2011 Jets Season

Posted by Dave Rea on Feb 08 2012 at 04:00PM PST in 2018 Season
The 2011 Jets Varsity lost alot of players to the Junior High team after their defeated 2010 Championship Season. The 2011 Season saw the Jets get their 6th playoff appearance and and 3rd in a row. They didn't fair as well this season and were eliminated in the semi finals. This was the 10th year for Head Coach Steve Watkins He and his assistants Art Clark and Dan Kohler coached the team to another fine season.

The JV Squad went 9-0 in League play and made the Championship for the third time, 2nd in a row. They came up short again as the Brunswick Jets prevailed 12-0. The squad was coached by Head Coach Dave Walker, who moved up from Pee Wee, and Assistants Mark Crooks, Carmen Monaco and Andrew Nigh.

The Pee Wee Squad was under the direction of Head Coach Ryan Sweeney who moved up from the Flag Squad. He and Assistants Scott Marcum, Gary Merker, and Kirk Vozar had a few ups and downs, but did have a successful season at that level. This division keeps score but does not award a Championship. They receive instruction on tackle football get ready to move up to the JV Division after 2 seasons.

The Jets Flag Squad is made up of 5 and 6 year olds. They get an introduction to football and ease into playing tackle when they move to the Pee Wee Division at age 7. The Flag team was coached by Head Coach Scott Marcum and Assistant Mike Augustine.

Kara Seese returned to coach Jets Varsity Cheerleaders, as did Tammy Potter with the Jets JV Cheer Squad. The Pee Wee Squad had Head Coach Ann Vogt and assistance from Sherry Graham and Kristen Novick. The Flag Squad had two new coaches in Renee Geyer and Danielle Roberts.

The Jets had great support and fund raising from their Team Moms. They were led by Head Team Mom Audrey Calame from the JV Squad and Kristen Nemes (Varsity), Heidi Sweeney (Pee Wee) and Jessica Marcum (Flag).


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