked to leave. This applies also to the west bleachers of the Stadium. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ENTERING THE FIELD OF PLAY OR WEST BLEACHERS FOR ANY REASON. Periodically check all League issued equipment during the season and immediately notify your Head Coach should you discover or identify a potential problem or defect. Be reminded that only League issued equipment may be utilized at all practice sessions and games. The League does not require participants to engage in fund raising activities of any kind, nor do we charge admission fees at any of our events. Being a non-profit organization, revenue sources are subsequently limited to registration fees and proceeds generated from League T-shirt and concession sales. Your patronage of these League Fund Raising Events is welcomed, appreciated and keeps league registration fees to a minimum. We welcome any comments, suggestions or concerns you may have or that may arise during the upcoming season. We will do our best to effectively address any issues raised in a conscientious, timely and impartial manner. The WDMLPYFL thanks you for your continued interest and support and looks forward to providing both you and your athlete a quality youth athletic experience. Please refer to, ' THE TOP 25 - FAQ's ' located in the 'NEWS' section of the site menu for additional information and/or questions.


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