2017 League Registration Information

Posted by robert hopkins on Apr 14 2008 at 05:00PM PDT
FALL 2017 LEAGUE REGISTRATION PERIODS PLEASE REVIEW THIS ENTIRE REGISTRATION NOTICE BEFORE FORWARDING REGISTRATION FORMS. Open Registration for the Fall 2017 Season has been scheduled for 15 March - 15 APRIL, 2017. All registration materials MUST be forwarded by US Mail and reflect a postmark date within the indicated registration period(s). The following materials must be included for the registration to be accepted and processed. 1) A completed and signed PLAYER REGISTRATION FORM. 2) A signed PARENTAL CODE of CONDUCT. 3) A copy of the participant's BIRTH CERTIFICATE. 4) A CHECK or MONEY ORDER made payable to WDMLPYFL. Open Registration Fee: $180.00 As always, since our inception in 2003, Financial Scholarships are available to assist with registration payments. Checks received for pre-registration and open registration will not be presented for payment until after 15 April 2017. Completed Registrations will be mailed to: WDMLPYFL, PO Box 276, Norwalk, IA, 50211. Any registrations received that are void of one or more of the above listed, will be considered incomplete and will not be processed until the League is in receipt of all indicated registration materials. PLEASE NOTE: Participant Registrations will be limited to two hundred (200) for the Fall 2017 Season. All Pre-Registered participants will receive a guarantee of League placement, provided that all registration requirements are met and the League is in receipt of ALL registration materials prior to the pre-registration deadline. Open Registration will commence on the above specified date and run through the registration deadline, or until such time as 200 participants have been fully registered for League play, whichever occurs first. Registrations will be serially documented based on the postmark date. No hand delivered or late registrations will be accepted. If and when the League quotient is met, an additional 50 registrations will be accepted and placed on a 'Reserve List'. No additional registrations will be accepted and all subsequent registration materials will be returned to the participant. With this in mind, it is recommended that all registration materials be forwarded in a prompt and timely manner when the registration process begins. The Reserve List will be maintained, with the permission of the registrant, to back fill any positions which may become available for whatever reason between the registration deadline and 01 August 17. Placement on the Reserve List in no way should be construed as a guarantee of League participation and may or may not result in a team assignment. The League reserves the right to conduct an additional registration period subsequent to those specified, should participant registrations fail to meet the established maximum participation quotient. All League Registration Forms are accessible and easily referenced for downloading by proceeding to the 'HANDOUTS' section of the League web site. As a reminder, Register now and realize a $30.00 savings for pre-registration prior to 15 March 2017.


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