WSJ article on growing interest in US soccer youth

Posted by mark heard on Jul 24 2008 at 05:00PM PDT

the Wall Street Journal has an article on Euro clubs' interest in the growing ranks of US youth soccer players...

America's Got Talent?

Europe's Top Soccer Clubs Are Flocking to Recruit U.S. Kids

Tony Carr has come to America and he wants your children. But only if they can play soccer.

Over the last year, Mr. Carr, a scout for West Ham United of England's prestigious Premier League, has joined a move by a handful of other club teams from Europe -- including Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton and Portugal's Benfica -- to establish outposts here in the United States, the world's last great soccer wilderness.

Their goal is to tap into the massive U.S. youth soccer market, which has about four million registered male players. While these kids are often clumsily trained and lack creativity by European standards, there are nearly as many of them as there are people in Ireland. "It would be wrong of us to dismiss this country," says Mr. Carr, a trim 58-year-old. "We have to explore."

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