NFL / NFF Coaching Academy

Posted by robert hopkins on Mar 18 2004 at 04:00PM PST
The National Football League, in conjunction with the National Football Foundation, will be conducting their annual Coaches Academy at Drake University on Saturday, 10 March 07, from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. This highly informative and educational Clinic is endorsed by the League and all existing coaches, as well as prospective coaches, are encouraged to attend. The cost of the Clinic is $40.00, with the full registration fee being paid by the League for existing coaches. The Mission: The most important element in providing a positive football experience for a young person is the coach. Ensuring that the adults who interact with our young athletes have a solid and healthy perspective on how to maximize a player's development both on and off the field is critical. That's why The National Football League and National Football Foundation have teamed up to create the NFL/NFF Coaching Academy, which is designed to further educate youth and high school coaches in not only the areas of football skills and strategy but the game's character building and social benefits. The mission of the NFL/NFF Coaching Academy is to elevate the quality of coaching at the youth and high school levels across America. The mission is reflected best in the programs guiding motto: "Developing winners in football and in life." By improving the quality of coaching, a significant contribution is made to the positive development of America's youth while the great game of football is advanced. The Program: Over 10,000 coaches attend more than 50 NFL/NFF Coaching Academies that take place each year in selected cities and countries. Each academy consists of one or two-day clinics combining lectures with on-field demonstrations of technique and practice components. Created by a nationally recognized team of coaches, educators, sports psychologists and medical experts, the curriculum includes six essential areas needed to properly train coaches to effectively teach the game while running a safe and successful program in a positive learning environment. Coaching philosophy Offensive, defensive and special teams skills and strategies Coach-player communication and effective feedback Life skills development - teaching players to succeed in football and life Player health, safety and nutrition Program and team management What Coaches Receive: * Coach's Playbook, a 511-page resource designed as a post-clinic reference * Interactive CD-ROM with graphic illustrations of skills and drills that can be used as a resource for the coach or as a teaching tool for players * Official NFL/NFF Coaching Academy tee shirt * Official certificate verifying completion of the program * Lunch The NFL/NFF Coaching Academy program provides necessary training for football coaches at all levels and helps ensure that our youth and high school football programs are staffed with individuals who are prepared to focus on the social benefits and character-building attributes developed through participation in the game of football. For registration information, contact the League (971-0765) or N.F.F. Representative Rod Rhoads at 255-4785 or 240-9811. Early registration is recommended due to limited openings, Registration Deadline - 06 March 07. For additional information proceed to the 'Links' section of the site menu.imageimage


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