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Inaugural Meeting of the Buckeye Teams

Posted by Dave Rea at Sep 30, 2000 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
On Saturday night, September 29, 2000 the two Buckeye teams in the Brunswick Youth Football League met for the first time ever at Edwards field in Brunswick. The Jags, in their 5th Season, defeated the Jets, in their 1st Season, 22-0 but the game was a hard fought battle on both sides of the ball. The Jets showed that they were competive in just their 3rd game of existance and gave the Jags a fight the entire game. It won't be too far into the future that the Jets come out ahead on the scoreboard in one of these Jags/Jets contests. For the game summary and pictures check both the Jaguars and Jets home pages.
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Mission Impossible 2

Posted by Dave Rea at Sep 18, 2000 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
The theme from "Mission Impossible" is back as the music this year on the web page. As most of you know that music was chosen when the web page was started in August last year, as I thought it was appropriate for our team goal of winning the 1999 Brunswick Youth Football Championship.

Cheer Coach Wren Roskey used the music for the Jag Varsity Cheerleaders halftime routine all year. Best of all was when it was played during the Championship trophy presentation at Edwards Field in November. This is a new season and with it comes 2 new missions.

Mission #1:
For the Jaguars to rebuild by meshing the returning players with the upcoming JV players and stay in the hunt for the BYF 2000 Season Championship.

Mission #2:
Get the new team, the Buckeye Jets,to hit the ground running and bring to them the same principles of "TEAM" and "TOGETHER" that we have instilled in the Jaguars the last 4 years. That will be another reason to be proud of this Buckeye Youth Football program!