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Are you considering allowing your athlete to participate in the League? The following questions are routinely posed and presented to assist you in your decision. Q- What is the WDMLPYFL, Inc. A- The West Des Moines "Little Pro" Youth Football League, Incorporated, (WDMLPYFL. Inc.) is an independent, non-profit youth-based athletic organization governed by a board of directors and participates as a Member Community of the Iowa 'Little Pro' Youth Football Association. The League is not affiliated with any school district athletic program or city funded Parks and Recs. department. The League is funded exclusively with private funds and is a registered non-profit corporation within the State of Iowa in accordance with the provisions set forth in Chapter 504A of the Code of Iowa and Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The League was founded in 2003 to promote the development and maintenance of a supervised, full contact, youth-based football program serving the communities of central Iowa. The League has grown over the years to encompass athletes representing various communities located in central and western Iowa. Q- Can communities outside of West Des Moines participate in the League? A- West Des Moines 'Little Pro' is one organization/program tha participates in the Iowa 'Little Pro' Youth Football Association. ILPYFA welcomes participation from any community that wishes to provide the opportunity for thier youth. The League provides administrative assistance to programs from various communities in the central and western Iowa regions. As a result, approximately 1800 young athletes representing over 100 teams and 15 communities participate and compete on a yearly basis. Member Communities play the majority of their games at shared venues located within their respective communities, many on their home town high school varsity fields. Q- How is the ILPYFA structured to accomodate participation from communities outside of the immediate metropolitan area? A- The League assists communities in establishing programs that are independent, non-profit entities with the sole purpose of promoting and developing a youth based football program. The programs are administered by a group of local volunteers within the respective community that share the common goal of youth sports advocacy. Boards are established and are responsible for all operational considerations relative to their local programs. The ILPYFA assists in this process and local Boards may, if they chose to, petition the League for consideration of becoming a Member Organization. The League is proud to have the following communities/programs participating as Member Organizations. ADM - Tiger Football Club - Adel, IA Ames Yoouth Football League - Ames, IA Atlantic Junior Sports Association - Atlantic, IA Ballard Youth Football - Huxley, IA Boone Community Youth Football Association - Boone, IA Carroll Youth Football League - Carroll, IA DCG - Dallas Center-Grimes Youth Football League - Grimes, IA Gilbert Youth Football Booster Club - Gilbert, IA Harlan Community Youth Football League - Harlan, IA Nevada Football League - Nevada, IA Norwalk Youth Football - Norwalk, IA Roland Story Youth Football - Story City, IA Q- Who is eligible for participation? A- All youth enrolled in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade. Q- Are returning players guaranteed League placement if they participated last year and if so, will they be assigned to the same team and coaching staff? A- A Pre-registration period is conducted prior to Open Registration to afford returning participants the opportunity to register early, if they so desire. Provided that all registration materials necessary for participation are received prior to the Pre-registration deadline, returning players will be guaranteed placement. All new participants will receive team placement pursuant to a League approved draft policy. Returning participants will receive team placement based on last year's rosters, assuming that a League approved draft process was initiated and completed. The only recognized exceptions to this provision being League sanctioned coaches will be placed on the same team as their child. Likewise, if a parent of a participant requests that the participant not play for the same team as last year, this request will be honored by placing the player in the draft for reassignment. Q- What are the Division designations for the League? A- The League is divided into four (3) separate Divisions. 3rd and 4th graders comprise the Junior Division. The remaining two divisions are comprised of 5th and 6th graders, with each respective class representing a division. Participants are not allowed to compete (move up or down from one division to the other) in any division other than that which is dictated by, and consistent with, the participant's biological age. Q- Do different Divisions play in the same game, for example, alternating quarters between Divisions in one game? A- Each Division is a separate entity and as such, all play separate, four-quarter games independent of one another. This allows all League participants the opportunity to play a complete four (4) quarter game. Q- If my athlete joins the League, how will he/she be assigned to a particular team? A- Once all League registrations are received and a total participant number can accurately be determined for each age group, the League will designate the total number of teams assigned to each respective Division. A Head Coach will be appointed to each team after an application and interview process has been conducted by the Coaches Committee to identify suitable and qualified applicants. Upon completion of League coaching assignments, new League participants will go through an organized "draft" process whereby participants will systematically be selected from the entire participant pool within the designated Divisions, until all players have been placed and assigned to a specific team. Returning players will receive team assignments consistent with their previous year's team placement unless requested to be placed in the draft for reassignment or the players were not previously subjected to a draft due to participant numbers. This process promotes an equitable distribution of talent and divides teams in a fair, consistent and impartial manner. This also enhances the likelihood of a certain degree of League parity, which fosters competitive and evenly matched teams. Q- Will my athlete be assured of game participation? A- ALL League participants play in ALL GAMES. The League has drafted and adopted minimum playing standards which will be stringently enforced. Q- Some Leagues have as many as 25-35 individual players on each team. How many players are allowed on the roster for each WDMLPYFL League team? A- League teams have an average of twenty (20) players assigned per Team. Although smaller team sizes contribute significantly to higher overall administrative costs, i.e, more games, more facility fees, more officials etc., the actual benefits include more individualized instruction, the effective manageability of smaller units, and additional playing time. We feel these added benefits far outweigh the additional expense incurred to ensure an educational and positive athletic experience for all participants. Smaller rosters enhance the likelihood of accomplishing this very important goal. Q- Will my athlete have the opportunity to play on both offense and defense? A- All League participants play "both ways" in that they participate and are instructed on the fundamentals of both offensive and defensive positions, strategies, formations, techniques and assignments. Q- Are there any weight restrictions for the League? A- There are no weight restrictions imposed by the League for participation, however