1998 Season

Posted by Dave Rea on Feb 15 2007 at 04:00PM PST in 2018 Season
This season brought Midview into the league and with the birth of the Redskins, who the Jags would latter learn to love to beat! The turnout for 1998 was a little bit off as far as number of players, but we scrapped enough to fill the squads out, and the players that came out, came out to play!
Coach Lee Mercer arrived on the scene and we recorded our first win in the season opener on our home field by thumping the Browns 36-12. Lee sold the players on the ideas if "TEAM" and "BUCKEYE PRIDE". We finished at 2-5 overall, as we won the last game of the season, and the seed was planted for the Jags to earn respect from the other squads in the BYF.

The 1998 season also saw the arrival of Wren Roskey as the Jags Head Cheer Coach. Her coming on board coupled with Coach Mercer's arrival, would prove to be excellent for the future as the 1999 and 2000 seasons would prove.

In 1998 the Jags were staying in all the games, and always giving themselves a chance to win. We took several steps forward, and having learned to walk, these kids were ready to run. That season we solidified our place in the Buckeye Football family and gained the support of then Buckeye Bucks Head Coach Jeff Ladner.


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