1999 Season

Posted by Dave Rea on Feb 15 2007 at 04:00PM PST in 2018 Season
The Jags began 1999 wanting to run, (with Joe Hon and Dustin Supan you have to run), and the season proved to be the turning point of the program. We had 17 players out on Varsity and several of those players were in their 3rd and 4th seasons with the Jags. They brought leadership, poise, and experience to the team. We had found a leader in QB Drew Megrey, and had much more experienced linemen.

When August ended everyone was excited and felt good things were going to come our way. The opening weekend though would see disaster strike as the Jags were dealt a double wammy at the start of the campaign. In the Saturday night opener at Buckeye we lost to the Steelers 14-12, and played the dreaded Chargers the very next day and lost again, this time 32-0. Two weeks later we would be 1-3 and thinking the bottom fell out of the season.

Then on a cold and rainy night in October, the Redskins visited Buckeye. The Jags were without the services of 5 starters, due to injury, overweight, one out of town, and 1 suspended. The game went to overtime with the score tied 0-0. The Jags got the ball and drove down near the goal line and scored on a run by Danny Lough, Jags win 6-0. It was that point in time that turned the switch on and made them believe they could do it, they had just won without 5 starters by refusing to give up. Buckeye Youth Football came of age, all the hard work, effort, and dedication was about to pay off big time for these kids! It began a string of 13 wins that would carry into the 2000 Championship game. By the way it started a streak for the Redskins of 3 consecutive losses to the Jags without EVEN scoring.

That one game brought out the best in our players and showed that we belonged in the BYF. But they weren't done, on a cold night in November they faced the Chargers who were champions 2 of the last 3 years going into that game. They had only lost 3 games in 5 years, and had no respect for us whatsoever. They even had their championship trophies ordered PRIOR to the game being played (and had them made with UNDEFEATED SEASON on them)! With 3 minutes gone in the first quarter the Jags led 14-0 and the torch was passed as the Jags finished it 26-6 and collected their first BYF Championship. To be the best, you have to beat the best. We did. No longer were the Jags the team anyone could beat by just showing up. The Teal & Black attack was born, and this season had just been a preview.


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