certain positions will have maximum allowable weight restrictions in accordance with League rules. Weight restrictions will be imposed for "ball carrier and receiver" positions to ensure the safety of all participants. Q- Does the League have insurance for participants? A- The League provides a supplemental insurance policy to all participants. However, this is a SUPPLEMENTAL policy and League rules require all participants have adequate and independent medical insurance for League participation. Q- What is the length of the season? A- The season will start with practice sessions commencing near the middle of August, with the final games being played near the end of October. Q- How many practice sessions are scheduled during the week? A- After the final registration and equipment handout, as well as finalization of team assignments, practices may be held four (4) times a week until League Scrimmages are conducted. Subsequent to the Scrimmages, practice sessions are limited to three (3) times per week. It is at the discretion of each individual Head Coach as to the frequency, location and duration of a team's scheduled practices in so much as the established schedules are consistent with League guidelines and restrictions. Q- How long does each practice session and actual game last? A- Practice sessions will run approximately ninety (90) minutes to two (2) hours per session, depending upon the preference of each individual team's Head Coach. Official League games will last approximately seventy-five (75) minutes. Q- Will the games be officiated and if so, by whom? A- All League games will be officiated by three (3) IHSAA certified officials. Q- When and where are the games played? A- All League games will be scheduled on weekends with games played on both Saturdays and Sundays. Generally speaking, Organization games will be played at venues determined and within the communities participating. Scrimmage games, post-season games, and an occassional regular season game may be played at alternative venues as dictated by overall league scheduling considerations. Q- How many games will be played by each team? A- Absent scheduling considerations that may dictate modifications, a five or six game schedule will be adopted for each League Team. In addition, all teams will compete in at least one post-season game. Q- What equipment will I be responsible for purchasing for my athlete? A- The League will provide all protective equipment and uniforms. The participant is responsible for footwear and a practice jersey only. Q- What do the League uniforms look like? A- Each League participant will be provided with a full uniform that is determined by the participating Member Community. Q- What is necessary for me to enroll my athlete in the League? A- 1) A Player Registration Form must be completed and signed by the parent or guardian. 2) A copy of the participant's Birth Certificate must be provided. 3) The League Participation Fee must be paid in full. 4) A Parental Code of Conduct must be signed by the parent or guardian. Q- A signed Parental Code of Conduct is required for League registration; what exactly is this? A- The Parental Code of Conduct is provided to and must be signed by the parent(s) or guardian(s) of all League participants. It is intended to provide general guidelines and expectations relative to parental League involvement at any level or in any capacity. By signing the Code of Conduct, parents are pledging to abide by all stipulations contained therein. Q- What has the League Participation Fee been assessed at and what does it cover? A- A reasonable League Participation Fee will be imposed as a general membership obligation to insure the fiscal solvency and continuity of the League. Registration fees will be determined by the Board of Directors of Member Communities on an annual basis contingent upon projections relative to anticipated yearly operational expenses. Every effort will be made to keep the fees to an absolute minimum to permit the maximum number of participants. Hardship cases will be accepted and reviewed on an individual basis. Fees are assessed based on uniform and equipment costs, playing facility rental agreements, participant insurance premiums, officiating contracts, general liabilty insurance for all participating organizations and numerous other budgetary considerations. The tentative Registration Fee remains at $180.00 for 3rd-6th graders, and $200.00 for 7th graders. Fees have remained constant with no increases for the past several seasons. The additional $20.00 required for 7th grade participants is necessary to offset the higher insurance premiums the League pays for older athletes. The premiums for insurance coverage raise incrementally with the athletes' age. The older the athlete, the higher the premium. This is compounded by a sharp increase once an athlete enters their teenage years. As we are all aware, insurance costs continually spiral upward making it necessary to implement registration fee adjustments to simply meet the additional expense incurred. Please Note: Member Communities set their own Registration Fees based on recommendations from their own respective local Boards. As such, minor disparities in required registration fees may or may not exist within different participating communities. Q- Are participants of the League required to take part in fund raising activities? A- No. The League feels athletes sign up to experience the personal growth and satisfaction associated with athletic competition and team participation, not to be active league solicitors. Participants are not required to engage in fund raising activities for the League, nor are they assessed an additional fee for non-participation in League fund raising events. Q- How can I get a registration packet? A- You can download the necessary registration forms from the "Handouts" category of the site menu.(The Player Registration Form & Parental Code of Conduct are the two required for registration). The Forms can then be mailed with a copy of the participant's birth certificate and the registration fee to: ILPYFA PO Box 276 Norwalk, Iowa 50211 Q- When is the registration deadline? A- The League registration process, conducted in two phases, will be scheduled from 15 March - 31 March '17 ( Returning Participants ), and 01 April - 15 April '17 ( New Participants). These periods are again at the discretion of participating communities and as such, may vary between communities. It is suggested that all registration materials be forwarded in a prompt and timely manner when the registration process begins. Q- What is the League's Refund Policy for registered participants? A- If an athlete elects to discontinue active league participation, it is incumbent upon the athlete's parent/guardian to immediately notify the Head Coach (if assigned) and promptly return any league issued equipment. Once this has been accomplished, a refund request may be forwarded by e-mail to the League for reimbursement. All refund requests must be received by the League prior to the first scheduled league scrimmages/games. When equipment receipt confirmation is received (if applicable) from the athlete's Head Coach, a refund check (absent a league processing fee of $25.00) will be forwarded to the mailing address indicated on the Player Registration Form within five (5) business days. Q- When will I be contacted and informed of League activities after I submit the required registration materials? A- You will be notified of team assignments, coaching staffs and other relevant information subsequent to completion of the draft process. Q- How can I contact a League Administrator if I have additional questions? A- You can contact us by sending an e-mail request to or by telephone at 266-2399 or 971-0765. imageimageimage


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