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2013 Financial

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2013 Board Member Changes

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After 15 years as a Cheer Coach/Cheer Coordinator/Director with Buckeye Youth Football Wren Roskey has decided it's time to step aside. She began as the Jaguars Cheer Coach back when we had just one team back in 1998. She did an excellent job with those girls and would make those squads the best in the old Brunswick Youth Football that we were a part of until 2004. In 2000 she helped form the Jets Cheer squads as we added the Jets and set them up to parallel the Jags. As we began 2001 we once again expanded adding the Buccaneers to our teams and she oversaw all three teams cheer squads.

During the 2000 season she was elected to the Brunswick Board as Cheer Coordinator so she served both not only our girls but the cheerleaders of all the Brunswick squads too. She held that position until we officially incorporated BYFA in January of 2004 when she became a Director and Cheer Coordinator. 

Wren was also the high school cheer coach and is presently the Junior High cheer coach. She has spent countless hours coaching, working behind the scenes and in general pouring her heart into this organization. She loves working with these girls and enjoys their success in cheerleading and in life. We want to say that we thank you for the 15 years you invested in this program, the pride you took in it and to tell you that we will miss you and we love you. And even though you are moving on to other things in your life you will always be a part of BYFA and always a Jag!

Director Sheila Schnepp will now become the Cheer Coordinator for BYFA and our Equipment Manager, who has been doing that job for 3 seasons, Paul Schnepp has now been brought on as a Director. Eric Keller has also become a Director. Eric has been involved with our fund raising the last 5 years and will continue to direct that aspect.

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Our FACEBOOK Page Link.

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2012 Jaguars Season

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The 2012 season saw the Varsity Jaguars make the playoffs for the twelfth time. They weren't able to move onto the Championship game as they lost their playoff game by a score of 7-0 and finished the season at 6-2. They were under the guidance of 1st year Head Coach Mike Arena and Assistants Bob Chegan and Eric Keller.

The JV Squad made it to the playoffs for the 4th time but bowing out to the Brunswick Jets and finishing 7-3 on the season. The Jags JV were coached by Head Coach Jon Stahl, and Assistant Coaches Kevin Capela, Dennis Galdun and Dave Chaney.

The Jags Pee Wee Squad got their 5th Season in the books and had another fine season under  Head Coach Paul Schnepp and Assistant Coaches Jason Mamrak, Shane Metter and Justin Burgess.

The Jags Flag Squad which is made up of 5 and 6 year olds, got their introduction to the football this year under Head Coach Mike Knapp and Assistant Coach Tim Traylinek. 

Head Coach Cathy Maslanka coached the Varsity Jags Cheerleaders, JV Head Coach Amy Nutter and Eve Forester coached the JV Cheer Squad. The Pee Wee Cheerleaders were coached by Tracey Johnson and Head Coach Erica Melilo and Assistant Heather Stout coached the Jags Flag Cheerleaders.

The Jags had support and fund raising from their Team Moms who were led by Head Team Mom Janet Adamsky, Dawn Chegan (Varsity) and Jen Knapp (Pee Wee) and Monica Orient (Flag).

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2012 Jets Season

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The Jets Varisty posted their 2nd Varsity Championship in 3 years in 2012. It was their 8th playoff appearance and 4th in a row. They went 7-1 on the season with their only loss being the opener to the Brunswick Jets who were their opponent in the Championship game. This was the 11th season at the helm for Head Coach Steve Watkins. He got the job done with Assistants Art Clark, Anthony Musarra and Carmen Monaco.   

The JV Squad went 9-0 in League play for the second year in a row and advanced to the Championship game for the fourth time, the third time in a row. They came up short again as the Brunswick Jets prevailed for their third time in a row 14-0 ending their season mark at 10-1. The squad was coached by Head Coach Dave Walker and Assistants Mark Crooks and Coach Andrew Nigh.

The Pee Wee Squad was again under the direction of Head Coach Ryan Sweeney and his Assistant Coaches Fred Esposito, David Gerdeman and Terry Shrader. This division is only 5 years old and has continued to help prepare the youngest players to get up to speed for the Varsity and JV Divisions. They do keep score here but there is no Championship Game.

The Jets Flag Squad is made up of 5 and 6 year olds. They get an introduction to football and hopefully have a lot of fun before moving up the ladder in youth football. The Jets Flag players were again under the direction of Head Coach Scott Marcum and Assistant Mike Augustine.

Tammy Potter moved up to Varsity to work with the oldest girls. The Jets JV Cheer Squad was under the tutelage of Head Coach Kim Sexton and Assistant Sherry Graham. The Pee Wee cheerleaders had Head Coach and Assistant Ann Vogt. The Flag Squad was coached by Nicole McGivern. 

The Jets had great support and fund raising from their Team Moms. They were led by Head Team Mom Heidi Sweeney who did the JV and Pee Wee Squads, along with Sherrie Rivett from the Varsity squad and Jessica Marcum who was the Flag Team Mom.