Equipment Distribution Procedures

Posted by robert hopkins on Jun 08 2005 at 05:00PM PDT
Attention League Coaches and Assistant Coaches. Click here for information concerning equipment distribution for the 2005 season. Commissioner Brad Hopkins handles registration, game scheduling, and League Rules and Regulations. Commissioner Dave Murillo handles the ordering, distribution, and care of all League-owned gear and equipment. When you (coaches) have your initial parent-player meeting scheduled, contact me, Dave Murillo at I will provide you with 3 sizes of all League-provided equipment so you can size your athletes at said meeting. After you have compiled a list of required sizes, send that information to me at and I will pull you a "grocery list" of needed attire/gear. Equipment can be picked up at 1617 Holly Drive, Norwalk, Iowa. I will provide directions to my house after receiving your order. Please schedule your player-parent meeting as soon as possible so we have time to orchestrate equipment needs with our Riddell Representative. DO NOT affix athletic tape to our helmets so you can write player names on the back of head gear! Put name tape on the backs of practice jerseys if you must. DO NOT alter the snaps on League helmets. An after-market chin strap is okay so long as it is designed and approved specifically for football use and is purchased from a reputable athletic outlet. WDMLPYFL will provide to teams using League-owned equipment the following for each athlete; 1 helmet 1 chinstrap 1 set of shoulder pads 1 game jersey 1 game pant 1 girdle 1 complete pad set (7 pads - hip,tail,thigh and knee) 1 practice pant 1 mouthpiece 1 belt Game socks can be purchased at any Soccer Connection Outlet once the team color is identified. Parents supply game socks, athletic cups if desired, practice jersey (mesh type) and shoes. I can be reached at 515-971-0739 if you have any additional questions. Dave Murillo, League Commissioner


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